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[Release] Cracked Maphack v7.2 [beta5]
This maphack won't work on 98 windows, 64 bit platform, or Mac.

Beta 5 is undetected so far... It's not undetectable, so use at your own risk!

More info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 18.11.2006, 17:11

[Release] xPick Beta 1.4
xPick is a working 1.11b Pickit program.

-Fixed a bug that appeared when the Pickit was going to Teleport to an Item.
-Fixed a bug that appeared in the Config parser.

-Changed way to ReadProcessMemory

More info and download here.
Posted by: d2event Date: 05.11.2006, 16:16

xPick by Sheppard - 1.11b PickIt
Please vote for us, do it once a day to keep the Rank #1 standing.

xPick is a working 1.11b Pickit program.
It uses Winpcap's Packet.dll to get all necessary informations...

More info and download here.
Dragonelfs Utility
Program in c++ which invite all players to party if you click 8 or hostile all players if you click 9.

More info and download here.
Posted by: d2event Date: 30.10.2006, 07:46

Update Done
I'm glad to announce our main site and all subsites work correctly now.

We are sorry for the delay and we hope you stay with us :)
Posted by: Date: 04.10.2006, 05:29

Server Update
We are sorry but newd2event.net sites are currently unavailable. Only main site works.

We are updating server security, mysql, php and other services.

We plan to finish everything today, site should work much faster then.
Posted by: Date: 02.10.2006, 05:03

Diablo 2 Patch Comming Soon?!
Quote: (Posted by NickJS - Blizzard Poster)

The following report has been passed on to the appropriate team. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that a future patch will be released and also if one is released, none of these issues are guaranteed to be addressed. We are also well aware many of you would like a Ladder Reset therefore it was not included in the report. If one is announced, it will be posted on our websites and most likely in this forum.

Diablo II Suggestions/Concerns Report

Character Changes
- Have the ability to reset skill points.
- Increase the Stash/Inventory Size.
- Display magic resistances.
- Display physical resistances.
- Have the ability to view the entire map.
- Change the Synergy System: Changing the Synergy System will allow more diverse builds.
# Synergies should only be added to native skills which have at least one point investment.
# Give every skill at least one synergy.

- Add more crafting recipes for specific classes.
- Increase the Rune/Runeword drop percentage.
- Make it so the order you put runes into an item doesn't matter.
- Make durability decay more slowly.

- Run regular Ruststorms weekly to help remove Duped Items.
- Have the ability to categorize Battle.net game types such as: Trade, Experience, Difficulty, etc.
- Have the ability to search for a game using keywords.
- Add a new mail box system for trading or a hub to trade items at.
- Have the ability to control hostile attacks. Both players must accept a hostile agreement.
- With the current setup, if a player is killed by another player, their corpse should return to a Town to prevent Corpse Camping.
- Decrease the amount of gold lost when killed by another player.
- Have the ability to open the Cow Level even after you have defeated the Cow King.
- Have a new option for automatically accepting party invites or to send party invites.

- Make hired mercenaries more appealing after Act 2.
- Only allow the highest ranked aura to be up instead of stacking the same auras of different ranks.

User Interface
- Fix the numbers 5 and 6 on the character sheet. These can easily cause confusion because they look very similar.

The following class suggestions/concerns were the most requested ones to be addressed:

- Reduce the damage of the Blessed Hammer.
- Make it so that Smite can be blocked more often.
- Sanctuary Aura: Bonus is not working properly against Undead.

- Shorter cool down on Immolation.
- Impale should get an attack speed bonus with increased points, or from a synergy.

- Increase damage for Fire Traps
- Increase general skill durations
- Dragon Flight: Revert back to how it was in 1.09

- Add a synergy that increases the radius for Battle Cry and War Cry.
- Allow them to get +1-3 Bash and +1-3 Stun on helmets and not just charges
- Give them Dagger Mastery

- Poison Nova should get a higher Next Hit Delay of 25 Frames similar to Twister.

- Increase amount of damage down by Thunderstorm.
- Blizzard does too much damage in PVP.
- Add a cool down timer to the Teleport skill as well as increase the amount of mana it requires.

- Increase fire skills damage
- Add something new to the Spirit of Barbs skill to make it more appealing.
- Increase the attack speed of Werewolf form.

