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Concentration Barb Guide

While this build uses some equipment with lower requirements it will not be functional until level 70 for all its equipment except for the Stormshield, which you have to be level 73 for. This means you will not have any equipment except for your rings and amulet until level 70. You must be level 78 in order to max all your skills except for Iron Skin, which you can put points in as you level past 78. This build is also assuming that you do all of the skill/stat/resists quests in all 3 difficulties, and these quests are:
Act 1 -The Den of Evil (1 Attribute point per difficulty)
Act 2 -Radament (1 Attribute point per difficulty)
Act 3 -The Jade Statuette (20 life per difficulty)
Act 3 -The Tome of Lem Isen (5 Stat points per difficulty)
Act 4 -Izual (2 Attribute points per difficulty)
Act 5 -Save Anya (10 Resist points per difficulty)

Stat Placement
Strength: 75 (more depending on the stats of your Annihilus charm)
Dexterity: 100
Vitality: Rest
Energy: Base

Skill Placement
20 Concentrate
20 Battle Orders (synergy to Concentrate, adds +10% damage per level)
20 Bash (synergy to Concentrate, adds +5% damage per level)
20 Axe Mastery
1 in Increased Speed
1 in Battle Command
1 in Natural Resists
Rest in Iron Skin

Weapon 1: Breath of the Dying (BOTD) Ethereal War Spike (on this you should value the Enhanced Damage mod over Life Leech, because in duels life leech has become almost obsolete.)
On switch: 2 +3 to War Cries weapons (you may think that 2 +6 to Battle Orders Call to Arms weapons would be better, but the cap is +3 on Barbarians)
Shield 1: 40/15 IAS Stormshield (perfect if possible, 148 base defense is perfect on a Monarch shield)
Armor: Enigma (the type of armor you use is not incredibly important, but using this build you should keep the strength requirement below 196, so a Hellforge Plate should be your limit. If you choose to use lighter armors their defense can�t go quite as high, but your run/walk speed will increase slightly.)
Helm: 40/15 IAS Arreat�s Face (perfect if possible, 200% Enhanced Defense and 6% Life Leech)
Belt: Verdungo�s Hearty Cord (perfect if possible, +40 to Vitality, +15% Damage Reduction)
Amulet: Angelic (for the Attack Rating bonus)
Ring 1: Angelic (for the Attack Rating bonus)
Ring 2: Ravenfrost (perfect if possible, +250 to Attack Rating, +20 to Dexterity, the less Dexterity you have on this ring the more you should put in your Dexterity stat. +20 Dexterity Ravenfrosts aren�t hard to find and aren�t very expensive, so this shouldn�t be a problem)
Gloves: Immortal King Gauntlets
Boots: War Travelers (the magic find does not matter, in fact the lower the percent the cheaper it is)

39 3/20/20s
1 Annihilus Charm (mine has +20 attributes, the less you have the more you should put in strength [for example, if it has +15 attributes, you should have 80 strength as opposed to 75])

With this equipment you will have +5 to all skills (+7 with Gale Shell, see below), and +2 to combat skills.

You must equip your items in this order:
War Travelers
Immortal King Gauntlets
Arreat�s Face

With this set up you reach the final breakpoint for IAS on a War Spike with a Barbarian (weapon speed of -10 needs 90% IAS to reach 9 frame attack speed, 60% from BOTD, combined 30% from the 40/15�s). At level 85 you will have around 6,000 life with Battle Orders, 21,000 attack rating, and 24,000 defense with concentrate and shout. You also obtain max block (75%) on a Barbarian with a Stormshield at level 99, with 220 Dexterity after you put on your equipment and Annihilus. Before dueling you should cast, in this order (and using switch War Cry weapons):
Battle Command
Battle Orders
When dueling Paladins using Vengeance or any other character with a lot of elemental damage you can switch to Gale Shell for your amulet (a widely duped crafted amulet with +2 to all Barbarian Skills, 7% Life Leech, 7% Mana Leech, +20 to Vitality, +20 to all resists except for cold, which it adds 35 to) and a Viper Whorl for your ring (another widely duped rare ring, with 6% Life leech, 5% Mana Leech, +39 to life, +37 to Mana, +58 to Attack Rating, +15 to all resists) instead of your Angelic combination. This will drop your Attack Rating by about 6000 but will make your resists 66 Fire/75 Cold/75 Lightning/66 Poison.

Another equipment alternative would be to switch out your Verdungo�s Hearty Cord and Immortal King Gauntlets for the Death set gloves and belt. Together these will give you the Cannot Be Frozen Mod, +15 to all resists, +30% IAS, and +8% Life Leech. If you do this you should use the original equipment first and then switch them out for these, because of your low strength. If you die with this equipment on you will also have problems picking up your body, you will most likely have to go back to your stash and put back on the Immortal King Gauntlets, with 4 free spaces in your inventory and then re-equip. You can then switch out your Ravenfrost for another Angelic ring, increasing your Attack rating by about 6,000. You can also free up the sockets in both your Arreat�s Face and Stormshield, allowing you to replace them with whatever you want (I suggest using 40/15 Max Jewels, but it�s really up to you). You sacrifice max block at level 99, but since most people do not reach 99 in 1.10 this should not be too much of a problem. Your defense also suffers by about 2000.

This build is what most people call �Strength Glitched�, meaning your character looks naked to everyone but you, but they still have all of their equipment. When you attack it just looks like you are hitting the other person with your fist, but doing a great deal of damage. This is because your base strength is not high enough to put on your equipment, and you have to rely on the Annihilus charm and the strength bonus from your other equipment in order to put the rest of your equipment on. Many people, at least those who aren�t very knowledgeable about the game, will call you a hacker or noob. It�s happened to me on many occasions, and it�s up to you if you want to put up with this (trust me, it can get very annoying).

This barbarian will do well against Bow and Charged Strike Amazons as well, and can take on most Trap Assassins. Fireball sorceresses and skilled Blizzard Sorceresses will own this build, however, so you should avoid them. It will also be easily killed by Elemental Druids with good equipment, and Smiters (Smiters will dominate any melee character, so this is unavoidable if you�re aiming for melee). Whirlwind Assassins are easily killed, as are most Whirlwind Barbarians. The trick to defeating characters using Whirlwind is to switch from run to walk, because while you run your defense lowers (by about 50%, it isn�t shown on your character screen though).

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24 Dec 2009, 17:10
dude i need something about like for lvl 80str stuff.
21 Oct 2009, 02:27
your f**kin joking right? i'd f**kin rape that ladder or nl with either of my barbs..pathetic.
09 Jun 2008, 09:57
the point to speed is for those pesky bowzons (but they should hav increased speed too :S)
12 Mar 2008, 17:48
one blood
13 Nov 2007, 16:21
cause we can afford all that j2ther
18 Sep 2007, 04:25
Lol kinda had some questionable points but other than that nice build
18 Sep 2007, 04:23
Kinda has its messed up points like the point into increased speed.....that only works for w/r speed lol

05 Sep 2006, 17:39
I'd like to do the honors of revising the item list: Eth botd Zerk, Fort (1300+Def),Eth Zod'd Arreats, Phoenix Monarch, Gores, Dracs, Raven, Angelic, Dungo, Ring+Amulet, [2x cta / 2x bo weps].....Hellfire, Anni, 5x GC with ar+max, 2xfhr sc, 8x 20 life sc, 6x 100 spdc, and the remaining 6 slots with either: [more max/ar gcs or all res charms]
04 Jul 2006, 23:03
thx for the guides
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