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Manus-Magnus's BOT History

Download MMbot | About MMbot | Polish MMBot Support | MMbot History
2005.12.11 version 5.44 BETA 5
Fixed the CTA / switching detection problem in SEQ mode (sequence mode)
Added an explicit message box error when getting switching error at first run.
Changed the CTA switch speed and added 1 retry when switching to second tab.
Added detection exit code in EXEC:<script>: will jump to next sequence if >=2.
Changed whole NPC interact function and removed the Char_NpcMenuDelay delay.
Changed/Updated the restrictive default PkId; added some new items combos.
Fixed the MOD check, based on a file in MOD, avoiding excessive downloads.
Changed the Play Mode MOD loading: will only use fonts & full light radius.
Changed TownTp() function, removing some extra-checks, increasing speed.
Changed ExitGame() function, removing some extra-checks, increasing speed.
Added A5TpToA5DownStairs() function; to avoid malah after a TownTp() in A5.
Added ColorsA5() and ColorsA3() functions to specify current act colors.
Changed Pathing on Malah, Larzuk, Ormus, and Goto Act5Wp. More stable.
Changed/Updated the mm.BOT.Include.au3 to v2.0 with more than 20 functions.
Fixed "stash all" bug (bad inventory checksum caused by a create game failure)

2005.12.02 version 5.44 BETA 4
Fixed typo error about "Exceptional" items (in default PkId and in manual)
Changed default light sorce sequence; more safe pickit teleport.
Fixed Keys of Destruction, Hate, Terror in iding check (Third party scripts)

2005.12.02 version 5.44 BETA 3
Changed the exit on error condition on pathing block search. Exit immediatly.
Changed the exit on error condition on pathing function. Exit immediatly & Log.
Added an explicit error message if the user didnt setup his game control keys.
Changed Malah, Larzuc and Qual paths coordinates, should be more stable.
Changed Merc life checks in town, should fix a multiple resurrection tries bug.
Changed some clicks in NPC menus interacts, should be more stable.
Added PreLogin_Executable, PostLogin_Executable, GameStart_Executable options.
Added source code of Item Reader! Ask me before make any public script with it.
Added Keys of Destruction, Hate, Terror in PkId reference (Third party scripts)

2005.11.21 version 5.44 BETA 2

Fixed a typo in QuitGame function that was crashing the bot when failed exit.
Changed pathing; added some parameters concerning Act3/5 colors changes.
Changed executables files that swapping keys (using lastest versions)
Added new option in mm.BOT.ini to specify personalized games names & passwords.
Changed the bot.MOD, decreasing ALOT lags by missiles & animations removing.
Changed the bot.MOD to show in blue font the base defense & item level required.
Changed the Play mode, will use MOD .63 excepted the missiles removing.
Added KeyWords in PkId for acceptable base defense and item level required.
Changed alot the default PkId.ini, more restrictive and use new keywords above.
Fixed a bug that was doubling the drinks amount per sequence.
Added Delays while iding items, linked to ItemFocusDelay in mm.BOT.ini.
Fixed a typo error in message box error relating an unknow command name.
Added a "forced" interaction with Malah in case of nearly empty TP Tome.
Added the Clear Screen control key in mm.BOT.ini (is "k" by default !)
Changed the "unstuck" function and leave game checks/BNetRoom recovery.
Changed the wait delay (increased) in case of "create game failed" problem.

2005.10.31 version 5.43
Increased teleport retries from 4 to 5. Help against block-lock.
Changed Pathing in A5 town, trying to reduce path errors.
Changed TP Scan range, trying to reduce TP errors.
Added a new easy check of Bot.MOD version (internal). Mod is now v62.
Changed TP & TP name colors, fixing errors at Malah detection.
Fixed (activated) the Char_MaxDrink -per sequence- option.
Added a section in Main manual with screenshots of my lightsorce config.

2005.10.16 version 5.43 BETA 3
Changed pathing from malah to downstairs, fixing pathing & FUNCtions failures.

2005.10.15 version 5.43 BETA 2
Changed (fixed too) switch commands and added notes about their use in manual.
Increased scan range to avoid failed to return in A5 Town errors afted TP cast.
Changed TownTp function to buy TP in next run in case of TownTp failure.
Changed the sequences jumps ability, added restriction possibility. In manual.
Updated the manual & default sequence example, following changes above.

