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D2 Overhead v1.1 by Oxin
Ever used the anim8 module for d2hackit? It displayed messages above your characters head(using "!messagehere") and you could config the .ini so it showed animation and was something I definately enjoyed playing with. Well this is similar but all made in Autoit. It's not detectable now as it doesn't access memory but simply sends keystokes. There maybe a problem with the packet spamming but I've ran it for long periods of time without any problems.

More info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 06.04.2006, 17:30

New Necromancer Character Guide
We have a new 1.11B PVP/PVM Poison Necromancer guide.
Posted by: d2event Date: 05.04.2006, 17:03

xAim - A 1.11b AutoAim
I added a small but, very useful AutoAim for D2.

More info and download here

...also see Inventory logger - Item dump
Posted by: d2event Date: 04.04.2006, 06:50

EasyPlay Dead
Written by netter:
A good community is composed of good people. People in this community have shown time and time again that they are willing to go the extra mile. Really isn't that all you can ask for in a situation like this? I think that everyone, even without myself can continue to keep this place going. Let us all try to do our best, and continue to work for the better of game munchers. Fighting amongst one another now about who's right or wrong, or what would be better, is going to get you no where. Obviously if we just accept things and move on, it will be for the better. Or we could let this place fall apart... Lying to you all would be foolish of me. Saying that I could continue development, would only be fallacies. Development has stopped, but we can move on. Already I see that people are still keeping their heads up despite the bad news. You all have made this place what it is, and we all should be proud of where it has taken us.

Thank you all very much for your support, and kind words.

Maybe April 1 is his day of truth?
I hope this is an April Fool's joke...
Netter wrote:
Today is April Fool's day!
See screen :)
Posted by: d2event Date: 01.04.2006, 06:29

mmBOT v5.44Bu6 & MOD70 Installer [Final Release]
This install contains mmBOT 5.44B6u3 with MOD70 plus Fruktkaka's MOD addons for decreasing lower end computer/connection lag.

Download here

About MMBot

Please vote for us, do it once a day to keep the Rank #1 standing.
Posted by: d2event Date: 30.03.2006, 15:15

d2event Network
Soon I will open D2event Online Games Network:
Lineage 2
Guild Wars
Matrix Online

...and more!
Posted by: d2event Date: 29.03.2006, 11:16

Diablo 2 Fun
Last dupe method was a joke :)
Yes, that joke was harsh... ^_^

Look category "diablo 2 fun":
Cube buffer dupe

Soon more :]

Posted by: d2event Date: 29.03.2006, 10:19

Inventory logger - Item dump
InvDump is a simple program which can make for you a list of items:
-You have equipped.
-You hold in inventory.
-You hold in stash.
-You can choose one or all of the above options.

More info and download here

_______> More files:
xSend - A 1.11b Packet Sender
Hardcore Hack

Posted by: d2event Date: 28.03.2006, 06:18

d2netstat v1.3
D2netstat is a simple application written by KG in order to make searching for so called HOT IP easier then it ever was.

d2netstat v1.3:
- server IP
- game name
- game pass
- BN acc
- NEW! CDkey file which your D2 is running with.

More info and download here.
Posted by: d2event Date: 26.03.2006, 05:27

Latest Known MH Release Status
Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2006 12:55
Mousepad wrote:
I'm aiming for the 1st.

April 1st (April Fools Day)!!!

I hope this time we will get what we need... MH :]
Posted by: d2event Date: 26.03.2006, 04:32

RaukBot - MM.Bot multi boss scripts
I added RaukBot v0.05 - Addon for MM.Bot

Right now RaukBot provides:
-Pindle, Threash Socket and Travincal runs
-Life checking with 3% precision
-Merc life checking
-Mana checking only when teleporting
-Smart attack sequences
-Easy usage of cta
-Recognising which weapons are on so it never tries to fight with wrong switch
-Run time compensator
-Picking up gold
-Automaticly choosen precast
-Very stable

More info and downlaod here
Posted by: d2event Date: 24.03.2006, 08:10

I added more Diablo 2 Online Calculators:

Posted by: d2event Date: 21.03.2006, 09:26

USEast Classic Dupes
I added more duped items screenshots:
Ring: Beast Circle
War Scepter: Brimstone Flange
Amulet: Beast Mark
Greaves: Bitter Trample
Ornate Plate: Carrion Carapace
Grim Helm: Cruel Visage
Rune Bow: Rune Dart
Ornate Plate: Dire Carapace
Executioner Sword: Demon Razor
Light Plated Boots: Hailstone Blazer
Executioner Sword: Havoc Razor
Mesh Boots: Imp Shank
Light Belt: Rune Lash
Lance: Stone Bite
Crown: Storm Circlet
Winged Helm: Shadow Cowl
War Gauntlets: Shadow Fist
Battle Hammer: Soul Grinder
Grand Crown: Storm Hood
Grim Helm: Wraith Shell

Thx dillen lee!
Posted by: d2event Date: 18.03.2006, 11:41

EasyPlay 3.0 - Preview by Netter
As some of you know, I've been working (with more or less fast-paced progress) on the new EasyPlay version. I have to be honest: I've not worked much on it the past 1-2 weeks, but that will change again in the future. I've just had a few things to sort out in my life (which is why I've not been too overly active on the forums).

I've shot two videos about two weeks ago of two new features that will be in the EasyPlay 3.0 release. They demonstrate the new "ctrl-click" feature that I've developed. The "custom vector" (as I call it) basically works as following: You click on the automap while pressing CTRL key, and EasyPlay will automatically town-path or auto-tele you to the position. This works accross multiple levels, and path calculation is very quickly as always.

These two DIVX encoded videos (about 3.5 mb each) were zipped in a 7 MB .zip file that you can download here. If you don't have the DIVX codec, you can get it here.

The "custom vector" is a new feature that hasn't been implemented in any program ever before. I'm very anxious to see it "in action" in the upcoming release. I hope to find some time to finish off the changes to the core and the anti-detection once I start up work again on the coming week. Looking forward to responses.

Posted by: d2event Date: 17.03.2006, 04:41

4 hours downtime
After 4 hours downtime we are back, our service has been moved to another server.
Posted by: d2event Date: 17.03.2006, 02:52

Auto-It TPPK
I added Auto-It TPPK working with 1.11b :)
Lets kill some1 ^_^
Posted by: d2event Date: 14.03.2006, 07:26

I added new section "screenshots":
1.08 Items [13]
Duped Items [57]
Hacked-Bugged Items [30]
Perfect Items [21]
Crafted Items [0]
Posted by: d2event Date: 09.03.2006, 08:46

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