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Support Enchantress Guide


Support Enchantress Guide


I. Introduction / Disadvantages
II. Gear
III. Weapon Switch
IV. Skill Points
V. Attributes / Resistances
VI. What I Would Do Differently
VII. Mercenary Gear
VIII. In Closing
VIX. Enchant Leveling Tips
X. Screenshots
XI. Credits


I. Introduction / Disadvantages:
This is my second attempt at creating a worthwhile guide that is easy to understand and follow. If you duplicate this build exactly, you will have a support enchantress that is awesome for low level character leveling, team pk games if you are partied with melee character or bowazons, and hell baal runs for your melee party members. With this build, enchant damage added reaches over 5,000 fire damage, and lasts for approximately 21 minutes and 20 seconds. (1,272 seconds) Enchant will be at level 48. All points, both skill and attributes, are based on a level 86 character.

Because the gear and skill points used are ideal only for a pure enchantress, resistances must be sacrificed. Therefore, this is not a character that you will want to take into pk games to solo pk unless you are very good with handling your characters. It is possible to kill almost anyone, as long as they are not absorbing; however, you have to be able to keep them away from you, or stay far enough away so they can not attack, especially sorceresses. This character also does not do well in hell difficulty alone because of how many monsters that are immune to fire.


II. Gear:
Helm: You will want to use a helm with +3 to fire skills, for obvious reasons. It will up your enchant level, and damage. You could also use a shako, but it will cripple damage. Socket your helm and put 5/-x fire facets in the socket(s). If you want to be more able in all difficulties, use only 5/-5 fire facets.

Amulet: Like the helm, +3 to fire skill amulet is the best choice. You could use mara's for the resistances, but it will lower your level and damage.

Weapon: Here, the best choice is Eschuta's. The plus to skills, along with the % fire skill damage added is unbeatable. Again, socket it and put a 5/-x fire facet in the socket. Some people prefer having a +6 to enchant staff, (+3 enchant staff with "leaf" runeword) but without the fire skill damage added by the eschuta's, your level will go up while your damage goes down.

Armor: +3 to enchant Ormus' Robes with 15% fire skill damage is really the only choice here. Socket with a 5/-x fire facet. You could use alternatives, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Shield: There are two choices that I would consider here. You could use a Lidless for the +1 to skills and a 5/-x fire facet in socket, or you could use a 4 socket shield with four 5/-x fire facets in it. I haven't tried the socketed shield yet, but plan to as soon as I get one more facet. Theoretically, the enchant level will go down, but the enchant damage should go up. I will have to test this theory.

Gloves: Magefists should be the only gloves you consider, as they add +1 to fire skills.

Ring One: The rings for this build are really something that can't be skimped on. You need to use either Stone of Jordans or Bul Kathos' Wedding Bands. They both add +1 to skills, but I like Stone of Jordans for the mana added.

Belt: Again, you will want to get the +1 to skills bonus here. Use Arachnid's Mesh.

Ring Two: See Ring One above.

Boots: Waterwalks are the boots that I use for my enchantress. I like the +life, and the faster run/walk.

Charms: Ideal setup would be ten fire grand charms with +30 or more to life, however, this option is too expensive for most so plain fire grand charms will more than suffice. You will also want to have an annihilus and nine +20 to life small charms.

Concern: What about scrolls of town portal? As you can see this build leaves not even one space in your inventory for a tome of town portal or scrolls of town portal. This problem is easily fixed. Decide how many you want at one time, and put each in a slot in your belt. Seeing as how this is a support character, healing and mana pots are not needed, but if you need to use them for any reason, only fill one column in your belt with scrolls of town portal.


III. Weapon Switch:
Weapon: On your weapon switch you will want to use a Call to Arms. (Amn + Ral + Mal + Ist + Ohm) This runeword requires a five socketed weapon. Most people choose to use crystal swords because of strength requirement reasons. This will add + to skills and also will add to your life when Battle Command and Battle Orders are cast.

Shield: Lidless should be the shield used for the +1 to skill. It ups the level of both your battle command and your battle orders.