2005.10.11 version 5.43 BETA 1
Added a big Purple Marker front of "Diablo Walks the Earth"
Added Purple Markers before "Corpse" (for barb item find, or necro summon)
Modded Act3 DockTown in the same way than Arrogath (Blocks + Ormus like Malah)
Modded Act3 Travincal in the same way than Pindle or Eldritch/Shenk Areas...
Note1: Whatever it's in A3 or A5 the bot should start his runs in A5.
Note2: Note 1 because it's better to make 1/"easy A5 monsters" 2/"Coucil".
Removed all commands CMDE/O/I replaced with 1 unique command: CMDEAD
Removed definitly CMLM command; replaced with CML (Check Merc Life)
Change the Monster Focus & Attack command, RC(MFOC,IN/OUT) => RC(MFOC)
Removed PTPT & A5ATP commands (obsolet)
Added seq. function: FUNC:TOWNTP (cast a TP and return to town)
Added seq. function: FUNC:A5TownPoint (check items..etc...and go near WP)
Added seq. function: FUNC:A5WPtoATP ; From A5 WP goto Anya TP (Pindle area)
Added seq. function: FUNC:A5WPtoTrav ; From A5 WP goto A3 Travincal
Added seq. function: FUNC:A3TownToA5 ; From A3 town TP goto A5
Fixed FOCWP command that was bugged. (should be obsolet, since tp is possible)
Fixed the RBlocks.exe tool that was choosing wrong blocks (left instead of up!)
Fixed Unidentifiable sold item stuck cursor bug
Changed the Intown pathing function (can avoid some entities like TPs)
Changed CheckMove function, increased sensibility.
Added and changed internal pathing for Act3 and Act5.
Added: If a no loop sequence fails bot will jump to next 'TOWN' named sequence

2005.09.25 version 5.42
Added a check for more reactivity in case of disconnect.
Fixed the Au3 scripts execution bug when the bot was in a path with spaces.
Changed alot Main function that manage errors and restarts.
Added cd-key swapping in case of some excessive login failures.
Fixed an old bug that made single normal mode not clicked properly.
Changed alot the create games functions and associated retries/restarts.
Added Re-Load of the whole bot.ini, PkId, and sequences with 1 hotkey.
Changed totally the SplashScreen and all associated statistics & Event_log.
Fixed an old bug that caused no retries when buying Id scroll failed.
Added life/mana checks while attempting to validate WP
Added variables definition possibility in sequences (ie: @Teleport_Key = F6)
Added a new sequence example (Eld+pindle CL sorce) with full variables
Changed the included tool 'item reader', now works in all acts, and more fast.

2005.09.18 version 5.41
Changed create games functions, avoiding some instability with 1.11b.
Changed the whole monsters detection, is now more fast and effective.
Changed the bot MOD from 5.1 to 5.2 (special Tx to FireFlyPower)
Removed old sequences example, replaced by new ones made by forums members.

2005.09.17 version 5.40
Updated and embedded the whole documentation & PkId.
Changed to default BOT.MOD from version 5.0 to 5.1
Removed delays in d2 launching function; more fast.
Added option to change Bot splash screen title.
Added options to tweak gamble scan & iding delays.
Added FOCWP command that validate a waypoint focus.
Changed the maximum teleport retries from 3 to 4.
Changed monsters detection default colors and accuracy.
Added SRC, SLC, MV, BMV commands for simple clicks & moves.
Changed Merc Life check command name from CMLM to CML too.
Changed the whole syntax of Sequences, no more "Seqx =" needed.
Changed the SEQ mode to test sequences to choose starting sequence.
Added FUNC: & EXEC: commands to execute internal functions or scripts.
Added Scripts folder and a new Include file that contain base functions.

2005.09.10 version 5.39c
Updated the default PkId.ini.
Added option to not let the bot moving mouse in sleeping mode in BOT.ini
Added back options to change D2 window name, executable, and parameters.

2005.09.09 version 5.39b
Fixed some typo and old PkId examples in main manual.htm.
Fixed Extra D2 process check that was blocking the test mode.
Fixed PkId realine bug that was losing 2 last statistics of each section.
Changed the failures counters functions, increasing pauses exponentially.

2005.09.07 version 5.39
Changed BOT.MOD version from 4.0 to 5.0, users must download the new one now.
Added Whites & Blues items Pickit & Iding & Gamble. Updated the mm.PkId.ini.
Added commands: SWITCH1 and SWITCH2 to switch to Cta or Eshield in sequences.
Added option to switch merc weapon after resurrected him (aura from infinity)
Changed the recovering rejuvenations potions function after a death.
Fixed the 0,0 forced to sold item alternative (was stopping when full stash)
Changed successive failures functions, now they are internally managed
Changed delays in some functions like D2Start or Gamble. (More fast).

