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Rishodi's Pindlebot v1.3a support and FAQ


Step 1: Downloading Files
1. Download D2Loader from a trusted mirror.
2. Download the latest version of zPickit from ZoiD's official site.
3. Obviously, download the latest version of Rishodi's Pindlebot from the official site.

Step 2: Installing D2Loader
1. If you wish, at this point you can install D2Loader by following the readme included with it. Otherwise keep reading this section for my instructions on how to install it.
2. Backup your original Diablo II.exe as it will be replaced by the D2Loader version.
3. Extract all files in the D2Loader zip into your Diablo II directory.
4. You should now have a new "Diablo II.exe" in your Diablo II directory, along with some other less essential files.
5. If the plugin directory doesn't exist under your Diablo II directory, create it. Just make a new folder and call it 'Plugin' - minus the quotation marks of course.

Step 3: Installing zPickit
1. Extract all files in the zPickit zip file to the 'Plugin' directory. If you just created this directory, then the pickit files should be the only ones in it.
2. Open the 'zoid.ini' file and configure it to your liking. You may need to run Diablo II a few times to test these settings if you wish.
3. Open the 'zpickit.ini' file and configure it to your liking. Be sure that any items you want pickit to grab are not commented out (i.e. they have a semicolon in front of the lines)
4. If you have any questions or problems with zPickit, consult the bundled zPickit readme first.

Step 4: Installing Rishodi's Pindlebot
1. Unzip all files in the pindlebot zip to any directory you like. Just make sure that all the pindlebot files are in the same directory.
2. Open the 'pindlebot.ini' file and configure it to your liking.
3. Start Diablo II in windowed mode. Create a new single-player character. After you're in a game, throw out the scrolls of TP and ID, and go to your stash, which should be completely empty. Run 'setup.exe'. Actually you can do this step with any character, as long as you have an empty stash and inventory.
4. Be sure to test and tweak your configuration (pindlebot.ini) before trying to run the bot for long periods of time.
5. Run the file 'pindlebot.exe'. Rishodi's Pindlebot will start up and keep going, and going, and going...

NOTES: (Important!! Read these!!)
This bot only works for sorceresses (and other characters, if they wear Enigma).
ZoiD's zPickit should be enabled to pick up items, unless you set "UsePickit=0" in pindlebot.ini.
The pindlebot.ini, advanced.ini, pindlebot.exe, d2stats.exe, and setup.exe files must all be in the same directory.
You can only run this bot in a 16- or 32-bit desktop resolution.
The character you are doing runs with must be in act 4 or 5 to start, in the correct difficulty.
You must have the English version of D2Lang.dll in your Diablo II directory.
This bot can only be run with Diablo II in windowed mode, 800x600 resolution.
Turning off teleport in zoid.ini is highly recommended.
Turning off potion use in zoid.ini is highly recommended.
Turning off chicken in zoid.ini is highly recommended if you use the built-in chicken.
Your character should be properly equipped before running the bot, i.e. no corpses.
In-game commands should be bound as follows (these keys are all defaults):
Inventory Screen: I
Use belt slots 1-4: 1-4, respectively
Chat: Enter
Clear Screen: Space
Clear Messages: N


Q: Am I going to get banned if I use this?
A: There is no guarantee, written or otherwise, that you will not get banned using this bot. If you can, get another CD key to create seperate mule accounts with. Empty the bot often. If you do get banned, don't cry about it. You *are* cheating after all.

Q: What's the best sorceress build for using this bot?
A: In my opinion the best pindlebot sorc build is pure blizzard, with all synergies maxxed.

Q: I am getting an error message that looks like this:
$borderwidth = ($winsize[2] - 800) / 2
$borderwidth = ($winsize^ ERROR
Error: Subscript used with non-Array variable.
A: Your window title is configured incorrectly. In 'pindlebot.ini', under the Global section, there is a setting called 'D2WinTitle'. Make sure that this setting matches the window title you specify under the 'D2Parameters'setting.

Also, check your shortcut to Diablo. It should look similar to this:
"C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -w -lq -ns -skiptobnet -title "Diablo II" -nonotify

To check your shortcut, right click on your Diablo shortcut. Select 'Properties'. Look in the box labled 'Target'.
-w places Diablo in windows mode.
-lq sets Diablo to use Low Quality mode.
-ns turns off the sound.
-skiptobnet skips the opening credits and goes directly to Battle.net.
-title "<txt>" sets the title of the Diablo window.
-nonotify turns off error notification.

Q: My character has over 999 life. Will this be a problem?
A: Apparently still a problem! A character over 999 life will try to constantly heal it's self. The only solution for now is to get rid of any extra life items you have untill you are under 999 life.

Q: Why does the bot click on and pick up unwanted items after the attack sequence?
A: Because you didn't read the instructions in pindlebot.ini. I quote:
If you have set "GroundSelect = FALSE" in zoid.ini, then set this to 0
If you have set "GroundSelect = TRUE" in zoid.ini, then set this to 1
Any other configuration may result in the bot accidentally picking up unwanted items.

