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Act 2 Drophack and Drop Protect
Act 2 Drophack - Jerhyn Placeholder Crash

more info and download here
Posted by: d2event Date: 02.03.2006, 03:45

G-Mod v2 Public Release
Bug Fixes in v2:
-You can now see blizzard/tornado/other previously bugged skills
-Fixed a bug with whirlwind/leap conflicting with autotarget
-You can select Cain now

more info and download here

Vote for us, do it once a day to keep the Rank #1 standing.
Posted by: d2event Date: 28.02.2006, 15:56

Merc Aura Stack Glitch
Gives your mercenary an extra powerful aura attack
Farcast v2 Public Release
Allows you to attack with charged strike OR lightning strike from a range.
Also included is Left Click mod, and Anti Cloak of Shadows.
Posted by: d2event Date: 27.02.2006, 05:13

EP 3.0 Development Team - Written by netter
Hello developers,
If you've been following recent developments, then you will have noticed that there was a plugin called "EasyBot" developed for EasyPlay. This recent change evolves from the development of EasyPlay, which turned into kindof a library of functions with capabilities to load plugins into an event-based framework. EasyPlay and all plugins are integrated in the "houdini system", which is the base for the anti-detection from warden.

Anyway, I've now begun work on EasyPlay 3.0, which will need many weeks of development, but offer many new functions and features. With this development, I will also continue developing the core functions and the plugins of EasyPlay, such as EasyBot. The only problem: Working on the core, the plugins AND the anti-detection is alot for a single developer. That's why I'm going to seek for more developers, that want to work in a closed private group on EasyBot (which will be made open source), other plugins, and the core functions of EasyPlay. Basically, the developers will create/update plugins and feedback to me what core functions they need, or request/suggest fixes/add-ons to existing core functions. The goal is to create a stable and very functional core for EP 3.0 release, with many neat plugins!...

Posted by: d2event Date: 25.02.2006, 11:11

EasyPlay Lite Final Release
The final version of EPLite has been released. It fixes the cave/underground reveal bug in the all act reveal mode and adds a configuration file, which lets you decide wether or not to reveal only the current act - or the entire game. With this release, I am now officially starting work on EasyPlay v3.0. Have fun!


more info and download here

Vote for us, do it once a day to keep the Rank #1 standing.
Posted by: d2event Date: 23.02.2006, 08:33

EasyPlay Lite v1.0 RC2
by Netter:
There is a new release candidate version of EPLite available. It has quite a few changes (safety and feature wise) that should be interesting for EPLite users. It will now reveal the entire game, instead of just a single act - a feature that no maphack has ever implemented. It will now also truely freeze Diablo II, before loading itself and executing.

...more info and download here

Please vote for us at topsite below:
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Do it once a day to keep the Rank #1 standing
Posted by: d2event Date: 22.02.2006, 06:49

Farcast Public Release
Obliviate Farcast v1 allows you to attack with charged strike OR lightning strike from a range. Also included is Left Click mod, and Anti Cloak of Shadows.

Download here

Please vote for us at topsites below:
Vote #1
Vote #2
Do it once a day to keep the Rank #1 standing... Thx
Posted by: d2event Date: 21.02.2006, 07:48

ViewD2Keys.NET by R1CH
Simple GUI CD key viewer for any MPQ file...
Posted by: d2event Date: 21.02.2006, 05:11

Andrewp30's spambot v3.0
Andrew30P Spambot v3.0:
-removed loader. this was a hastle to program and didn't work on some peoples computers.
-removed login to avoid a few problems that occurred and allow more privacy for the user.
-added random times to avoid bans
Posted by: d2event Date: 21.02.2006, 03:53

AutoIt Bots
New AutoIt Bots:
PowerUp v1.52
Clonehunter v3.07
RenewChar v5.40
Posted by: d2event Date: 17.02.2006, 05:50

EasyPlay Lite for Diablo II 1.11b
by Netter:
EPLite is EasyPlay Lite - a very simple, safe and free maphack for Diablo II v1.11b. EPLite reveals the current act of your player only. EPLite will load itself into Diablo II, quickly reveal the map, and then unload itself again leaving no traces (besides the revealed map, of course).

Attention: Make sure you fully understood and agreed to read LICENSE.txt before using EPLite!