2005.09.05 version 5.38b
Increased potential PkId database size From 12000 to 30000 max statistics.
Fixed some typos in manual.
Fixed launching d2 parameters in play mode.
Fixed title "Diablo II" for people that use D2loader
Added "Diablo II.exe" check for people that use D2loader

2005.09.04 version 5.38
Changed anya tp function increasing stability going to pindle.
Changed iding items function (some delays are removed, iding is more fast)
Changed the whole Keys swapping, only write keys in mm.MultiKeys.ini now.
Added automatic log files archiving when events_bot > 1024 Ko.
Added automatic last key used and following swap through new bot.state file.
Removed some variables like launching parameters, executable name, and delays.
Added option to create games from user defined list... Option is hidden yet.
Added instant key patching menu. Launching the bot with "Play" parameter.
Added circlets gambling plus all blues will be checked for stats in gamble.
Fixed some create game menu screens (for old Polish and German Cd versions...)
Fixed the 0,0 force to sold item in case of totally full inventory.
Added option to define bot process priority (normal, medium, high) in bot.ini.
Removed and updated documents, new sequences, modified default ini files.
Credit for D2-CdKey.exe [Onlyer] and Mpq2k [Andrey Lelikovís].

2005.08.26 version 5.37
Compiled in new Autoit v3.1.1 (http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/)
Changed process priority from normal to high (increase alot whole bot speed)
Fixed "cannot found D2 or Compiler" errors using properly trailing backslashes
Removed D2 path registry search, user will have to specify his D2 Path now.

2005.08.24 version 5.36
Added Merc healing (healing at ~ 1/3 life) to increase runs success rate.
Added Merc and Char drink timers (minimum time interval between 2 drinks)
Fixed typos in the main manual & Added some examples/Faq.
Fixed any D2 closing processes errors, using now Process.exe.
Changed D2Loader "support" status: still in package but not recommended at all.

2005.08.20 version 5.35
Added more flexibility in sequences loading (comments should not cause problems)
Changed the whole documentation into 1 html document. And updated it alot.
Changed the d2kill processes function; added autoit kill processes commands.

2005.08.16 version 5.34
Activated various support messages and logs. modified all defaults ini.
Fixed the difficulty selection function, clearing difficulty names errors.
Added entire new section in mm.BOT.ini for Cd-Key swapping without D2Loader.
Updated global FAQ, added D2loader & help files in \documents.
Fixed Malah interacts error once the away or dnd message is done.

2005.08.10 version 5.33 (final)
Added new advanced option for cd-key auto swapping every xx runs.

2005.08.09 version 5.33b1 (beta1)
Updated the new TBL (the bot MOD) &amp; Areas light radius (1.11 patch)
Fixed All D2Path problems and added some checks &amp; message boxes.

2004.11.28 version 5.32
Fixed D2Path registry read : added HKCU and corrected return if not found.
Removed D2Data folder testing due to some incorrect error message.
Added some explanations in multiples sections.

2004.08.29 version 5.31
Compiled with the last autoit version v3.0.102 (www.autoitscript.com)
Fixed autoit error if windows color deft was not properly configured (16bit).
Added new usefull option: the &lt;SEQ&gt; mode, allowing FULL sequences testing.
Changed FAQ/Docs/default PKID considering last know problems and requests.
Changed mouse speed in Goto pindle area path to avoid possible TP errors.

2004.08.22 version 5.30
Added Game Server IP monitoring &amp; scripts/Idle (Diablo Clone, up to 3 IP)
Fixed a bug in deleting D2 logs files option, now 'No' is allowed.
Changed FAQ/Docs/Website trying to explain how to avoid new Blizzard policies.

2004.08.20 version 5.29
Changed default create game timeout: Increased time &amp; randomization.
Added new command SR(&lt;delaymini&gt;,&lt;delaymaxi&gt;) to provide a random sleep delay.
Added new options Char_MaxDrinks to chicken if excessive drinks in 1 sequence.
Removed all sections of mm.bot.ini relative to max failures &amp; max runs amount.
Added a new &quot;Extra&quot; section with RD/GNE detection, Max runs &amp; failures amount.
Added possibility to associate personalized scripts for all &quot;Extra&quot; options.
Changed sequences examples (mostly pumped from GBUD website...)
Removed html output and sequences tester utilities (outdated)

2004.07.04 version 5.28
. Sources available for download.
Changed create game time out (internal, increased alot and randomized)
Added CLO command: Check Life Only, useful for melee skill like Beserk/Zeal.
Changed default life/mana check while pickup items: now will only check life.
Added SEND command: Able to send any &quot;d2 command&quot; or wisper/status.
Added Misc menu/tab correction click when iding at Malah.
Added Option to consider all blues items as Xrares for pickit, iding, gambling.