Additional Item and Class Suggestions are scattered through out these two threads:

- All current bug reports should be sent to [email protected]

Miscellaneous Suggestions
- Add a permanent ignore option on Battle.net.
- Both players must accept a friend invite in order to add each other to their friends list on Battle.net.
- Allow the Single Player "/Players 1-8" command to be added to Battle.net.
- Add official Clan Channels for Diablo II players.
- Both genders for classes
- Allow the option to copy over your closed Battle.net characters to single player characters.
- Add a PVP server and PVP Rank/Ladder Systems
- Make events/items/etc. that are normally only available on Battle.net, available in Single Player Mode.
- Change the way Uber Diablo is spawned.
- Increase the amount of experience gained
- Add a new difficulty mode
- Add new items, quests, monsters, etc.
Posted by: Date: 17.08.2006, 08:58

Chantbot v1.3 - autoit enchantress bot
Please vote for us, do it once a day to keep the Rank #1 standing.

-You can no longer select the name of the window for auto_bot mode.
-Able to change/disable join game intros.
-Dual Screen Mode works now. Extremely buggy though (might just be my slow computer :P).
-Added Onlyer's CD Key Changer kit and Nov 11 2005 version of D2loader (extras folder).
-Fixed a bug that would screw you over if you had exit_bridge=true.
-Changed exit key to 'END' because it seemed to suite it more.
-'HOME' key now locks the script until you press it again.

More info and download here.
Posted by: d2event Date: 26.07.2006, 17:17

Uber Portal Fix
Quote (R1CH):
So, you've all managed to waste at least one keyset (or even worse, an organ set) by cubing at the stash and losing your portals behind each other, right? ...

More info and download here.
Posted by: d2event Date: 26.07.2006, 16:57

Diablo II Accounts and CD-Keys Banned
Originally Posted by JohnH (Blizzard Poster):
In keeping our aggressive stance on hacks, we have disabled over 30,000 CD-Keys from playing games on Closed Battle.net and permanently closed over 35,000 accounts for using a hack or cheat while playing Diablo II on Battle.net. First time offenders will have their CD-Keys temporarily disabled from playing games on Battle.net for a month and repeat offenders will have their CD-Keys permanently disabled. Repeat offenders will also have a risk of having their CD-Keys permanently disabled from connecting to Battle.net.

We will continue to monitor Battle.net for cheating and take action as needed. If you would like to report additional instances of hacking or cheating, please report the user to us at [email protected] A false report filed by one player against another will not result in the actions described above.

As always, thank you for your continued support; with your help we have been able to keep Battle.net a fun and safe place to play Blizzard games.


Originally Posted by mousepad:
As you all know by now there has been a mass banning, including many users of my recent maphack beta. I believed I did everything necessary to ensure that it was safe for you to use, but clearly that was not the case, as of now maphack development will be suspended indefinitely. I sincerely apologise for letting you all down.


Originally Posted by Netter:
This will probably be the last news message you will receive relating to EasyPlay. Today, Blizzard has decided to ban all EasyPlay users (Gold and Free), all mousepad maphack users, all D2JSP users and all sting maphack users. No public hacks are safe to use anymore. The estimated amount of bans is ~30.000 CD-Keys and ~35.000 accounts, if not alot more. It is a very sad moment, indeed. I want to remind everyone though, before I am flooded with complaints, that the 3.0+ series never had pre-emptive anti-detection and never regarded as permanently safe. In the release threads of EasyPlay I have always stated in regards to the detectability:
EasyPlay FAQ:
Currently it is not detectable. It still doesn't have any pre-emptive anti-detection, so use it entirely at your own risk. (..) Remember: It is likely that you will be banned *IF* Blizzard updates their anti-cheat detection methods to detect EasyPlay. Use EasyPlay only at your own risk and make sure you read the license before use.

Anyway, that doesn't mean I'm not very sad this day came. BUT, we all knew it would come sometime. I have set the status of EasyPlay to "detectable". Also, I would like to answer the question ahead of time: No, a new version of EasyPlay is currently not planned.



