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Doughboy�s Pvm Plague & Fury Javazon Guide V1.10


�Poison is for noobs!� That�s the comment I read most when I play in public games. When I tell them I do 100K damage, they say �it�s over, like, 20 minutes noob!� So, I stop throwing Plague Javelins (PJ) and party members start dying. Who�s the noob now?! Also, the party can then clearly see that it takes longer to kill monsters without the aid of my Plague Javelins.

I created this guide to educate and enlighten players who want a successful 1.10 Amazon that can also solo and do well in 8 player games. If you�re a seasoned Diablo II freak (like I am), you already know that Lightning Fury (LF) is a tremendous monster killer. If it weren�t for those pesky Lightning Immunes (LI), LF would be all you ever needed. I have read other Amazon guides that combine bow skills with LF, that use Valkyries to kill LIs, and even other LF/PJ guides. I was never happy with the outcome of hybrids, Valks take way too long to kill, and the current guides for LF/PJ Amazons aren�t able to legitimately kill with poison. I decided to take a fresh approach:

Make a Poison Javazon with Lightning as a secondary skill.

Plague Javelins can do enormous damage, but is heavily reliant on +skills items and poison skill (pskill) enhancing items (Trang Oul's Heavy Bracer's is your new best friend). Also, poison damage takes time to kill. A Poison Javazon will have to find a way to survive until the poison kills the monsters.

With these two challenges to overcome you must ask, why put LF second to PJ? Simple, LF is a good killer without synergies and is not as item dependent. Really, this is all you need to understand when making a good PJ/LF Amazon.


-Each hard point placed in Poison Javelin (PoJ) enhances the damage of Plague Javelin
-Each point placed in Plague Javelin will enhance the damage of Plague Javelin but also increases the time that the poison lasts. It�s best to compare poison damage per second when choosing between your +skills gear and your pskill gear (see tables below).
-Poison DOES NOT stack.
-Plague Javelin has a 4 second casting delay (you cannot cast Plague Javelin, Valkyrie or Poison Javelin for 4 seconds) after throwing a Plague Javelin.
-Poison Javelin has a 0.5 seconds casting delay (you cannot cast Plague Javelin, Valkyrie or Poison Javelin for 0.5 seconds) after throwing a Poison Javelin.


IAS will only enhance your LF and Jab attacks. Some suggest that IAS is not necessary since LF has the ability to kill large packs with one attack. I find that this is the exception rather than the rule. Not all monsters will be in tight packs and you will definitely need more than one LF attack to kill them. It's quite easy to reach the 11 frame break point so I recommend that as a goal. Do you need IAS? It's entirely up to you. It definitely does not help your poison attacks and wearing IAS gear takes away from poison skill enhancing gear. However, you'll find that you'll be using LF just as often as PJ and IAS will make the monster-slaying go smoother.


The dilema: You must wear a lot of +skills items to increase your Plague Javelin damage, but Trang's gloves and Bramble armor replace items that can give +skills. Remember, don't be fooled by the total damage listed in Character window. Each additional skill point to Plague Javelin raises the total damage, but also adds time to the attack. The best way to compare the damage is to convert it into damage per second (see table below for samples).

There is a breakpoint where pskill items produce higher damage than +skill items. A classic example is the decision between +3 Javelin skill gloves and Trang's gloves. If you are not wearing any pskill items, you will produce more damage with +3 Javelin skill gloves for Plague Javelin up to level 34. If you acheive Plague Javelin level 35 with +3 Javelin skill gloves, you should switch over to Trang's gloves. You would produce more damage with Trang's gloves at level 32 Plague Javelin rather than +3 Javelin Gloves at level 35 Plague Javelin.