2004.05.10 version 5.27d
.d Changed the whole manual, FAQ, and default settings. Give better advices.
.d Changed delays into create game menu detection, more stable.
.c Changed slightly the default path avoiding some errors with malah/stairs.
.c Fixed no-stat items by avoiding the selling action on them.
.b Changed the whole times/runs/errors counters. More accurate &amp; documented.
.b Fixed a no-repair error if a &quot;run to repair&quot; failed or crashed at creation.
.b Added a security check: if too much consecutive fails the bot will stop.
.a Changed the reference.txt that explain how to create sequences.
.a Fixed retries for iding and read stats while in trade with Malah.
Changed Manual, FAQ, and sequences examples, tx to people that created them.
Changed Checks and delays of WP/TP access and Stash access/Stash gold, faster.
Changed Delays of the WEOT command, Added 2 options in mm.bot.ini, faster.
Changed Iding (buy id scroll and id item) function, faster and more safe.
Changed Pickit: no identifiable item will be picked up by default, safer.
Changed Pickit item names strings reading (removed wrong extra characters)
Changed Pause Hotkey: bot will stop if a press is done during the first run.
Changed ItemFocusDelay factor while re-trying to read item name in pickit.
Changed the return in town check of PTPT; can avoid some possible errors.
Fixed the bnet status message send, now will be done after each new logon.
Changed delay just after id item with a scroll: linked with the ItemFocusDelay.
Changed sold item function, now will use CTRL+LeftClick, increase the speed.
Changed Buy scroll function; added some hide mouse moves in case of failure.
Changed checkmove_delay in Pickit, increased by 50% due to new scan speed.
Changed Mod and Reading function: 100% Faster. Impact pickit, iding, gamble.

2004.04.26 version 5.26d
.d Changed the manual about optimization &amp; added shared sequences.
.d Removed Bolts/Arrows buying, maybe will add it back in future version.
.d Added a missing ItemFocusDelay into iding, can resolve most of iding probs.
.d Added support value &quot;D2_IdingMouseSpeed&quot;, can resolve rest of iding probs.
.c Changed manual, faq, and default settings
.c Added the ItemFocusDelay option, should fix iding problem for some people.
.c Removed the Mouse_MovesPause option, does not need to exist.
.c Changed PKID looking throught database functions. Iding speed increased.
.c Added an unstuck action in case of Malah trade failure.
.c Added all potions recovery / return in belt, in case of death.
.c Added security at iding if full inventory: sold item at 0,0 and restart.
.b Added a protection against bad comments &amp; whitespaces in sequences.
.b Added 3 delays settings examples in manual, help delays setup of mm.bot.ini.
.b Added a new option in mm.bot.ini: Mouse_MovesPause, help for interacts pbs.
.b Changed random mouse areas while iding items (increase stability)
.b Changed Chicken: now associated with merc death / red life bar exiting.
.b Changed Account/Password send keys speed (strongly randomized keypresses)
.b Added a life check &amp; better event logging about pickit names reading retries.
.b Fixed minor error in standard mod fonts reading about the &quot;,&quot; character.
.b Changed max possible item description box size and increased box find speed.
.b Changed the search in logs utility and increased loading files speed.
.a Changed example sequences.
.a Fixed wrong slot error.
.a Fixed syntax error for a timeout event.
Changed Bnet Login &amp; Log Char and removed their delay options from bot.ini.
Added detection of any problem at login or char screen with 5 minutes pause.
Changed the WEOT: if it fails it will re-execute previous RC or BRC. 3 tries.
Changed all mouse moves &amp; clicks &amp; delays and key delays. -All- are randomized.
Added new options in bot.ini about random delays with range tweak possibility.
Changed much options of the bot.ini that are now in the misc/special section.
Added Total time, Total RunTime, and Total RunTime rate in the splashscreen.
Fixed (partially?) a fatal error while iding at malah. Concern some people.
Changed CheckMoveDelay while go to pickup an item; delay increased by 50%.

2004.04.09 version 5.25b
.b Fixed a duble delay while pickit. Pickit is now -ALOT- faster. (too much?)
.b Modified &amp; randomized delays, added new randomization funcs. (next version)
.b Changed alot the default CL sorce sequence, since it have to be an example.
.b Changed the GBud enigmadin 3 bosses sequence.
.b Added Shenk monster type pink blocks for detection in MOD (tx tic-fireball)
.b Added Automaticly delete D2 Debug logs &amp; check if MOD is installed.
.b Fixed a wrong entry for Blade Dagger that caused fatal error while iding it.
.a Reduced &amp; randomized delays in the exit game esc &amp; click action.
.a Fixed &gt; 19 lines items were not stashed problem, missplaced code.
.a Added a check in inv. shot procedure. Bot stop if empty inv. was recorded.
.a Changed Offset for Inside area monsters &amp; Changed default sequence.
.a Reduced &amp; randomized delays in unstuck() actions
.a Added multiple re-tries for items name reading (extremely rare)
Added/integrated MozartMcLaus C++ MMPKID Compiler (hyper fast!)
Fixed a bug in DAMRED% (damage reduce) iding keyword.
Changed Pickit and items names mod : Pickit is now -alot- more fast.
Added a retry-focus for items names reading while pickit.
Changed Whole iding &amp; stashing code for better &amp; clean item managment.
Removed all options/docs relative to &quot;1*1&quot; item. Iding more simple &amp; stable.
Removed D2_PickitRescans &amp; D2_PickitMaxRetries options (deprecated).
Added the MFOC,IN and OUT commands in sequencing (Monster Focus :-)
Changed the identification counter; now include identified gambled items.
Added option to pause the bot using the PAUSE hotkey.
Fixed a quitgame() into quitgame() was possible cause of some problems.
Changed the Unstuck/quit from game/error combos &amp; delays.
Added loop tolerance while taking Act5 Wp.
Added a second try if interact malah error happen.
Added a tool to test sequences for bot users with log: SequencesTester.exe!
Changed default launching settings. &quot;No sound&quot; now works properly.

