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Bone Necro Guide, One of A Kind


This build requires Level 88 to Complete.
This build is meant for dueling other Casters and WW Barbs.
This build is designed for the end of Ladder, Season 2.
This build is for BM'in.


Summon Skills

Raise Skeleton - 1
Raise Skeletal Mage - 1
Revive - 1
Skeleton Mastery* - 1
Clay Golem - 1
Golem Mastery - 1
Summon Resists - 1
Blood Golem* - 1
Iron Golem* - 1
Fire Golem* - 1

PnB Skills

Teeth - 20
Bone Spear - 20
Bone Spirit - 20
Bone Wall - 20
Corpse Explosion - 1
Bone Prison** - 0
Bone Armor - Rest

Curse Skills

Amplify Damage - 1
Weaken - 1
Terror - 1
Decrepify - 1
Iron Maiden - 1
Life Tap* - 1
Lower Resist* - 1

* - Optional Skills. The Less Of These You Put, The More You Get Into Bone Armor. However, Some of these Skills are Very Useful In Team Dueling.
** - Dont Put Any Into Bone Prison, For Use Of The Marrowalk Glitch.
Note - If You Plan To Be GM For Tourney's, This Build Is Still Just As Good, Only Don't Put ANY Points On The Yellow Skills, Put It All Into Bone Armor Until It Is Max'd. Correct My If I'm Wrong, But Clay Golem is Allowed Right?


Strength - Base
Dex - Base
Vitality - All
Energy - Base


Helm - 'Um' Shako
Armor - Mage Plate Enigma [Preferably 1000+ Def]
Weapon - Hoto [40% Needed for Perf Res]
Shield - 'Spirit' Monarch [Perferably 35%]
Switch - CTA / 'Spirit Monarch' [Preferably 5+ Bo / Any Spirit]
Gloves - Trangs [Set Gloves]
Boots - Marrowalks [Preferably 200/20/17]
Belt - Arachs [Preferably 120%]
Ring1 - Soj [Perferably Perm/Legit]
Ring2 - Viper Whorl [Duped Ring -- ~30 Life / ~30 Mana / 15 All Res]
Amulet - Storm Circlet [Preferably Perm'd]
Charms - 10x PnB GCs [Preferably 1x FHR / 9x Lifers] // 20/X/X Anni [Preferably 11+ For Perf Res] // The Following Life/Res + FHR/Res SCs [Specific]:

5 Fhr / 11 Fire Res
5 Fhr / 11 Fire Res
5 Fhr / 11 Fire Res
5 Fhr / 9+ Psn Res
20 Life / 9+ Lite Res
20 Life / 11 Psn Res
20 Life / 10+ Psn Res
20 Life / 10+ Fire Res
20 Life / Mana SC


20 Life / 5 Res SCs [Until Perf Res]
70 Mana / 15 Lifers [For Dupe Lovers]

Note - All That Will Give You Perf Res In Hell. If The Dueling Is In Nm, The Keep A Spare 'Jah' Shako in Inventory And Possibly An Soj [For Mana, Instead Of ViperWhorl]

Dueling Strategy

Before The Duel

Cast Battle Command Twice.
Summon Clay Golem [Or Golem Of Choice].
Cast Battle Orders Twice.
Get Revives [If Wanted].
Once You Have All Revives, Cast Battle Orders 2 More Times.
Go Out And Duel.

During The Duel

Teleport Around The Target
Cast Decrepify / Iron Maiden [If Barb]
Cast Bone Spears At Them.
If They Have Summons, Try to Namelock Them.
If They Run, Use Teeth.

After The Duel

Go To Town And Heal.
Get Ready To Own Some More Pubs.


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Someone with a question
11 Nov 2008, 16:35
why not atleast 1 on bone prison? what is so important about NOT putting a skill on bone prison?
07 Aug 2008, 23:31
List man not a bad build at all but gear man ok first u caint have base str and ware mp nigma u need 103 str for that shit if any thing put bp nigma on i have that typr of necro and its base str with bp nigma.....

11 Dec 2007, 15:27
please pot me level 30 necromancer saved game
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