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Gold Find Barbarin

Question:What skills did you max?
Answer: Find Item, Battle Orders, Shout, and Natural Resistance. (I put the rest into Battle Cry to weaken enimes, you can put the rest into whatever you feel is best.

Question: How much gold do you get and where do you get it?
Answer: I do Travincal runs and I get estimated 500,000 gold per run. Thats half a million.

Question: Why would you want alot of gold for?
Answer:Gambling. Go for the rare items, circlets, rings, ammys, gloves, boots, belts. The weapons and armor are usualy a waist of time, and they cost way too much to be waisting your gold on. Good rare items can be traded for currany (Currently Sojs, 3/20/20's, and high runes) to make you rich and buy other items that you trade for.

Question: How do you kill?
Answer: My Act 2 Hell Deffencsive Merc kills the council members. You can use whatever merc you think can kill the best and tank.

Question: What items do you wear?
Helm: Ik Helm with 2x Lem runes
Armor: Dusk Enigma
Weapons: 2x Duel Lem Ali Babas
Ammy: 70-80% gold find ammy (mine is 73% with +1 barb skills)
Rings: 2x Dwarf Star
Belt: 70-80% gold find Goldwrap
Boots: 70-80% gold find boots
Gloves:Chance Guards
Charms: High% gold find Gheeds Fortune GC and small 10% gold find small charms

Question: What level should I be and what difficulty should I do the runs?
Answer: The higher level you are the more gold you can hold in your stash and inventory. I usually do runs in hell till I am filled up with gold then I go gamble. You get more gold in hell that nightmare or normal. But the lower difficultys go much faster.

Question: Why do you use Engima and not Wealt?
Answer: Enigma has teleport. Teleport is not for transportaion in this case but for the same tatic that the Assassin skill Dragon Flight. You teleport on top of the enemy you want your merc to kill and get out of the way so you dont get hit. Teleport is a must in my opinion, it makes the runs alot easyer.

Question: What do you do with the Find Item skill?
Answer: After all the Council Members are dead. You use Find Item on all their bodys to find even more gold.

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29 Oct 2008, 14:58
This ain't guide, it's just some text about goldfinder.

Goldfinder is actually bestest and cheapest mf char making you rich way faster than hdin or mf sorc.

His job is to gamble money he find for rings, amulets, circlets etc. He earn money by clearing travincal of council members which have enormously high gold drops with high extragold from monsters and after that use find item so the gold may drop again.

One way to build him is to make him kill councils and use find item what will sacrifice a lot extragold.
The second way, more practic is to make barb with equip giving as much extragold as possible and the kill of council members will get merc. I don't really know how to make goldfinder the first way, but the second is easier and cheaper.

Skills should be - 1 howl, 1 taunt, 1 war cry, 20 shout 20 battle orders, 1 find potion, 20 find item, 1 battle command, 10+ leap 10+ battle cry.

Equip- 6xlem weapons or 2Lem alibabas ; crown of thieves lemmed with high extra gold ; wealth dusk ; chance guards ; goldwrap high extragold ; dwarf star X2 ; rare 70+ extragold boots 40 frw resi or infernostride high extragold ; rare 70+ extragold amu with + barb skills ; 3 warcry knives on switch (I recommend knives due to that they are small) ; Gheeds 15 reduce price and high extragold ; torch;anni XY stats, not nessesary high at all ; inventory filled with 30+ extragold grand charms with adds (most ideal are warcry sks with 30+ extragold) and 9/10 extragold scs, with adds best ; Edge bow runeword in stash when full of gold and goin to gamble (15% reduce vendor prices).

Mercenary should be act 2 one with might aura.
Equip of mercenary may change the way skills points are spared.
Most ideal equip for rich would be
ethereal andy's socked with 15 ias 20+ fire res jewel or 30+ ed 20+ fire res ; forti ethereal 3000+ def ;
ethereal botd warpike.
If mercenary use ethereal reaper's toll instead of botd, he doesn't need any skill points in battle cry and also if Ismail Vilehand is immune to physical, he will get killable, what is impossible with botd. Should be socked with amn for lifeleech per hit. Most not-recommended weapon for merc would be doom or pride due to shattering council's bodies so find item is unusable.

guide is noob
25 Jun 2008, 17:57
goldfinding with a barb might be the fastest way to get rich and better than mfing imo. but this guide is sooooo nooooooob... ali baba... enigma... please leave d2 forever
24 May 2008, 19:54
Eth reapers toll amned is wonderful for this, maybe even better than many expensive runewords cause its cheaper and does the job maybe slower but decrepify amplyfies monsters so dam is 2 X higher. Little prob is cold damage that can shatter councils. Also you should have something making your merc immune to frozen. Dunno if it will be worth cham andy or use kira...
30 Apr 2008, 19:55
2 X dual 6lem weapons are about 1xx goldfind more than 2lem alibabas. Also if you are good at leaping, you dont need botd for merc, simple eth bonehew does the job pretty good too.
good idea
12 Apr 2008, 21:25
when you gamble, put edge bow into hands and gheed with max reduce of vendor prizes, this will lower prize by 30%.
15 Mar 2008, 20:36
sounded like a good guide at first but after what mattbie said, im getting a few doubts