2004.03.24 version 5.24
Changed docs; added new capt manual, faq, completed manual.
Fixed max stats/quality and finaly upgraded max number to 12000.
Added back the compiler (integrated one will help for people that forget it)
Added the Kthol_Murgo &amp; Blahstar HTML converter in the tools section.

2004.03.24 version 5.23
Changed documentation folder; all main documents will be in it.
Changed the maximum size of pkid database, 3000 --&gt; 9000 stats / quality.
Changed the default CL sorce sequence, now is alot more safe (merc/life checks)
Fixed a bug in socketed items identification (now definitly tested &amp; fixed)
Changed the PTPT function, added a Town check and poisoned merc disturbs fixed.
Changed the sequencing configuration: now ALL is in the mm.BOT.Sequences.ini!!
Changed / Updated documentation and default PKID.ini

2004.03.22 version 5.22
Changed gold reading &amp; some delays; trade 'loading' now ~4 times more fast.
Added detection of PKID.ini vs pre-bases change date at the bot startup.
Added a detection of &quot;Unable to connect&quot; dialog box on BNET connect.
Added a detection of some BNET processes (internal).
Changed PKID function: any &gt; 19 desc lines items will be stashed.
Added a log writing avoid for all .txt files if i/o files error.
Added a nice utility to check current or archived logs: ArchiveMgr.exe
Changed default pkid; now include most of items (Popular PKID...)
Changed some explanations and default delays about Keys in BOT.ini
Fixed a syntax error in the arrow/bolt buying function.

2004.03.16 version 5.21d
.d Changed default settings, updated documentation &amp; sequences.
.c Changed monsters detection; added new colors for OutSide Monsters.
.c Added 2 new commands: CMDI and CMDO (check monsters death in or outside.)
.c Fixed the max possible commands in sequence 0, now can up to 199
.b Fixed a crappy bug in the new '!' function, now return properly.
.a Fixed a minor bug in XY clic out of range check, while loading sequences.
Changed undeads detection, scan range + 100% , sensitivity + 33%, triple check.
Added Negative '!' prefix in PKID, available for any item stats strings.
Changed PKID: compile pkid speed increased, loading pkid greatly increased.
Changed the Start Run keypress (used for clear screen), burn alot less time.
Fixed multiple pickit total items picked 'bug', now multi pickit possible.
Changed the defaut loading D2 game window; timeout increased to 45 seconds max.
Added new Faq &amp; new default setup; Eldritch + Pindle Chain Lightning Sorceress.
Added important note about some items &gt; 20 lines text that should not be idied.
Changed the Base sequences &quot;system&quot;, now a total of 99 sequences is possible.
Added cyclic Arrows/bolts buying option in mm.bot.ini.
Changed the mod added tiC-fireball mod, allowing Eldritch monsters detection.

2004.03.06 version 5.20
Added a little _ArchiveAll.exe, copy and add date suffix in Logs\Archive.
Fixed the RunStartKey (sent &quot;n&quot; &amp; &quot;o&quot; keys...) ~1 second less / run now.
Fixed the resistances identification (elemental, physical, 'to All')
Changed: Decreased a few the game loading (reduced check d2 closed duration)
Added the option to run a program/script at each D2Sleep (using a RunWait)
Added the option RunStartDelay since bot is now starting -immediatly- the run.
Fixed the first run duration calculation.
Changed: Documents: Faq, manual, and sequences.

2004.03.05 version 5.19
Fixed the Pre Cast random place &amp; changed associated delays in sequences.
Added Capt manuals, really great thing to help people trying to use the bot.
Changed the default PKID since &quot;Item/Group&quot; = &quot;Sold&quot; &amp; &quot;Elite&quot; is possible (ie)
Added a sum check ; &quot;please wait&quot; box in battle net room if present is clicked.
Changed Item name iding; now match exact string when search referenced names.