EasyPlay Lite v1.0 (Release Candidate 1)
Posted by: d2event Date: 16.02.2006, 03:59

New Diablo 2 Event Topsites
Join today to our new Diablo 2 toplist:

All d2 sites are welcome.... :)

Posted by: d2event Date: 15.02.2006, 16:21

Online Calculators
We have a new section "Online Calculators".
I added there 24 calculators, soon I will add more...

Online Calculators:

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Vote #2
Vote #3
Vote #4
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Posted by: d2event Date: 14.02.2006, 07:17

We have 3 new articles:
Affix Calc
Sockets list
Area Levels

Soon download update....
Posted by: d2event Date: 13.02.2006, 07:28

Testing TradeHack4 (TH4)
by Ultimate Empire (02-02-2006):
I will resume testing of my th4.dll module for 1.11 soon. I never released its code, however I did release the method back in 1.09. Hopefully it still works.
If it does work, it will remain 'very' private for a while.
If it doesn't work, initially I will try some modifications. And if after a while it doesn't work, I will release the code for it.
I'm sure you can find the 'th4' method in some BF archive somewhere...


by Ultimate Empire (01-05-2004):
Method Written Back in the days of lore(1.09d lol): should still work as none of the symantecs have been patched.
TradeHack 4 - Nearly Perfect
This method/module works for 1.09D of Diablo II. It may still work in 1.10 if a D2Loader is ever made.
Below in order is the mentality behind the method, theprocedure, the weakness, and how it works.

TH4 is a pretty simple design. Its alot like TH3, but the victim thinks you really have the item since you can move it.
What happens, is you enter trade, move the item around, and set the trade hack. At this point YOU exit the trade, but the victim DOES NOT. The server thinks that there is no trade occuring during a short period of time. The module then request trade again and asks your victim a question. Your victim will hit ENTER to respond, and what happens is they ACCEPT the second trade by hitting the enter key. You open your trade window, with your item still in your inventory. The victim never knows the trade has closed and still sees the image of his item. Ask the victim to pickup and move his item around, it should then appear in the trade. Then you just watch as you trade your NOTHING for his SOMETHING. lol


1. Type: .load th4
2. Open a trade with someone.
3. Put the item you want to spoof on the trade window. Move it around like hell
4. When the other person is satisified that its real and they want to do the trade, type: .th4 set
5. The trade window will appear to close.
6. Your character will appear to say: "Is your bnet name %%VICTIMS-ACCT-NAME%% ? I just wanna know just in case." or a random phrase generated.
7. You will appear to request a new trade with the person. JUST WAIT for him to ACCEPT(he'll hit enter and accept automatically)
8. Ask him to move the item around. He'll still see your item and click accept when you see a suitable . You will now have both items.

-WEAKNESS (The only one in my opinion)

The weakness i have found is that when they hit ENTER to respond (IF THEY RESPOND), and they actually accept a new trade, a chat window does not come up and they may hear the sound of accepting a trade.

-How it works

For you programmers out there that want to make your own modified version of this, the basic principle is this:

-Using a combination of quick weapon swap packets lags everyone around you for a little bit.
-Sending "TRADE-more-gold-than-you-have" packets; dropping you from the trade.
-Repeated requests of accept trade packets also adds to the lag.
-One cancel trade packet so victim doesnt accept.

Inter-twining these packets at short but random intervals, and in different orders stops them from patching this. What this does is drops you from the trade but your victim stays in their trade window, thinking you are still there.
Posted by: d2event Date: 10.02.2006, 13:20

single player
I updated single player section... Soon I will add more bots, hacks, utilities and old dupe methods (open source d2hackit modules)

Please vote for us at topsites below:
Vote #1
Vote #2
Vote #3
Vote #4
Do it once a day to keep the Rank #1 standing
Posted by: d2event Date: 09.02.2006, 14:39

Blizzard strikes back
by Netter:
It seems that Blizzard has been waiting for the upcoming EasyPlay 2.7 release to push the "ban button" of the previously detected accounts. All CD-Keys (and all associated accounts, that were created/accessed by these CD-Keys) that got detected with EasyPlay 2.6 are now being banned. EasyPlay 2.7 is not detectable, but the download has been taken down, until the confusion is resolved. If you are getting banned now, it's because you got detected by EasyPlay 2.6 that was detectable for ~12 hours a few days ago. Good job Blizzard, you played your cards well!
Posted by: d2event Date: 09.02.2006, 09:48

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