04 Feb 2008, 13:23
ok theres a few problems with this. first of all u MUST HAVE LEAP!!! this is much better then the enigma for three reasons, one u dont need mana, two u can use better armour like weath (+300 gf), and three u can leap about the place and never get hit. also leap makes natural resis usless cause ur never hit therefor u can put those skill points into shout to make ur merc stronger. MAX SHOUT AND BO!!! it is the only way ur merc will survive. my merc from act 2 uses andys, fort, and doom (though i sugest botd, because doom freezes ur opponents shattering their bodies making the item find skill pointless.). also whoever said "this build sucks" should go die, wtf do u think godly circs come from??? u dont get em by walking around and picking em up, u gamble them. thats the only way to get the item ur looking for (i.e. circs). the last thing i wanted to point out is that the first guy said to put skills onto abilities that help u kill things. this build is called a GOLDFIND BARB for a reason, he doesnt kill anything. ur ability to find gold will be greatly decreased if u try to hit stuff so dont bother, spend the points on the following: 20 BO, 20 Shout, 20 item find, 10-20 on leap (15 i think works the best cause u can spend alot of time in the air and go from on side of the screen to the other) the rest of ur points dont rly matter, because u have the basics down i put them into faster run/walk for speed, resis all (even though i said it was usless above its still good to have some resis because ur equip will offer u none), iron skin for def, and wutever else looks good (except for howl, because they wont be effected by it) the great thing about this char is its easy to build, flexable and dosent rly require alot of thinking: run just out side the main complex of the travincal drag a few of them outside where ur merc can kill em a few at a time, run back and grab some more. repeat as nessessary. also i find that standing near a tp or well helps because if ur merc does get low on life, its a click away from salvation.

btw mattbie, 1. ur merc dies cause u probably charge into the center of them all, 2. u shouldnt be in reach of the council at any time if u do it right with leap.

also the stat guide:

str - only as much as u need to get all ur equip on.

dex - same as str

vit - almost all of ur points go here because u'll have little def and almost no resis.

energy - only enough for ur leaping
ability, which really isent that much i would say no more then 40-50 but i forgot mine exactly.

like i said above though, this char is extremly flexible because u do shit all and the mercs stats are preset, so dont kill urself if u put a few more points then u need into str, dex, or energy.

also i forgot to mention this earlier but wtf is up with the ik helm??? dont be lazy, use ur socket quest to socket a theives crown and add a lem to that, more gf that way, unless u also use the barb for gambling in which case us the ik helm for mf (but i pass gold to my sorc for that, she has a much higher mf then my barb could ever have)

happ hunting :)
31 Dec 2007, 07:30
Ok People there is better ways of making this barb
first engima isnt required
u can use runewords like Treachery that gives 50%goldfind and fade/Vemon thats completely better
also useage of skills like taunt will come in handy if u wanna do 1v1 them and cant take all of them all at once
also carry thawing pots since u dont got cannot be frozen
up ur weapons for more dmg
Rest into natural resist / battle cry? what a waste u max mastery and what ever skill ur going to use (Frinzy or Ww)
nm mode isnt too bad to do also
much faster
average 200k per run and completely faster if u cant do hell as fast
hope i helped
Hmm newschool noobs
24 Aug 2007, 16:04
By folliwing this guide, you will get enought money to gamble. But still is not the best gf build. If you guys cant do hell travincal leave the game.

- By existing you agreed to be a huge noob -
02 Aug 2007, 22:20
I made 1 a few days ago and of course a waist of time, I learned that the merc even a lvl 82 dies extremely fast even with armour with 800 defense and a cruel gthrasher and his resist were 75 each in hell.

i tried using the war cries bo and shout it helped but u have nothing to defend urself wit the merc will die in a sec and u have nothing (ww berserk, and frenzy) no combat skills and no masteries.

U have enigma u say to go a safe distance well either way ur merc will die and the high council with move with there fast speed and kill u with no problem.

Whoever is thinking about making this guide DON'T
10 Jul 2007, 01:02
Tsk tsk tsk,some people just post lame comments.As I H8 LAME BABA''S said LAME BABA LOL keep caps off please and the correct term is barb,not BABA.Mick,now at least you type in proper english but he was showing how he likes to play i like to be a necromancer but im a better barb,its not your choice to say if people should do this or not.Everone else(Not pointing any fingers!)i dont have time for more lectures but hear this,dont be a jack***,nuff said.
19 Jun 2007, 14:19
Gold barb can make you rich to gamble circlet. Good circlet worth much more than sojs.. noob :D

Learn the game buddies.
08 Jun 2007, 02:53
Please o not follow this guide. It is a waiste of items , you will not get rich , you will get poor. Consider that waybe the autor was under alcool or drugs influence or maybe he is really a big big big big big noob , thank you..

P.S:I hope he was under of ifluence of something or he is really a noob lol!
you forgot
01 Jun 2007, 18:58
Where's the stat guide????? WTF STATS DO YOU ADD?
01 Jun 2007, 18:53
"My Act 2 Hell Deffencsive Merc": HAHAHAHAHAHA... DEFENCSIVE... Is this some new breed of mercs...
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