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Diablo 2 v1.07 patch
Download |  v1.12a |  v1.11b |  v1.11 |  v1.10 |  v1.09D PC |  v1.09D Macintosh |
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 | v1.06 |  v1.05B |  v1.05 |  v1.04C |  v1.04B |  v1.04 |
v1.03C Macintosh |  v1.03B Macintosh |  v1.03 |  v1.02 |  v1.01 |

Diablo II v1.07 patch
Changes in version 1.07

Skill Balance Changes:

-In non-expansion games, the Blessed Hammer/Concentration combination remains the same.
-Zeal is now limited to 5 swings and gives an increased percentage to Attack Rating.
-Fixed display for Vengeance's damage to reflect its actual damage.
-Increased damage for Fist of the Heavens.
-Decreased the length of time that Converted monsters fight for you.
-Increased the Smite damage for Holy Shield.
-Increased resistance bonus for Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Resist Lightning, and Salvation.
-Increased the Mana regeneration rate for Meditation.
-Added melee lightning damage to Holy Shock.
-Added melee damage to undead to Sanctuary.
-Allowed Conviction to reduce an enemy's resistance to a negative value.
-Increased the player's resistance penalty for Conviction.
-Added a damage bonus to Fanaticism.

-In expansion games, Whirlwind is now properly modified by weapon speed.
-In non-expansion games, Whirlwind remains the same.
-Frenzy, Double-Swing, and Double-Throw are now properly modified by weapon speed.
-Added damage bonuses to Concentrate and Frenzy.
-Frenzy now increases in attack speed as more monsters are hit.
-Increased the damage bonus on Berserk.
-Changed Battle Orders bonus to increase by 3% per level at all levels.
-Increased the damage of War Cry.

-Strafe has a greater range.
-Impale and Jab are now properly modified by weapon speed.
-Impale increases damage with level and decreases the chance to lose durability.
-Fend is now uninterruptible and does more damage

-Increased the damage of Hydra.
-Lightning Mastery now affects electrical damage rather than decreasing the Mana cost of those skills.
-Added a casting delay to Fire Wall, Meteor, Blizzard, Frozen Orb, and Hydra and commensurately increased their damage to prevent a drop in framerate, while maintaining the same overall balance.
-Decreased the Mana cost for Enchant and increased its bonus to fire damage.
-Most skills received a damage increase when the skill level is above 8.

-Enhanced the damage and decreased duration for Poison Dagger, Poison Explosion and Poison Nova.
-Increased duration and adjusted radius for Decrepify.
-Fixed Iron Maiden+Blood Golem bug and increased the Blood Golem's Life stealing.

Major Bugs:
* Fixed a bug with Paladin skills and party/hostility on the borders of town.
* Fixed a bug that allowed a Necromancer to summon more than one Golem at a time.
* Player can no longer steal Life/Mana from inanimate objects.
* Fire Mastery now correctly increases damage to the Hydra skill.
* Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented Hirelings from dying along with the player.
* Fixed the double-draw bug in some skill effects, including Blizzard, to improve framerate.
* Fixed the updating of the summonables' health bar on their icons.
* Fixed a bug with left-hand swinging on the right-hand spell selection side.
* Fixed the pop-up description for Fist of the Heavens.
* Fixed the overlapping of the character name and level name in the party screen.
* Fixed bug with Barbarian Masteries.

* Some Set Items now use unique palette shifted Art.
* Global Run/Walk Speed was lowered and +speed items now work on a diminishing returns basis.
* Gambling prices are now based on the character level.
* Sets and Uniques can no longer be gambled for.
* Boss monsters now do 30% less damage to Hirelings and minions than before.
* Monsters now display if they are Undead or Demon, when highlighted. If nothing is listed, they are an "Animal" type.
* General levels for monsters in Nightmare and Hell difficulty have been adjusted.
* Maximum monster level is now level 70 in Nightmare and level 90 in Hell.
* Monsters in Nightmare/Hell difficulty, have higher Resistances, Hit Points, and lower attack ratings than before.
* Poison Damage attacks from Monsters, do more damage than before.
* Mana and Life stealing effects are reduced by half in Nightmare and Hell.
* Retrieving your corpse where it died in Nightmare and Hell restores 50% of any experience lost at death.
* Adjusted the stocking of vendor inventories based on difficulty level. Adjusted how Hirelings react to missiles.
* Adjusted Hireling resistances.
* Increased the amount of Gold a character can hold in the Stash.
* Increased the power of all Gems/Skulls and added level requirements.
* Increased the power of all throwing potions and added level requirements.
* Sounds for Gems in inventory have changed. Looting corpses is available only in Hardcore games.
* In multi-player, you may only go hostile once per minute with each other player in your game.
* New Party Experience Bonus to players in a Party in multiplayer.
* Crystal Swords have an increased durability.
* Scepter class items have increased damage.

* Holding down SHIFT and RIGHT-Clicking, when buying health potions, auto-fills any empty slots in the belt. This applies to buying scrolls of Town Portal and Identify scrolls too.
* Holding down SHIFT and LEFT-Clicking on health potions in inventory, will auto-move them to the appropriate column in your belt.
* Improved the displays for character status screens.

-Total blocking % is now shown and is a related to a player's level and dexterity.
-Chance to Hit and Defense against last monster fought is now shown.
-Maximum Resistances are now shown in Gold color.
-Elemental damage only items, display colors for elemental type damage.

* Wells now heal hirelings.
* Removed collisions for players with pets.
* Pets health will scale up accordingly in Nightmare and Hell difficulty.

* Players can no longer steal Life/Mana from certain monster types.
* Names of pre-existing Rare Items have changed. However, the item properties have not.
* The maximum damage of Enhanced Damage items may change 1-3 points.
* The damage of many items has been increased.
* Items with one or two sockets may gain an additional socket.
* After patching, newly-discovered Set and Unique items will have additional level requirements.
* Level requirements have not changed for Classic Set items (those discovered in the original Diablo II).

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