What mean "ACCOUNT CLOSED [8]"

You can buy a new cdkeys here
Posted by: d2event Date: 22.07.2006, 04:46

Chantbot v1.1
-Severely shortened script for party up function. Fixed stupid bug for it. Now it works like it's supposed to.
-'HOME' now exits the program.
-Bot will now create games, find out where the exit to town is and move towards it (act 1 only).
-Changed readme file to .exe for security and coolness reasons.

More info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 21.07.2006, 08:46

AutoIt Programs
Please vote for us, do it once a day to keep the Rank #1 standing.

Chantbot v1.0:
This is an autoit enchantress bot mostly for HC mode. Leave this parked at the edge of town and let people feed off of you...

Aura Stack:
It just makes aura stacking for an A3 merc a lot faster...

Mule Army v1.2 - update:
This program will make permed mules (barbarians. *rawr*) on an already created mule account...
Posted by: d2event Date: 14.07.2006, 05:05

d2jsp v1.2.0 Released!
Quote (Njaguar):
No, I did not die. I have been diligently working on the crash on startup bug reported by so many people. I have finally solved the problem, and fixed the bugs associated with it. There are also numerous other bug fixes in this release, since the last release.

The d2jsp.exe is also updated to no longer popup the set privilege failed error messages.

After solving this bug that has plagued d2jsp, I plan to resume development of other bug fixes, and new features, now that things appear to be back to stable!

Make sure you also update your autostarter.d2j and libs/ folder with the new updated files. Some enhancements/fixes were made to these files as well.

You can download d2jsp v1.2.0 directly here
Posted by: d2event Date: 10.07.2006, 03:27

Handnavis Nip Files v5
-Improved the code
-Added some items
-Fixed some codes
This is a simple program made to pre-cast your characters skills for you, It switches your weapon to what ever is on the weapon switch (CTA) Pre-cast, then switch's back.
Killswitchs Messages Writer v1.0
Posted by: d2event Date: 09.07.2006, 14:22

EasyPlay Free v3.0 Final
3.0 Final Changes:
-Added "EnableRecursivePathing" and "EnableCPUIntensivePathing" options, and removed "EnableExtremePathing" option
-Re-worked pathing (minor changes)
-Added new "block" option (identical syntax to "filter" option) to block packets
-Added "DrawSpecialVector" and "DisableAllVectors" options to config.ini, so free users can disable vectors completely more easily
-Added missing vector in act1 town
-Added "Priority" option to pickit (items.ini for details)
-Added new "pickit_const.ini" file to Settings folder, aswell as new comments in items.ini to make manual editing of items.ini easier
-Added command-line options for EasyLoad (-OPT/-PDIR/-PID options)
-Fixed bug with "DrawWaypointVector" and "DrawLevelTargetVector" in config.ini
-Fixed "IgnorePotsOnFullBelt" option in items.ini (now also considers belt type)
-Fixed bug with FastTP function that occured if multiple TP tomes in cube/stash and inventory
-Fixed pickit to temp-disable itself if cursor item
-Fixed minor inaccuracy with "AutoCloseNPCTalk" option
-Fixed bug with news (now updates news from GM.net properly)
-Optimized code (better performance)
-Updated config syntax to allow better visual attractive settings
-Updated for EasyBot RC4 (not backward compatible)
-Updated documentation (config/readme). New Readme_EasyLoad.txt,Readme_Commands.txt files

More info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 05.07.2006, 11:24

Item Drop Notifier
Please vote for us, do it once a day to keep the Rank #1 standing.

This plugin will show a message on screen when certain items that you want to be notified about are dropped...

More info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 30.06.2006, 17:44

Killswitchs Inviter
Small autoit tool, which invites everyone in the game...

More info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 30.06.2006, 05:35

Fail To Join Delay Reducer v1.1
Quote (R1CH):
This will turn the 30 seconds wait after failing to join a game into a 5 seconds wait. Not recommended for dialup or other slow connections as you may "fail" a legitimate join attempt otherwise. For those who make games and are annoyed by the recent BNet problems or occasionally join a baal run too soon after the last one, maybe this is useful.

More info and download here
The example of the perfect Hammerdin Paladin - Saved Game
Teh_PerFecTone.d2s - Single Player, TCP/IP and Open Battle.Net
Posted by: d2event Date: 27.06.2006, 11:52

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