The Amazon�s PoJ and PJ damage can get up over 100k. Sounds like a great player killer build doesn�t it? Not really. The problem is delivering the poison. The following factors cripple a PvP Plague & Fury Javazon:
- Casting delay of 4 seconds for Plague Javelin
- Plague Javelin only travels a limited distance before exploding
- Poison Javelin has low damage per second
- Does not always hit. Sometimes, monsters or hostiled players can walk through the poison cloud and not be affected

When your PoJs and PJs do land, there are still more challenges to overcome:
- Paladins and Assasins have skills that reduce the length of poison
- Poison takes time to kill
- Poison won't actually kill your opponent, you'll need an additional hit to win the match
- Some opponents will run into town after getting hit

I must say, even though I die a lot, my Plague & Fury Amazon is very fun to duel with. I change my strategy depending on the opponent. If they can teleport, I spam PoJ, if it lands I�ll finish them off with LF. If they can�t teleport, I�ll take my chances with PJ (and the crippling 4 second cast delay). I have, on occasion, killed godly Barbs and Paladins with a regimen of PJs and LFs. Of course, some big-time luck with evade and blocking helps. However, most enemies are able to avoid my attack, and when they don�t, they can still kill me before the poison takes its course.


Javelin & Spear Skills
1 Jab (a one point wonder)
20 Poison Javelin
1 Lightning Bolt
20 Plague Javelin
20 Lightning Fury

Magic & Passive Skills
1 in all passive skills (your gear will take you up to the appropriate levels)
20 Valkyrie

Recommendation for Rest of Points (in no particular order)
Decoy � gives Valk extra life and adds an extra tank
Pierce � this helps LF a lot (try not to go over level 16 including items due to diminishing returns)
Charged Strike � good against groups and has good synergy with LF
Power Strike � higher damage than Charged Strike and has good synergy with LF
Lightning Strike � lower damage than Charged Strike but Chain Lightning can kill faster
Lightning Bolt � not highly recommended since it has lower synergy with LF


You want a tank! Only an Act 2 or Act 5 mercenary need apply. Your Mercenary along with your Valkyrie will attract most monsters away from you and will also crowd them into big packs. Throw a couple LFs or PJs and they�re toast! I recommend Defiance and Holy Freeze Act 2 Mercs. Act 5 Mercs are a good choice if you don�t want to go through the hassle of leveling your Merc.


Strength � enough to hold your gear
Dexterity � I recommend enough dex points for max blocking (see table below)
Vitality � everything you can spare
Energy � base (Meh, you can buy mana pots from NPCs in 1.10)


Listed below is my recommended gear. You want to get the highest +skill possible while balancing Enhanced Poison Skill Damage, Increased attack speed (IAS), Resistances, and Mana/Life refill techniques (leech and per kill). Feel free to try your own combinations.

Crown of Ages � +1 skill, damage reduction, resists. I recommend two IAS jewels or poison facets.
Mavina�s Diadem � you get enough IAS to reach a decent breakpoint and also get +1 skill if you use the belt.
Harelquin Crest (Shako) � +2 skills, damage reduction, magic find, it�s good for any character.

Bramble � really expensive, but can give your PJ a mega-boost in damage. Not to mention resists, 13 life per kill, and 50% faster hit recovery! (I recommend an Archon plate. Zons just look badass in them!)
Chains of Honor � +2 skills, 65 resists, damage reduction.
Skin of Vipermagi - +1 skill and up to 50 resist (with Um Rune).
Arcane�s Valor � +1 or +2 skills, faster hit recovery, and vitality.

Mavina�s � only to be used with diadem. Mana leech, 20 strength (2 item bonus).
Thundergod�s Vigor � the natural choice. +3 LF, +3 Power Strike, 20 Strength, 20 Vitality, Lightning absorb.
Arachnid Mesh � +1 skill
Razor Tail � Piercing Attack (33) and 15 Dexterity

Trang Oul�s Heavy Bracers � your best friend.
Rare/Magic Javelin Skill gloves � any +skills to javelin are nice. Try to find some with IAS as well.

Silkweave � I like these for the +mana per kill (and you can kill a lot with LF/PJ)
Sandstorm Trek � fast hit recovery, strength, vitality, poison resist.
Marrowwalk � strength, dexterity, and bone prison charges!
Waterwalk � dexterity, life, defense vs. missile.
War Traveler � magic find, strength, vitality.