Q: Why does the bot stand there like a retard after killing Pindleskin and not pick up any items?
A: Try increasing your Item Scan Range in Zoid's pickit.

Q: Why does the bot miss some items?
A: You must give pickit sufficient time to pick up items that drop. If the bot exits the game before pickit can collect all the desired items, then you need to increase your 'dPickUpItems' delay in 'pindlebot.ini'.

Q: Where can I find a complete list of items I want the bot to pick up? (Like the Cruel bows, swords, axes..etc.)
A: http://www.d2jsp.org/docs/itemcodes.html

Q: How can I tell the bot to not pick up something in Zoid's pickit?
A: Add a semicolon ';' in front of the codes of the itmes you do not want picked up.

Q: The bot only teleports twice, or not at all.
A #1: Make sure the hotkey you configured in pindlebot.ini matches the hotkey you configured for teleport in-game. If they match, then your teleport delay is too fast. Make sure you have a semicolon (';') at the end of the line. A good delay to start with is 800, then you can reduce it if needed.

A #2: Your character might not reach Pindle if there is no precast2. If it teleports once by the red portal, then to the middle of the field, then to the entrance for a total of 3 teleports, try using precast2 instead of precast1.

Q: Why doesn't the bot execute my precast correctly?
A: Make sure that the hotkeys you have set in pindlebot.ini match the desired skills ingame. Ensure that you have correctly configured a delay for each precast. Also be sure to put a semicolon (';') after each precast line.

Q: Why does the bot only attack XX times, when I configured it to attack XX times?
A: If the bot is performing less attacks then you want, it is because the delay is too low.
Here are examples of good starting delays for some sorceress skills: Blizzard: 2000
Frozen Orb: 1500
Glacial Spike: 350
Meteor: 2800
Fireball: 250
Static Field: 500
Also be sure to put a semicolon (';') after the attack sequence. Once you get the attack sequence to work as you want, then you can experiment with lowering the delays.

Q: Why is the bot missing or not hitting Pindleskin?
A: In advanced.ini try changing your AttackX and AttackY.

Q: My bot hit the end of the attack sequence and Pindleskin is not dead. Now what?
A: Ensure you are using an attack sequence that will actualy kill Pindleskin. Set up your sequence and watch a couple runs. If it is not killing him, make it longer. Remember, it's better to spend the extra time making extra attacks rather then waste a run not killing him at all.

Q: When I start the bot, I get a prompt for a slot name, and then this error: Invalid slot name. Check your configuration.
A: Look at pindlebot.ini, under the 'Slot' configuration setting. For each slot configuration you have, you should have a unique slot name. This name goes inside the brackets at the top. For example:
Password= etc...
At the prompt, simply type in the slot name, minus the brackets of course. The default slot name is 'slot1'.
If you only use one character to bot, then you may set a static slot to always use. Do this by going into the Global section, and setting 'SlotToUse' to your slot name. E.g. 'SlotToUse=slot1' - minus the quotation marks, of course.

Q: Why does the bot login but not select a character, exit Diablo II, and then start it back up, only to repeat this process over and over again?
A: First, up your 'LoginMax' delay in 'advanced.ini' to give the bot more time to get to the Character Selection screen. If the bot still restarts Diablo II at this point, then you are probably running a non-English version of the game. You will need to download the English version of 'D2Lang.dll' from the RPB main site.

Q: Why does the bot not login, exit Diablo II, and then start it back up, only to repeat this process over and over again?
A: The first thing you should do is check your resolution. You should be running Diablo II in a 800x600 window, and your desktop color depth should be 16- or 32-bit (depending on your advanced.ini), preferably with a desktop resolution of at least 1024x768 (though the bot may work on desktop resolutions as low as 800x600). If you're sure that your resolutions are all correct, then the next thing to do is up your 'BNetConnectMax' delay in 'advanced.ini'. If the bot gets to the login screen but still won't log in, then you have a currently unsolvable problem with pixel checks which will be remedied in the future.

Q: Why doesn't the bot use potions like it's supposed to?
A: This also is most likely a discrepancy in pixel color checks. See the previous answer.

Q: Why does the bot close Diablo II while I am entering a game?
A: Your maximum create game delay is too low. Increase it. It can be found in 'advanced.ini', under the automatic delay section, and it's entitled 'CreateGameMax'. It is recommended that you increase it in increments of 200, as an invalid number (i.e. one that is not a multiple of 200) may have detrimental effects on the bot.

Q: Why does the bot try to create a new game before I am back in chat?
A: Your minimum exit game delay is too low. Increase it. It can be found in 'advanced.ini', under the automatic delay section, and it's entitled 'ExitGameMin'. It is recommended that you increase it in increments of 200, as an invalid number (i.e. one that is not a multiple of 200) may have detrimental effects on the bot.

Q: What can I do to stop getting temporary IP bans from Battle.net?
A: After 3 consecutive Diablo II restarts, the bot will automatically wait for 5 minutes before attempting to continue. Hopefully this will fix the temp ban problem.

