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Faster Block Rate | Faster Cast Rate | Faster Hit Recovery

Pvp Wind Druid

Gear: Stuff in red is recomended. Stuff in Blue is alternate choice. And Stuff in green is poor mans choice.

Heart of the Oak (flail is best)-is hoto basicly best caster wep y not?
Doom:i see many people use this yet i dont reccomend it because tornados are ur main attack not hurricane. Hurricane is cold, and tornado is not. It increases hurricane dmg and gives u holy freeze.
Wizardspike:well its wizzy. I like this weapon because it has 75res n regenerate mana. Also another awsome caster wep. Its also good because its cheap. If u have mana problems stick with wizzy.

Dusk Enigma: best because low req but no too low so u could use items like stormshield.
Coh:This isnt that good because u lose the tele mod of enigma, but it has many other mods that are useful.
Vipermagi: good ol viper magi. U lose teleporting again, but this is poor mans wut else is there. Also it gives res n fcr.

Stormshield:Well its stormshield. It is possible to get max block and it has many great mods. Very cheap also.
Lidless:Its lidless. A caster wep with fcr n 1 to all skills. Also its very cheap.
Stormshield/Lidless:same descripstion as above. There both VERY cheap. If u cant get it I laugh at u.

Shako:personally i dont use this. I use the helm below. Shako is a great helm. 2 to all skills. Mana and life based on character lvl?
Jalas Mane:Well people laugh at my helment. But wuts 2 laugh at? It gives 20 to str and 20 to energy. People laugh at how it gives shape shifting but if u look at it it also gives 2 to druid skills. Very good helment. I use this.
Shako/Jalas:2 very cheap items and also very godo items.

Magefist:Its called MAGEfist Why not? Fcr and regerate mana. Godly!
Frostburns:loses fcr and regenerate mana BUT it gives 40% more mana.
Magefist/Frostburns:cheap gloves!

Trek: I use these because of psn resist and the str and dex it gives. If u can get an eth 1 ur all set.
Marrow Walks:regenerate mana and it gives sum stats.
NonEthTreks/Silkweaves: same explanation as top for treks. Silkweaves regenrate mana. Only reason i like it.

Soj:Best ring for casters. 1 to all skills and increase mana.
BK Ring: 1 to all skills. No as good as soj.
Ravenfrost/Soj/Bkring:All very cheap. Just watch for sojs though. People usually try to rip off other people.

Maras:Maras are the best. 2 to all skills, res and a lil bit of stats.
Seraphs:I like maras better. This is kinda costy and more for pallys. It gives 2 to all skills though.
Highlords Wrath/Eye of Elitch: I like highlords better cuz it has cooloer mods. But they both give 1 to all skills.

Arachnids:no dur its the best. 1 to all skills,Fcr and the mana.
Dungos/Tgods: Dungos give vit n dr. Tgods give 20dex and str. The only thing i ahte about tgods is the sorb. Ppl blame on tgods that they lose. Those are the noobs though because its only 20 dmg absorb and ur cyclone armor absorbs it.
Dungos/Togds/GloomTrap: well dungos and gods r listed above. Gloomtrap is a caster belt. Adds mana and vitality.

Weapons On Switch:
This isnt required but its good.
Cta and Lidless: cta for BO duh.
Cta and Sigons Shield:Same as above.
1boCta and lidless/nothing: for poor ppl only. I would probably just stick to a 1bo cta bcuz all ur skills will add it. Or u can have no cta at all. As i said before this is not required,

10Ele Gcs: this isnt neede dbut itll increase ur dmg. Try gettin with mods. Ele Gcs without mods are fine though.
Anni:1 to all skills sm. Gives res and stats. cant get better.
The rest I would put small charms like 32020s. If u cant afford those just put life/fhr charms.

20 to Hurricane: You will have this around when u fight. Good for people that could b frozen. Also does a lil bit of dmg 2 ur opponents. This could kill noobs easily.
20 to Tornado: Ur main skill. Use this to fight while hurricane is running.
20 to Cyclone Armor: Absorbs elemental dmg. This is useful against casters. This is why those Fohers cant kill u. Recast when this wears off. ALWAYS use it bfore a duel.
20 to Twister: Syngery
1 to Arctic Blast: pre req
1 to Raven: pre req
1 to Wolf: useful for people who atk 1 person at a time. Such as Foh, ppl that shoot guided arrow, and melee barbs.
1 to dire wolf: pre req
1 to Bear: This will be ur meat shield.
Rest to Oak Sage: gives u mad life!

Dueling Strategies!
I wont be to specific on this part but ill give u most of it.

Hammerdins: Very Hard! This is a elemental druids main weakness. Unless the hammerdins suck (like noobs) u must wait for them to teleport to u. Sam tornados fast enuf n hopefully it will kill them. Once u kill them TELE away as fast as possible because a hamemr might kill u still. *Note this strat is based on speed. U can still lose.