Stone of Jordon x2 � I tried Bul-Kathos� Wedding Band but ran into mana problems.

Mara�s Kaleidescope � +2 skills, +5 attributes, resists!
Rare Ammulet � look for +2 skills, resists, and mana leech
Eye of Etlich � +1 skill, life leech
Highlord�s Wrath � +1 skill, IAS

Titan�s revenge � +skills, life leech, replenishing. Your only choice.
Call to Arms � on weapon switch for Battle Orders

Sigon�s Tower � What!? Yep, read it again. +1 skill, high chance to block.
Stormshield � damage reduction, resists.
Monarch with 4 Sockets � you can achieve -20 resistance/20 enhanced poison or lightning damage!
Headhunter�s Glory � resists and maximum of 3 sockets.
Lidless wall � for use with CTA on weapon switch. Otherwise, only use this if you are not going to block.


Annihilus � duh.
Javelin skill charms � as many as you want to carry. Each additional +skill gives increasingly higher poison damage (see table below). This is due to the multiplier from poison skill enhancing items (Trang�s gloves, Bramble, and Poison Facets). These items multiply the poison damage after +skills items, so more +skills items means more damage!
Resist charms � focus on lightning and fire resist.
Faster hit recovery � see table below for break points.
Life charms � life is always good.


Helm � Mavina�s Diadem /w Poison Facet
Armor � 45 pskill Bramble Archon
Belt � Mavina�s
Gloves � Trang�s
Boots � Silkweave
Rings � SoJ x2
Amulet � Mara�s
Weapon � Ethereal Titan�s
Weapon Switch - CTA & Lidless
Shield � Sigon�s with Perfect Diamond
Inventory � Annihilus, 6 Java charms, cube, and 2 tomes

Plague Javelin damage with my setup - 81330 Max Total Damage (4569/sec)


Helm � Shako /w Poison Facet
Armor � 50 pskill Bramble Archon
Belt � Arachnid's Mesh
Gloves � Trang�s
Boots � Silkweave
Rings � SoJ x2
Amulet � Mara�s
Weapon � Ethereal Titan�s
Weapon Switch - CTA & Lidless
Shield � 4 Facet Monarch
Inventory � Annihilus, 10 Java charms

Plague Javelin damage with this setup - 131236 Max Total Damage (6628/sec)


My Zon was around level 50, I was leveling in Nightmare doing Baal runs in an 8 player game. This guy with a Barb says �poison is for noobs, go home noob!� So I tell him that I do 70k poison damage and he says �over like, 20 minutes noob!� I say �whatever�� and I stop throwing my Plague Javelins. True story: he and 3 other players died! At this point, we were doing Lister�s crew and the whole party was getting knocked around and stunned. Once they died, I started throwing Plague Javelins again and Lister�s crew dropped dead in about 10 seconds. I felt bad for the other players who died, but I needed to make my point. Poison can kill!


I have dueled experienced duelers and newbies. Against the newbies, I win about 75% of the time. I usually throw one Plague Javelin, if it lands, they�re dead. Against the seasoned duelers, I die about 80% of the time. The odd time that I win, it�s because I stay alive long enough for the poison to drain my opponent down to 1 life. I have to first get lucky enough to either hit them with a javelin or make them run through my poison cloud. It can take anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds for their life to drain. If I�m against a melee char, I�ll try to tank and finish them off with Jab or LF. If I�m against a caster, I�ll run around avoiding their attacks and throw LFs. I find I have the most success vs. Barbarians and Paladins (except Smiters). Any well-built dueler will own you.


My Plague & Fury Javazon is by far my funnest PvM character to play. Sure, poison takes a more time to kill; sure, the cast delay is hella-annoying; and sure, LF is a mana-whore, but I just love the ability to kill big packs of monsters with one click of the mouse! I also love watching the monsters� life semi-slowly drain away (it�s not that slow if you follow my guide!).