2004.03.04 version 5.18
Compiled with Autoit 3.0.100
Changed game name &amp; password random range.
Changed the game loading-starting-detect act5 delays: run start is boosted.
Removed the misc bypass repair status option since the Repair Cycle do it now.
Changed the format/style and some info in mm.BOT.ini file.
Chanded the default sequences.ini &amp; sequencer.txt &amp; added Blizz sorce.
Randomised the Pre Cast sequence place (up/down stairs, and before tp/wp)

2004.02.29 version 5.17
Added an Emergency stop if the bot fails to load a &quot;1*1&quot; item.
Added Emergency stop if the first game creation failed (prevent inventory pbs)
Fixed already identified suffix names of charms and jewels (&quot;...Charm of...&quot;) !
Added a list of (stashed) good items (quality and name) in main splashscreen.
Fixed a potential bug made the character slot 1 loaded after a laggy game.

2004.02.28 version 5.16
Added in town random multiclicks instead of 1 click. (affect speed positivly)
Changed the success rate and lenght rounds (ie: now 999/1000 =&gt; 100%)
Added the (PTPT) command giving automatic path from WP in town to TP in temple.
Changed the Pickit, multiple pickit return a sum of all picked for next run.

2004.02.25 version 5.15
Fixed a bug in check stats for non &quot;enclosed&quot; values. (All Res, LLech)
Added a strong checksum making bot stop if error when updating inventory data.
Fixed a wrong calculation of inventory space after an inventory data update.
Changed Maximum pickit clicks retries are divided by 2 if full stash.
Added a slowing of cursor &amp; click down speed on Pindle TP.
Added a misc option allowing the random use of all 1*1 inventory items. (iding)
Changed the run time calculation: gamble &amp; game create are removed.

2004.02.24 version 5.14 (MAJOR FIX), CORE and MOD have been updated.
Compiled in the new Aut 3.0.94.
Fixed huge misconception in Iding done in 5.13 (good stats were not recorded)
Added All low runes, gems, and skulls in the PKID &quot;database&quot; &amp; documents.
Added a second try if miss of Pindle TP (slow comps, done if fail near the TP)
Added a check: Bot will stop if inventory recording failed at first run.
Added confirmation MsgBox and Loading bot status.

2004.02.23 version 5.13
Added a check &amp; click if go into &quot;weapons&quot; instead of &quot;misc&quot; in trade malah.
Changed (alot) the function(s) that check stats % and values throught PKID.
Added 10 new keywords in PKID (4 res, all res, reduce, vita, dex, strg, ener)
Changed the mm.PKID.ini and i have commented much items... Take a look in it!
Changed exit game sequence: timeout after 15s give a special &quot;unstuck combo&quot;

2004.02.22 version 5.12
Added few misc options to ByPass check corpse, check repair, Check Create game.
Fixed D2_OtherExecutable, D2_OtherPath, D2_RunStartKey variables format error.

2004.02.21 version 5.11
Added -title &quot;Diablo II&quot; by default in mm.BOT.ini.
Fixed some typo errors including &quot;Chat&quot; instead of &quot;Char&quot; in sequences names.
Fixed &quot;create game function&quot; that was not &quot;looping&quot; correctly.

2004.02.21 version 5.10
Changed the D2 execution process and parameters.
Added options to launch an exe/script after the character selection.
Changed into D2_RunStartKey the optional key to clear screen at run start.
Added some explanations in mm.bot.ini about third programs execution.
Changed the Char_BNGamePass_String: no longer need dots for split.
Modified random delays in BnetRoom while create new game.
Added a log of dropped/scanned items in Logs\ScanDrop_Items.txt.
Removed a duble date line in sold_items &amp; good_items logs.
Added Options to activate or not misc Logs (picked, sold, ScanDrop)
Fixed log already identified items 1 time and log if it was from gamble.
Removed &quot;Force Re-Id&quot; option, now the &quot;Re-Id&quot; is always done (internal).
Removed old log mm.bot.log.txt that was hard to read in log level 1...
Added new log: &quot;Events_Bot&quot; with 3 events types I(nfo), W(arning), E(rror)
Changed most of errors messages, made them more explicit, removed crap ones.
Added Bot stop if failure while inventory recording in full stash context.
Changed Docs: All docs are now in the \Documents folder (include sequences)
Added Capt Bot and Sequences manuals, Big thanks Capt.
Changed ALOT default PKID, using advises of BH forums + data from ty SIVILAY.
Changed/Fixed compilator, now ignore whitespaces empty lines.
Changed compilator, now check if item/group are referenced/exactly spelled.
Fixed Insane syntax error on AC% PKID keyword , was AD% in exe. Tx Sture.
Added a syntaxe error check in sequencer for 1 word commands (CML, EXIT...)
Changed new items in inventory delimitation/identification (internal).
Added create game menu checksum that return a normal ESC sequence if fails.
Fixed a bug in read gold amount in stash, made problems with gamble.
Fixed a duble block check at Anya, not needed and generate wrong error.
Added 1 special retry when go to go to pindle tp (Cain...)
Removed confirmation MsgBox, to help possible others scripts to manage the bot.