IV. Skill Points:
Enchant: 20 points. You will want this maxed (obviously) because it is your main skill, however, you can not add into it immediately, so until you can, put all your points into:
Warmth: 20 points. Add all points here until you are high enough level to put points into enchant. Warmth is the synergy to enchant. Once enchant is maxed, come back to warmth and max it next.
Fire Mastery: 20 points. Fire mastery adds fire damage to all fire skills including enchant. You will want this maxed as well.
Fireball: 20 points. Concerned you won't be able to kill anything? No worries, that's what this skill is for. Fireball will be your main attack skill.
Meteor: 11 points. Fireball and Meteor add to each other. Secondary attack skill. Stationary skill, but very strong.
Telekinesis: 1 point. Pre-requisite to teleport. Also useful for grabbing gold and potions in baal runs without running the risk of dying.
Teleport: 1 point. With warmth maxed, you don't need any more points in this skill than that.
Static Field: 1 point. You will need this when going up against monsters with a lot of hit points. It will bring down their life quickly to at least half.


V. Attributes / Resistances:
Base strength: 100
Base dexterity: 25
Base vitality: 252
Base energy:143

Strength with gear: 113
Dexterity with gear: 53
Vitality with gear: 265
Energy with gear: 193

Total Life: 866
Total Mana: 584

Fire Resistance: -55
Cold Resistance: -55
Lightning Resistance: -55
Poison Resistance: -37


VI. What I Would Do Differently:
Here's a little help so that you can learn from my mistakes.

When I made this character, I had little to no gear for her. I put 100 points into strength because I was unsure of the strength requirements on the gear I would end up with. This was a big mistake on my part. The highest strength requirement on the gear that she is using is low to mid 70's. Those additional points could have been put into vitality, which brings me to my second mistake. This sorc has far too little life. Even with a mediocre Call to Arms, she barely tops 1,300 life. If I rebuilt her, she would get much less into strength, and more into vitality. Other than that, she is pretty well off.


VII. Mercenary Gear:
Many people differ here. Some prefer act 2 mercenaries, while I always go with Act 5 for sorceresses. Act 5 mercenaries are good distractions that can hold up well against monsters that deal a lot of damage. There are two ways you could build up your mercenary.

Helm: Arreat's Face is always a good choice for act 5 mercenaries.

Weapon: Here, you could do one of two things. Ideally, he would be using a Breath of the Dying (Vex + Hel + El + Eld + Zod + Eth) Colossus Blade. However, this runeword is very expensive and not many, myself included, can afford to make or buy it. If that is the case, put a Grandfather on him. It deals quite a bit of damage, and works very well.

Armor: With his armor, you also have a more expensive choice offset by cheaper builds. It's best to use an Enigma (Jah + Ith + Ber) in an armor of your choice. Except, most people will put such an expensive runeword on a character of theirs before they would use it for a mercenary, so it's also feesible to use either Arkaine's Valor or Leviathon.


VIII. In Closing:
In closing, this build will ultimately aid both you, and any friends that can talk you into helping them. Once you have your support enchantress built, you will love her as much, or more, than any character you currently have. If you have Onlyer's, you will never find it easier to level your character the burdensome levels of 1-20. Also, if you have a strong barbarian, it's fun to take them both into the same dueling game, enchant your barb, and watch everyone else wonder how you kill them so quickly. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM me with them.


VIX. Enchant Leveling Tips:
A little something extra.

If you do decide to create an enchantress of your own, and are leveling one of your own character, or helping someone else level one of theirs, here are some tips to make it easiest for you.

a ) Always purchase a short bow from charsi. Any character can use this item without using any stat points. Ranged leveling makes it much easier to keep your distance from monsters. Enchant only adds damage and attack rating, not life, so you still have to be careful.
b ) Have your high level enchantress purchase a full belt of greater healing potions in act 5 before the leveling begins. This will save the little character any time it gets into a sticky situation.
c ) Always rush the little character before you begin the enchanted leveling. It makes things easier if you don't have to worry about questing.
d ) Take the extra time to do the mercenary quest in act 1 before you begin. (Blood Raven) There is much less chance of dying if you have two people with enchanted bows, then just one.
e ) Places to level and what level you should be:
Level 1-8: Black Marsh
Level 8-14: Sewers level 1-3
Level 14-16: The six fake tombs of Tal Rasha

Additional tip: When you are doing fake tomb runs, kill the monsters from the entrance of the tomb to the magical chest that is in each fake tomb. Kill the unique monsters by the chest, then go to the next tomb. You will level the quickest, and receive the most experience this way. Also, beware of unravellers. Their magical damage can kill any character in 3-4 hits. Lead the skeletons as far away as you can before you kill them so the unravellers can not revive them.

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02 Feb 2008, 12:24
i am hoping to have fun
11 Jan 2008, 01:16
ok guide but y fire ball u can kill a bunch with just enchant.
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