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Faster Block Rate | Faster Cast Rate | Faster Hit Recovery

Guide For Pvp Wind Druid


Hey this is the first guide i make and i hope u guys like it and gonna use it.
I tested it a lot in open bnet and I also made it in closed bnet 4 duels.


I am not gonna list some kind of “low budget equip” cuz i just want 2 show you guys what i think is the best, also i decided 2 keep this 1 legit cuz players who want to make this druid and play lddr cant do it if i put all kinds of dupes and bugs in it

Helm: Jalala’s (Cham’d)

Armor: Enigma BP

Belt: Arachnid

Weapon: Hoto 40% / Doom

Shield: Storm (Ber’d)

Gloves: Frostburns

Boots: Eth 15/15 Sandstorm Trek

Ring 1: SoJ

Ring 2: SoJ

Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope 30 all res

Switch: Call to Arms +6bo + Lidless Wall

Stash: -ThunderGod’s -2x20% Absorb Wisps -Lightsaber -25% Spirit Keeper - 2x Dwarf Start (ill explain l8er why keeping this items in the stash, so don’t make any comments on this before u know the reason)

Stats and Skills

If you are lvl 99 and done all the stat/skill quests u should have:
505 Stat Points and 110 Skill Points, Use them like this:


First of all, put one in Oak Sage when ur high enough lvl. Then, put one in Grizzly (and it's pre. reqs. when ur high lvl enough). Out of main skills, first max Tornado. Then Cyclone Armor. Then other Tornado syngeries. Remaining points invest in Oak Sage


Strength: Enough strength to equip your storm @ lvl 99 u have 2 put 6 points in Str
with the equip above. (22 Str is enough 4 your whole equip @ lvl 99 if u equip the items listed above)
Dexterity: Enough for maxed blocking with storm (212 Dex is enough 4 max Block @ lvl 99 if u equip the items listed above (weapon = doom))
Vitality: Rest
Energy: None


Inventory should be filled with following stuff:

Grand Charms

Elemental Skillers with 12% FHR: try to get your FHR to frame 7, if you choose to take frame 6 u got to have a lot of FHR skillers and that results in less Life skillers ……… duh

*I Suggest*: Sandstorm = 20% FHR
Jalala’s = 30% FHR
1xFHR skill = 12% FHR
1xlife/fhr sc = 5% FHR
Total = 67
FHR/Frame Table
*Check “Table” Section*

Elemental Skillers with 40+ life:

*I Suggest*: 9xElemental skillers 40+ Life

Small Charms

Life/Res + Life/Mana Small Charms:

*I Suggest*: 2x 11 fire res / 20 life sc’s
6x 20 life / 17 mana sc’s
1x 20 life / 5% FHR

*I Suggest*: 20/20/10


This shot is taken with BO and Max Oak


The 2 best choice merc are: Defensive A2 NM (Freeze Aura) or Defensive A2 Hell/Normal (Defiance)

Helm: Harlequin Crest (eth) or delirium (eth)

Armor: Stone Sacred Armor (Eth) or Bramble Archon Plate (eth)

Weapon: Breath of the Dying War Pike (Eth) or Doom Crytic Axe


Faster Hit Recovery frames

FHR | Frames
0 | 14
3 | 13
7 | 12
13 | 11
19 | 10
29 | 9
42 | 8
63 | 7
99 | 6

FHR | Frames
0 | 13
5 | 12
10 | 11
16 | 10
26 | 9
39 | 8
56 | 7
86 | 6
152 | 5

*) hit by a 1-handed weapon or 2-handed sword held in one hand
**) hit by any other weapon

Faster Cast Rate frames

FCR | Frames
0 | 15
10 | 14
20 | 13
40 | 12
65 | 11
99 | 10
163 | 9

Faster Block Rate frames

FBR | Frames
0 | 11
6 | 10
13 | 9
20 | 8
32 | 7
52 | 6
86 | 5
174 | 4
600 | 3

Let's go PVP

Before Duel

Take a Wp to a place not anywere near the duels, then use:
-Battle Command
-Battle Order
-Wolfs or Bear
-Cyclone Armor
-Ravens (if u like it )
Repeat this procedure if u die or if time passes by

VS. Lighning users (Trappers, Lighning sorc, FoH etc)

Make sure u equip the following items:
-ThunderGod’s (15%)
-2x20% Absorb Wisps (40%)
-Lightsaber (25%)
Like this u will absorb like 75%, should be make a lot of difference, doom can also be usefull agains trappers but then you have to make sure your resistans is full, so it would also be usefull if u keep a few 20/5’s in ur stash although and if u keep on using cyclone u will absorb a few k elemental dmg

VS. Fire users (Fireball, Hydra)

Make sure u equip the following items:
- 2x Dwarf Start (2x15%)

VS Cold Users (Blizzard, Orb)

Make sure u equip the following items:
- Spirit Keeper (25%)

VS Melee Users

I like Duelling Melee users the most, if your opponent also has an enigma equipped I suggest 2 get much FCR so ur always faster then him (HoTo, FCR rings, Magefists).
If opponent cant teleport (use Doom) its much easier 4 you cuz u can expect what your opponent will do so you can teleport away, use some Tornado’s and keep on going, he will be dead soon
Stormshield is a must have agains melee.

VS Chargers/smiters

Chargers/Smiters can be big problem……here is something that really works: Summon a lot of creatures (wolfs, oak, merc), if you do this the charger/smiter will have a hard time aiming u, he will most likely charge/smite a wolf or something so u can “Tornado” him


Greetz JP
*50 Pwns*

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