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Dupes and perms.
by AmirReborn

Purpose Of Guide is to help Newbies with questions regarding dupes and perms.

Proper Item Handling

I know this seems like alot to read, but hopefully you find the time to look through it and learn these concepts, they will help you understand how items work and poof alot better than you think, there are many things i clerify and explain. It will be worth it in the end when you never have items poof again.

How item codes work and why they poof
This is hard to explain, but i will try my best. First off, every item has a item code, for more details on that you can look Here. Whenever you have a base item and insert a rune or gem / have it unique / or add a Suffix / Prefix, it changes the code to a unique code. This unique code is what bnet looks for when matching items that will poof. If you have two caps ('cap' is the code) inside the same game, there is no poof because this is only the item code, without any unique attributes. If you have a prefix, lets say.. a Bronze Cap, then the cap code isnt 'cap' anymore its something entirely different, a unique code that no other item on battle net has. I don't think there is a way of finding out what this unique code is, but if you duped that Bronze Cap with the unique code '123,' you'll have two caps with the unqie code '123.' When both Bronze Caps are in the same game, battle net will find the match and poof one to create a balance because there shouldn't be two items with the same unique codes. And that is when a 'poof' occurs.

Exceptions to the rule
There are expceptions. Sockets for one, when you see a item with the (socket attribute) It will still have a normal item code, rather than a unique item code. I think there is a slight change though. If you have a cap and a socketed cap, there are still two different codes, but they are not unique codes, they are standard item codes. For example if you have a cap that has the standard item code 'cap' and you add a socket to it. The cap code (for example) will change to 'cap/1'. I belive battle net doesnt match that second half of the code. This applies with naming, if you have a cap and named it 'isO' the cap item code will be 'cap/isO' BUT for example you had a Bronze Cap '123' and name it 'isO' it will turn into '123/isO' No matter how you name it socket it or put stuff in it, the unique code will still be '123' and that is the half of the code that will match and poof.

Exceptions to the exceptions rule
Lets go back to the cap with the code 'cap' Lets put 2 sockets in it and make the code 'cap/2' This will still not poof because the item code didn't turn unique. If we were to add a (Ort + Sol) and turn it into a Lore, this item will no longer be the base cap, instead it will have a completly new code (for example) '456' and since it has two sockets, the complete unique code will be '456/2' The unique code '456' isn't nessasarily the code for the rune word Lore, it is simple a new and unique code that the item has obtained and there is no way to reverse this. Once you put that Lore inside the cube and (hel + tp scroll) and remove the rune word Lore, even though the item is back to original with 2 sockets. the item will still have its unique code '456/2'. Take that same item after you remove the rune word and put in lets say (nef + tir+) to create Nadin rune word, the unique code will still be '456/2' There is ABSOLUTLY no way to remove that unique code once its on a item. Even if you name the item or re-socket it, the item unique code will still be '456' except.. lets say you name it 'isO' The item will then be '456/2/iso' There is no way to ever room that '456' once it recives its unique code, it will have it for life.

If you have two of the same caps it will both have the item code 'cap' Lets say you socket them both with 2 sockets and turned them both into two of the same rune word Lore. Even though they are both comming from the exact same cap, one cap will have the unique code '123' and the other one will be '456' No two items on battle.net have the exact same codes, even if they are made from the same exact item. Or atleast, its not supposed to have the same codes. That is when duping and poofing comes in. When you dupe an item that still has the code 'cap' it will never poof no matter how many times you dupe it because it doesnt not yet have a uniuqe code. When you dupe a Lore with the unique code '123' then you will have two items with the code '123' And once battle.net finds that there are two items with the same unique code, one will poof to re-create that balance, and to obey the rule that no two items should have the same unique code.

Prevention of poofing
As stated above, poofing occurs when you break the rule that no two items should have the same unique code. If you have a duped item inside a mule, and that mule is inside a game by itself, theoretically, that item wont even count as duped because its the only item inside the entire game with that unique code, so no matter how many times you go in and out of games, drop and pick up the item, the item will never poof because there is no match. Once you enter a game that has the same duped item, there will be a match. This method of prevention is called 'temp perm' Alot of you are familiar with this method. You click on a player to invite for a trade, wait till they click ok and you see the trade screen, once you see the trade screen, quickly leave the trade screen, and quickly exit the game. Basically, when there is a match, the item will not instantly poof, it is only when you "save and exit" a game that the server checks your items and save them to a log (this is why when you go from game to game you still have the same items and same set up as the last game) What this method accomplishes is that when you enter the trade screen, it establishes a new log with battle.net that you have these items in your inventory, and they exsists, and they are legit. Exiting fast will keep the item match from being seen again. So if find a game that has the same duped item, and you both 'temp perm' out, you will both be fine.

Exceptions to prevention
If you have two duped items with the exact same item code on the same charachter, no matter what you do, there is no method to prevent a poof when you leave the game. When you try the 'temp perm' method with both duped items in the same inventory, it has no effect. establishing a log when entering a trade screen will not prove the items are legit and exsistant. This could also cause a way to check if a item is legit or not. If you have two of the same item and you are curious if they are duped, you can put them on the same mule and see if they poof. If one poofs, then its duped. If they are both still there, that wouldn't nessasarily mean they arent duped, but its possible that they are from two different duped batches. There is no real way to find out if a item is duped until it poofs.

Predetermination myths
There are myths that you cannot dupe uniques, unidentified, and rune words. These are all faulse, you can dupe any item in any quantity. Just because you buy a unique item, doesnt mean its never going to poof. If you buy a rune word, (hel + tp scroll) it and remake the rune word, it will still have a possiblity of poofing. If you read and understood everything above, you will understand why you can never change the unique codes of these items.
When a unique is duped, no matter how many times its duped, when you identify it, it will also come out with the exact same stats. After you identify the unique and 'up' it (meaning changing its item class, like a russet armor into a balrog plate) It will always have the exact same - predetermined stats. For example, you dupe two unid hoz's (hearld of zakarum) - (which is a glided shield). You identify one, and it comes out a perfect 200%ed, when you identify the other one.. no matter what, it will come out 200%ed. The moment an item drops from a monster, it's stats are already predetermined no matter what level id's or who id's or where its id'd or at what time its id'd. Now you have two 200%ed hoz's. The second myth, "socketing an item will perm it" As explain above, it doesn't. Third myth, "naming it will perm it" As explained above, it doesn't. Fourth myth, "upping it will perm it" Lets say you 'up' one of the hoz's into a zakarum shield and it comes out 1k defense, no matter what you do, who does it, or where it is done, the second hoz will too, have 1k defense. These methods are completely wrong and there is no point even doing them in cases to perm them.

Duping is not a bad thing, it lets everyone have the opportunity to be as godly as they like to be. There is no harm in getting duped items... you just have to know how to take care of them.

Us the 'temp perm' method and its gauranteed never to poof. NEVER ever mix two of the same items into one charachter,. unless you are 100% sure they both have different unique item codes. If you get the same items in one bulk, these items oviously have different codes so you dont have to worry about mixing these together. Just make sure if you get two different sets of bulks, you dont mix these bulks together.

Additional information
I know alot of these are confusing, but if everyone can just understand these concepts, there will never be any poofing and everyone would just be happy. I Would appreciate if this got stickied or pinnied, Thanks. I hope i have helped a lot of people with this, and stopped repetitive questions.

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