2004.02.17 version 5.09 CORE update
Added a log of all Picked items in Logs\Picked_Items.txt
Added a log of all Sold items in Logs\Sold_Items.txt
Added a log of all Good items in Logs\Good_Items.txt
Added a KeyPress option at the start of the run (to clear Map Hack Messages)

2004.02.16 version 5.08 (Whole package updated)
Compiled in last 3.0.93 Au3.
Fixed Relatives to blocks clicks out of d2windows.
Added a check for all clicks to limit them into d2window.
Changed CMDE: Do a second check to confirm all Zombies are dead.
Added Log of the last command passed when Emergency/Error exit sequence done.
Fixed: X &amp; Y steps inversed in NPC prefix block detection...Mistake.
Changed Npc menu delay; now is passed into 3 differents steps in ncp interact.
Added: If Fails to get npc menu will retry.
Changed Pickit: Completly changed structure, more fast.
Changed Default mm.PKID.ini (few changes on XRares &amp; Sets, added Grays)
Changed Compilator: show the actual line compiled. Added Grays.
Changed Gamble iding (will check for Uniques, Rares, and Set. Not only rares.)
Changed PKID: new quality: Grays items that can be socketed OR/AND Ethereals.
Changed Iding: avoid to moving the 1*1 if not items in inventory
Added option to force cyclic repairs (Javelins, Throwing)
Added a second try for stash interact (Cain...)

2004.02.14 version 5.07 CORE update
Changed NPC menus interact that were not 100% stable. Now yes (i think).
Changed acceptable sended strings for accounts with non standard characters.

2004.02.13 version 5.06 CORE update
Removed a double click in relative to Block command for sequences.
Added mouse move defaut position at end of any sequence.
Changed green block detection in &amp; Out of Town (using new pixel search)
Changed merc life status return (return dead when nothing or -red- life)
Changed Monsters block detection (using new pixel search)
Changed login and chars selection/validation; 2 new delays in mm.bot.ini.
Changed the NPC menu interact (added a focus delay)
Added a major check: Exit if the -first run- inventory check/shot failed.
Added &lt;End&gt; Hotkey to stop the bot.

2004.02.11 version 5.04b and 5.05 since no major crash (Core update Beta)
Compiled with Aut3.093 beta
Changed malah path
Removed delays in npc interacts
Changed Checkmove reactivity (more fast, pay attention to delays)
Added a blind try path in case of to malah Block detect fail after heal/iding
Modified precast sequence place (just after malah or at start if no malah)
Fixed wrong syntax in BRCD &amp; BLCD
Changed a few the internal WEOT delay (+200 ms)
Added a delay for &quot;loading&quot; characters screen (Comps/realms lag)

2004.02.09 version 5.04 (Core update)
Added the message option (since green wispers should disturbs the bot)
Increased tolerance time for login and charscreen (+100%)
Modified default ini files and sequencer documents

2004.02.09 version 5.03 (Core update)
Fixed anya gamble wait time and quit d2 after gamble (minor but fixed)

2004.02.08 version 5.01 &amp; 5.02 (Core update)
Fixed Zombies death detection (due to cold damages/freeze aura)
Fixed Merc resurrect: &gt; 5 resurrect failures will make the bot stop (no gold)
Changed the exiting game validation process using strong checksum (internal)
Fixed the chicken that was not quit if no more pots (now it will exit clearly)
Added the &quot;Preventive Chicken&quot;: If drink was in the last belt column: chicken.
Added the &quot;Stop If No Pots&quot;: The bot will stop if No pots in the belt at all.
Fixed misconception in the RunsAmount randomization that made re-logins.
Added LogLevel = 0 Give &quot;debug&quot; + all Picked/IdiedNames/IdiedStats in 3 files.
Added a new Command; WEOT(Timeout) That is &quot;Wait End Of Teleport&quot;, timeOut is
the delay until it will wait to jump to next command if it has not detected
the change of screen (basicly set it to 1500 should be a standard, for sorces)

2004.02.08 version 5.00
Removed all specific to beta Hammerdin code &amp; parameters
Removed alot of delays that should make unstable some clicks/keys
Added PindleSkin path and parts of the mm.BOT.MOD (mm.bot package &gt; 2Mo now)
Added a new sequencer module that make possible Pindle or Eld with all classes
Added the corresponding to sequences file in Config\mm.BOT.Sequences.ini
Added the commands reference of sequencer in Config\mm.Sequencer.README.txt
Added the \Tools folder that contain the &quot;Rblocks&quot; calculator &amp; mouse pos.
Added Pixies CheckSum into Bnet room that avoid re-logins as much as possible.
Fixed the Siletto item name in items &quot;database&quot; reference.
Fixed identified items sum in Stats.ini mm.BOT.STATS.ini.
Fixed syntax error about using a merc choice or not was using it everytime.
Fixed an insane bad assignement of D2_SendKeyDownDelay that was locked at 4 ms.
Changed much delays in the iding that are now linked to D2_FastIntMDelay
Changed the main manual, &quot;Supported&quot; OS are &gt;=W2000 and Comps &gt;= 1 Ghz.
NOTE: the sequencing is starting from the Wp/tp and not from monsters place.

