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MF Cold / Fire Sorc for The Pit / Mausoleum / Ancient Tunnels


Helm : Harlequin Crest [PTopaz]
Armor : Tal Rasha's Guardianship [PTopaz]
Belt : Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth
Weapon : Oculus [15 Resist All / 5/-5 Cold Die Facet / 5/-5 Fire Cold Facet] / Gull [Ist]
Shield : Lidless Wall [Um / PDiamond] / Rhyme
Gloves : Chance Guards
Boots : War Traveler
Ring 1 : Nagelring
Ring 2 : Nagelring
Amulet : Adjudication


Frozen Orb : 20
Ice Bolt : 20
Cold Mastery : 1
Fireball : 20
Meteor : 20
Fire Mastery : 1
Teleport : 1
Warmth : 1
Frozen Armor : 1
Pre Reqs : 1
Total : 94
Avilable on lvl : 83


Strenght : 95 with gear
Explaination : 95 Str is needed for War Traveler. Put enough points in Str to have 95 with gear.
Dexterity : None
Explaination : No blocking is needed for this build.
Vitality : Rest
Explaination : More life is always better.
Energy : 50-100
Explaination : Main thing is you don't run out of mana often.


+1 to Cold Skills / 12% FHR GC : x3
+1 to Fire Skills / 12% FHR GC : x4
Gheed's Fortune : x1
20 Life / * SC : x9
Annihilus : x1
Free spaces for items : 2x4

* -> 17 Mana or 5 Resist all
Guide by Bones.

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16 Feb 2010, 10:32
Uh ok here u guys go nubs..

Skills: 5 iceblast
20 cold mast
20 orb
20 light mast
20 ts
20 nova
iceshield 1
telek 1
ES 1

6xist crystal sword
4xist monarch
tal armor/belt/ammy
chance guards 40%
war travs 50%
2x 30% nagel
shako ist
+2 sorc 40% ammy
40% gheeds
20/20 torch and anni

Put 20 points str
20 points dex
309 vit
177 energy
03 Sep 2008, 11:25
Hrmm, WTF!? i have a FO/IB sorc and im successfull in almost 80% of all my runs in andy hell (no mh), i wear the following:

HEAD: NW (ColdFacet)
BODY: ViperSkin (i want tal arm)
BELT: Goldwrap (mf ftw)
SHIELD: Spirit (bout 29% fcr)
WEP: Occu (f***ing teletrigger :P)
GLOVES: Frostburns (got chance but i manage better with there)
BOOTS: Natalyas Soul (res+40frw)
RING1: Carrion Wine (FTW)
RING2: Nagelring (22 mf)
AMU: Tal Amu (once again FTW)

My skills are:

20 Icebolt
20 Ice blast
20 Frozen Orb
20 Cold Mastery
putting points into blizz atm
1 Tele
1 Frozen Armr
1 Warmth
Rest in pre-reqs

I manage good, when i see a unique cold immune i melee it (yes melee) and do about 200 dmg + my torch flames which deals massive dmg. Im looking for a new char as i wanna do bugged andy runs cuz the best drop ive gotten so far (mfing for a couple of weeks) are GobToe, i use no skillers as im poor and i manage good.
12 Jun 2008, 17:35
hey my sorc is an orber only, she has ice bolt, orb, frozen armor, ice mastery of course, teleport, and static field, she wears full tals, spirit mon, 2 sojs, magefist, Pwar travs, 5 cold gcs, Panni, Pstorch, gheeds, and 7 of 7mf sc's and i get great drops on hell andy and meph, who needs another skill type?
05 May 2008, 08:12
your guide f**king sucks ass f**king dumb noob
12 Apr 2008, 02:03
This guide blows! Damaage is terrible and res. suck
10 Mar 2008, 20:39
what do u think, got-rice123?? u get more mf from tal belt if u r using tal amu+armor. think about the bonuses!! oO
02 Feb 2008, 12:53
Why not goldwrap instead of tal belt? goldwrap has more mf...
17 Jun 2007, 21:56
No 7mf small charms!?

29 Mar 2007, 04:22
Ok this build is good and all if your a new commer but i have a better idea, insted of maxing out the synegeries first max out the masteries insted. You get a ways better % bonus to damage. Then you what ever skill points you have left over you put into syngeries.
27 Nov 2006, 00:09
Yea.... u can have other gear thats better and will kill faster and some of this gear wont get u very far thru hell meph.... trust me i tried
24 Jul 2006, 02:39
one more suggestion 2x isted ali baba's
13 Jul 2006, 14:19
The problem with your gear is that you have low resists
18 Jun 2006, 18:10
for gear might i suggest using this?
Ist/Ptopaz Shako,
Eth Ptopaz/Ist'd Skullder,
2x 30% nagel,
Perf chancies,
Perf travs gold wrap,
4 ist'd monarch,
some crafted/rare sorc skill mf ammy.

Stash: Gheeds& 30+7%mf scs.

If you can afford all this it is ideal. I've found over 10 sojs with this gear. over 100 hrs worth of gear.
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