Foherz EZ! they will most likely foh and run from u. If they teleport u need to catch up and spam tornados. Make srue to recast cyclone armor. Most Fohers will cry when they die

Foher/Smite: normal it actully depends how good they are. Foh wont hurt u. Dont worry about that. Jus t recast cyclone armor. If they teleport in ur face spam like 2 tornados and RUN. You do not want to get smited too much or you will die. If they run up to u. Just spam tornados and they will die fast.

Smiter: Normal They will most likely chare at u. Just spam tornados. Dont get smited. If they teleport just shoot a couple of tornados and tele away. They will die pretty soon.

Zealot:easy: They will most likely charge at you. Spam tornados while they are charging. They will probably die or will have so little life a melee 1 more tornado would kill them.

Chargers:very easy: They will charge into you while you spam tornados. The tornados will most likely kill them. If they hit u, your block will most likely come in handy.

WW Barb:HARD:actully most ww barbs are very strong and have alot of life. They usually carry around botds. But some are pretty easy. Barbs that use 09 items and ik barbs are very easy. To fight a ww barb well they are WWing spam tornados. Bfore they hit u, teleport.

Melee Barbs:Normal: Well they may seem easy but there actully a lil bit hard. Some that use fury or IK are ezpk. Others that are really buffed up with their botds and all that stuff are a lil harder. Tele in their face and spam tornados. Ur block comes in handy. If ur facing a ez barb just stand and shoot. If they are hard tele in their face and shoot. If they hit u they will most likely take out half ur life. Tele aroudn liek a friggin maniac spam a couple tornados and tele away. Just like sorcs do but up clsoe so ur nados will hit.

Singers: Normal these guys are ok. Wait fr tthem 2 tele 2 u. While wating spam tornados so wen they come they will b bombarded wit tornados. Its a pretty much even duel.

Trappers: Hard sum trappers jsut run aroudn letting their traps hit u. Those ppl r ez. Other mb. This is hard. You need to tele close enuf bfore they mb u. Wen u do spam tornados and they will die.

WWsin Hard just like barbs these are hard. WW is very hard for a druid to kill. Some ww sins suck. The crappy 1s r ez. Others are hard 2 kill. Dont get 2 clsoe. Use the smae strat as barb.

Bowazons EZ! these r so ez. Their only advantage is there avoid and dodge. When they are standin there shooting jsut tele in there face and killem. Wen they shoot an arrow and run. Tele ahead of them where they will stop for 1 second 2 shoot u. When that happens u spam tornados.

Javazons (CSers): easy just use cyclone armor to withstand attacks. Spam tornados while they cs.

Javazon(litening Fury): easy They will most likely throw and run. Use the saame strat wen running as a bowazon.

Blizzard Sorc: Normal They will probably blizzard themselves, waiting for u 2 come. U tele in their face QUICK!!!! and then spam nados. They will probably tele or die by then. Repeat this. Recast cycloen armor. Others blizz then tele. Catch them when their castin blizzard and spam nados.

FB sorcs: Normal try not to get hit by fbs. If u do recast tele away n recast ele armor. Try gettin in front of their face and spamming nados. keep doing it if u need to. If they metoer themselves. Come in bfore a metoer hits. Spam nados then tele away. DO NOT GET HIT BY A METEOR! if they hydra themselves it is difficult. Just come in and spam tornados.

Orb Sorcs: Normal They will probably orb and tele away. Dont get hit by the orb. When they stop teleing and cast and orb. That is ur chance. Tele on them and spam nados. Repeat if needed. If they jsut stand there u no wut 2 do.

Litening: Hard not all litening sorcs are hard. If ur fighting a weak one it is ez. If they stand there and shoot tele at them and spam nados. If they tele like hell catchem wen they cast litening and atkem. DONT GET HIT BY A LITENING!! they are very strong if the person is a good itening sorc. Some people couldknock out ur cyclone and life in 1 hit. Others take 2 or 3. Litening sorcs ahve a base dmg of1. This is ur best advantage.

Bone Necros: normal some bone necros tele like hell and shoot. just catchem when they r shootin n tele in there face. Spam nados. Dont get hit by ne atks tho. They hurt u like hell. The ones that cant tele are ez as hell. just tele behind them and they die. Wen they summon it isnt as hard as u think. Tornados atk every1 so it isnt so difficult.

Psn Necros Hard Psn necros are hard if they have enigma. If they dont they suck. They will most likely tele in ur face and use psn nova. Then they will run around like hell until ur life is low. When they cast psn nova try 2 get a couple tornados in. Then wen they tele around DO NOT get hit by nething. They will most likely try teeth. Tele behind them and spam away!


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