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Character Guides - Barbarian

Concentration Barb Guide by Rhuman13
Whirlwind Barb Guide by Rhuman13
War Cry Barb Guide by Signation
Wolfbarbs-the Ultimate Guide by [email protected]~
A Throw Barb Guide by KiRBY HUnter and his friend
Pvp Double Throw Barbarian Guide by JustDieFool
Ik Ww-barb Build by Geden
The Ultimate Ww Axe Baba Guide by kanniball-gws
Gold Find Barbarin by elvy
Concentration Axe Barb Guide by kinkykowboy

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| [1] | 2 | 3 |
06 Jul 2011, 01:40
Ala LNg
05 Dec 2010, 07:27
can anyone tell which skill is important fer barba
29 Aug 2010, 02:12
hey can eny one tell me how to do good barbarian wich use only warcries
26 Apr 2010, 01:27
hey can someone tell me how to make the best dueling barb like what to put my skills on and stuff thanks.
19 Mar 2010, 19:35
help me lol i need a perfect barb i want one that kills baal and minnions on hell ?????????????????????????????
29 Dec 2009, 06:44
hey.. it depends in your fighting spirits.. hehehe if you want barb.. choose 1 weapon mastery that you will use then upgrade your double swing and successful double swing to max.., and you need a very fast attack weapon.. upgrade the natural resistance of your barb make it max in order to survive in hell.. then 1 to leap attack for escaping... and try sur+Lo+sol rune combinations for body armor.. just try it for your own good good.. ty by:BydZ
28 Sep 2009, 16:16
How should i build my skills for a axe throwing barb holding 2 weapons ??
06 Sep 2009, 13:57
the trick is 2 bloodletters(perf) 20 double attack 20 sword masterie 20 war crie 20 natural residence 20 battle command and a lvl 1 2 anything you need to get them plus good armor and stuff
18 Jul 2009, 02:52
Your skill distribution are:(no +skill item bonus[base skill])
Combat masteries: (total points: 24 skills)
Mace mastery: 20
Increased speed: 1
Increased stamina: 1
Iron skin: 1
Natural resistance: 1

Combat skills: (total ponts: 45-49)
Bash attact: 1
Leap: 1
Stun: 1
Leap attact: 1
Concentrate: 20
Wirlwind: 20
Berserk: 1-5 (you can swap your reserved skill points for berserk to shout or vise versa depend on your taste)

War cries: (total skill points: 35-39)
Howl: 1
Shout: 14-17 (rest)(see berserk)
Battle orders: 20
Battle command: 1
07 Jun 2009, 01:11
Dont max whirlwind.
20 May 2009, 00:17
can some one tell me how to make the best barbarian wirl wind plz
25 Feb 2009, 16:38
for a good barb put 20 into sword mastery, 20 into leap attack, 20 into whirlwind, and the rest into iron skin or natural resistance
05 Jan 2009, 01:46
i can help with anyone wantin to build a "perfect pali" just email me and i can email you back within hours.....not askin for anythting in return....but i would like it if someone could email me some usefull tips for a pali......ty
email: [email protected]
18 Dec 2008, 21:06
anyone think puting 20 in double swing and 20 in whirl wind and 20 in iron skin and rest in sword masterdy is good?
24 Nov 2008, 02:51
hey guys, if anyone knows how to make a good Pally or Barb hit me up on MSN or e-mail. [email protected]

I have a lvl 96 barb and pally, but there are no specific builds to them and there skills are thrown around. Help is appreciated
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