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Melee Sorceress Guide!

Yes, due to popular demand it's here. This is a ROUGH draft, more information will be included at a later date.

This build is a fun build to play, merely due to it being extremely underestimated. Be ready to type out "Shh and sit I am Melee and I will own you." when you enter Melee games, as they will immediately jump to the conclusion that you are a caster.

Stat Placement:
Strength: 110, merely for your items, as physical damage is of NO importance.
Dexterity: 150, enough for Robo Phase Blade, and with items max Block.
Vitality: All other points.
Energy: None, as if any good PvP'er puts any here regardless.

Skill Placement:
20 Enchant, your damage comes from here.
20 Warmth, synergy to Enchant. Also quite helpful in PvP.
20 Fire Mastery, increases your Enchant damage.
20 Shiver Armor, increases your Defense by a large amount, and damages Melee attackers.
The rest into Cold Mastery, this increases the damage done to Melee attackers by Shiver Armor. This can be a LARGE amount of damage, especially since most Melee Paladins/Barbarians are lacking Resistances.

Casting Gear:
20/x/x Enchant Ormus' Robes, obviously Perfect Fire Facet'ed.
3/25/x/x Eschuta's, obviously Perfect Fire Facet'ed.
Volcanic Amulet, +3 Fire Skills.
Arachnid Mesh.
Lidless Wall.
Beast, to transform into Bear form after Bo'ing and Enchanting, leave the same gear on that was used for Enchant/Bo for an extra Defense/Life bonus.
Shako, Shael'ed.
x/6/x CTA as well, of course.

Dueling Gear:
Socketed Phase Blade
Stone Archon/Balrog/Great Hauberk, 2k+ Defense.
Angelic Ringx2.
Angelic Amulet.
StormShield, Shael'ed.
Immortal King Gloves.
Immortal King Boots, these 2 together give a nice boost to AR, Defense, as well as Strength and Dexterity.
Verdungo's Hearty Cord, preferrably 40/15, though any will do of course.
Shako, Shael'ed.

4x12%FHR Fire Skillers.
6x30+Life Fire Skillers.
9x20 Life Small Charms.

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