2004.02.04 version 5.00b4
Changed the mm.BOT.ini style; hope it will be more clear by this way now.
Added essential Clicks &amp; Keys delays in mm.BOT.ini if D2 cant detect them
Added a Global statistics file updated at each run in Logs\mm.BOT.STATS.ini
Added option to force re-iding of any new item in inv (avoid crap stashing)
Fixed the &quot;stashed&quot; items counter that is now a real &quot;put&quot; in stash counter
Added option to set the free accepted spaces in inventory when stash is full
Randomized the Char_RunsAmount value, same thing for associated delays.
Added the D2_PickitRescans and D2_PickitMaxRetries in advanced options.
Added %LS, %ML, AR+ Keywords in PKID, commented some useless items (staves...)

2004.02.01 version 5.00b3
Added Vigor after anya gamble.
Changed the restart combos and made them 'more stable/secure'
Fixed a bug that made all gambled items solded (insane mistake)
Added much status report (total runs, success rate, average run time, etc...)
Changed (totally) the splash view, now main status with refresh at each run
Note: Have this big main status splash should fix some graphics problems.
Changed the take WP; added 1 more try to avoid definitly Cain disturbs.
Fixed large carriages returns due to white items stats in log file.
Changed the default mm.PKID.ini; added all uniques &amp; set name + few rares mods
Changed NPC menu interact (checkmove * 2 and npc delay correctly coded)

2004.01.31 version 5.00b2
Added Holy shield after anya gamble
Added these delays parameters in the mm.BOT.ini
Fixed error in re-loading D2 after a sleep (need to check it)
Changed the core string analysis, is now near 3 times more fast.
Randomized majority of all clicks and defined them up and down
Randomized majority of delays between elementary actions/clicks
Added multiples options in mm.BOT.ini about Mouse delays and clicks.
Added an &quot;anti-idle&quot; in windows option if large pause duration defined.
Added &quot;absolute&quot; delaying in life check &amp; potions pickup while attacking/pickit

2004.01.26: version 5.00b1 + Fix 1 day later
Fixed nasty bug in restarting D2 function.
Changed exiting game ESC number (+2) after error.
Changed iding function parameter: Any already identified items are not solded.
Changed default PKID: Added Anihilus...Dunno what thats can serve now but...

2004.01.25: version 5.00b0 (Before the sequencer building)
Changed the D2 launching and kill functions including new options of bot.ini.
Fixed a little bug while reading money at anya, in inventory, while gamble.
Added screenshots of my keys/controls/video/automap to help config problems.
Added an error report sheet... asking essential information to fix errors.
Added option in mm.BOT.ini: After XX failures: Stopping D2 For XX Minutes.
Added option in mm.BOT.ini: Every XXX Runs: Stopping D2 For XX Minutes.
Added detection of BNETupdate.exe Process (new patch).
Added UP StandStill, Showitems, Mouse at end of each run, can fixe many pbs.
Added option to tune the NPC menu click delay, can fixe many pbs.
Optimised string reading using characters statistics in Pickit and Iding

2004.01.25: version 5.00a4
Fixed the Cain interaction (minor &amp; rare but happened)
Fixed full Stash bug, now it will dont stop until full Inventory.
Changed the manuals.
Changed the default user inventory recording. (more secure)
Changed the sequence: Now life check for potions drink is 500% faster. (200ms)
Changed again the quit game speed. (more fast)

2004.01.24: version 5.00a3
Added potions drinking while pickup (+redemption).
Added corpse detection and recovery.
Added max failures tuning option.
Added CreateGame delay randomization. (internal)
Changed logger.
Changed Alot Exit Game speed. (more fast)
Changed slightly reading strings speed. (more fast)
Changed Check End Of Move Accuracy. (more fast)
Fixed the range to reduce CheckMove delay, more run speed/reactivity.
Fixed Total Gold calculation in battle mode (lag...).
Fixed Normal mode &quot;CheckRepair&quot; bug that was blocking botting in this mode.
Fixed Full Anya Path, now go to rectify Eldritch after the gamble...

2004.01.23: version 5.00a2
Fixed the gamble item name (can be Ring(s) or Amulet(s)) bug.
Added some explanations for keys. (StandStill and ShowItems)
Fixed money in stash read in npc store.
Fixed in gamble syntax error.

2004.01.23: version 5.00a
- Repair
- Items identification &amp; selection -
- Relative to block pathing
- Stashing
- Merc ressurection
- Gamble
- Pickit

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