Q: Why did the bot throw out some of my items?
A: Since AutoIt can only "see" the Diablo II world one pixel at a time, it can never be absolutely sure of what it is doing. All routines in RPB are written with the upmost care to prevent accidental item loss, but there is always a chance, no matter how small, that the bot could unwittingly wreak some havoc on your character.

Q: Why doesn't the bot ever make it through the red portal?
A #1: The first thing to try when you have this problem is to increase the delays. Most importantly, you need to increase the last delay of your first precast - preferably to around 500 (or greater if necessary). If you don't use the first precast, then you should try increasing your 'RunningMin' or your 'EnterPortalMin' settings - both found in 'advanced.ini'.
If your delays are outrageous and the bot still misses the red portal, then you need to recalibrate the coordinates.
In 'advanced.ini', under the mouse click section, there are two settings which determine where the bot clicks to enter the portal.
The first is PortalX, at a default of 337, and the second is PortalY, at a default of 230. If the bot consistently clicks too far to the left of the portal, then you need to increase the PortalX setting. If it consistently clicks too far to the right, then you need to decrease the PortalX setting. If it consistently clicks above the portal, then you need to increase the PortalY setting. If it consistently clicks below, then you need to decrease the PortalY setting. If the bot hits the portal at least 90% of the time, and you don't understand these two settings, then it is advisable that you not touch them at all.

A #2: Try disabling gold stashing.

Q: Why doesn't stashing work for me?
A: Follow these instructions:

1) Start Diablo2 in window mode.
2) Create a fresh character. It does not matter if it is Singleplayer, OpenBnet or ClosedBnet, simply a new character.
3) Create a game with that character.
4) Open your inventory and throw out the identify scroll and the townportal scroll tbat each character starts with.
5) Open the stash with the character, so you have the stash and your inventory on screen. Both must both be completely empty.
6) Switch away from Diablo2 (Press Alt+Tab) and run the Setup.exe file. It automatically switches you back to Diablo2 and calculates the color codes.
7) Close the game and delete that empty char if necessary.

Some additional notes about stashing:

The color codes are saved in advanced.ini. Never try to edit these manually or you will screw the whole thing up.
The bot recognizes what you already have in your inventory when the bot is started and considers these things as part of your equipment (skillers, mf-charms, annihilus and such) and therefore does not stash them. Prior to starting the bot ensure your inventory is cleared of non-essential items. I.E. Tomes, keys, potions.
The bot goes to stash as often as you specified in pindlebot.ini with the Stash=XY value. When the bot goes to stash it first tries to stash your gold, and after that all items in inventory that were not there when you started bot. The bot scans the stash from left to right, top to bottom for the next spot where the item fits and puts it there. In case the stash is full the bot puts the item it was just about to stash back to your inventory.

Q: Why do I get errors when running Setup.exe?
A: You are probably using Onlyer's loader and have not properly set the title of your Diablo window. Right click the shortcut you used to start Diablo and select 'Properties'. Add this to the end of the target line: -title "Diablo II"
Click 'Apply' then 'Ok'. If done correctly just make a game with that shortcut and run setup.

Q: Why does my bot sleep after X ammount of runs?
A: Set all the run interval and sleep interval settings to 0. Technically though all you really need is to set is 'RunInterval=0' which establishes an infinite run interval.

Q: Why the HELL is your script trying to connect to the Internet?
A: The bot is checking for updates. To make it quit doing this, change this setting:
To this:

Q: Why is the bot drinking a potion at the start of each run?
A: If, at the start of a run, your life is below this setting:
the bot will drink a potion.

Q: I get massive ammounts of lag during teleporting. Why?
A: This is created by d2stats. You may be able to stop this lag by disabling heal/chicken. Set both to 0. The bot will still heal at the beginning of each run, but it won't run d2stats or check your health while you're in Nilathak's temple.

Q: Why does the bot keep clicking on the waypoint?
A: You need to try lowering/increasing your mouseclick delay and your run/walk delay.

Q: Why does the bot chicken every time it enters the red portal?
A: Try using Zoid's chicken feature and set the bot's heal and chicken settings to zero (0).

Q: Why does the bot type so slow?
A: In zoid.ini set ground select to false. Also set these settings as follows:

Q: Why does the bot enter a game, sit there for a couple seconds, then exit Diablo?
A #1: You do not have your Diablo hotkeys configured to the default setting. To fix this, do the following:

1) Enter a game.
2) Press the "esc" key.
3) Select "Configure Controls" from the list.
4) Click on "Default".
5) Click on "Accept".

A #2: People seem to mess with their InGame check when they run setup. To set it back to it's default setting, open up your advanced.ini and change it to this: InGame=4753584

Q: The bot chickens to slow or not at all. What's the deal?
A: The chicken is about as fast as it can go, especially considering that elsewhere in the code, mouse/typing speed is too fast...

If chickening is a problem, disable the bot's built in chicken feature. To do so, set chicken > heal life. It may be best to use Zoid's chicken feature.

Q: What happens if my stash fills up?
A: The bot will continue to run however, it will start to fill your inventory. It would be best to empty the bot out before the inventory fills up

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