Faster Hit Recovery Table

FHR ----- Frames
0% -------- 11
6% -------- 10
13% ------- 9
20% ------- 8
32% ------- 7
52% ------- 6
86% ------- 5
174% ----- 4
600% ----- 3

Increased Attack Speed Table

IAS - Frames per attack - Attacks per Second
0% ----------- 14 -------------------- 1.7
6% ----------- 13 -------------------- 1.9
16% --------- 12 -------------------- 2
30% --------- 11 -------------------- 2.2
52% --------- 10 -------------------- 2.5
89% ---------- 9 --------------------- 2.7

Dexterity required to reach max block of 75%

Char Level - Sigon's - Stormshield - Headhunter's
70 ------------- 167 --------- 161 ------------ 248
75 ------------- 178 --------- 171 ------------ 265
80 ------------- 189 --------- 182 ------------ 282
85 ------------- 200 --------- 192 ------------ 298
90 ------------- 211 --------- 203 ------------ 315
95 ------------- 222 --------- 213 ------------ 332

Poison Damage Table I (Max total damage)

I have wrote the maximum total poison damage and maximum poison damage per second for Plague Javelin skill levels 30 to 40 while wearing poison skill enhancing gear. The two scenarios that I have included are (1) Trangs glove, which is 25% enhanced poison damage and (2) Trangs glove plus 45% enhance poison damage, which can be achieved by wearing a 40% bramble plus a poison facet. These figures illustrate the relationship between +skill items and poison skill enhancing items. These tables assume 20 skill points in both Poison Javelin and Plague Javelin (synergies maxed).

Skill ------ Plague Javelin Total Damage-------
Level ------- 0%ED ----- 25%ED ---- 70%ED
30 ----------- 21694 ----- 27118 ----- 36880
31 ----------- 24398 ----- 30498 ----- 41477
32 ----------- 27214 ----- 34018 ----- 46264
33 ----------- 30143 ----- 37679 ----- 51243
34 ----------- 33184 ----- 41480 ----- 56413
35 ----------- 36338 ----- 45423 ----- 61775
36 ----------- 39604 ----- 49505 ----- 67327
37 ----------- 42983 ----- 53729 ----- 73071
38 ----------- 46474 ----- 58093 ----- 79006
39 ----------- 50078 ----- 62598 ----- 85133
40 ----------- 53794 ----- 67243 ----- 91450

Poison Damage Table II (Max poison damage per second)

Skill -- Plague Javelin Damage per second --
Level ------- 0%ED ----- 25%ED ---- 70%ED
30 ----------- 1486 ------- 1857 ------- 2526
31 ----------- 1627 ------- 2033 ------- 2765
32 ----------- 1767 ------- 2209 ------- 3004
33 ----------- 1908 ------- 2385 ------- 3243
34 ----------- 2048 ------- 2560 ------- 3482
35 ----------- 2189 ------- 2736 ------- 3721
36 ----------- 2330 ------- 2912 ------- 3960
37 ----------- 2470 ------- 3088 ------- 4199
38 ----------- 2611 ------- 3264 ------- 4439
39 ----------- 2752 ------- 3439 ------- 4678
40 ----------- 2892 ------- 3615 ------- 4917

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27 May 2007, 13:56
Re Zerdonal. It's great to see a guide like this as I've only met insults like above, when people are talking about psn ama (or nerco o.O).

I'd like to know what kind of gear could be the best for HC-player, because I started to create one of my own and it's both - first of my HC-chars' and Javazons'.

As it's clear, I would like to get info from stats, what to do with psn immunes etc, but hey, thanks anyway examining this great art of poison ama!
miss bliss
03 Dec 2006, 01:33
how hard is it to kill poison immunes with this skill compilation?

12 Sep 2006, 21:48
can plague javelin explode on contact creating a poison cloud that covers the entire screen?

can plague javelin pierce enemies and create two "poison clouds"?

great guide; finally someone apprecites the power of poison :)
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