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Pvp Summonnova-manser

Bone vs. Poison:
Why poison and not bone? Well the answer is simple really. Its just choice of opinions. Trying something different and more fun

Ok lets begin
The 1st thing u must understand is that you WILL have to give up some poison damage in order to make this build successful. In other words, you will not have as much poison damage as other nova necromancers do. The reason for this is that u must max out skel mastery and skel warriors.

If you�ve ever made a summoner, you know that your skels will not be any good without their skeleton mastery. So you must max skeleton mastery as well as skeleton warriors.

Skeleton Warriors vs. Revives or Skel Mages:
Well the reason to use warriors instead of mages or revives is simple. Revives are stupid. They often wander off if your enemy is not in close range and they die fast because of their timed existence period.
As for mages, ya they will never go up and risk their lives to save yours LOL. The skeletal mages will just stand behind you or somewhere else and shoot their missiles. It is possible to use them as tanks, but it is too much work. Just go with the warriors trust me. One points into mages and one point into revives is enough let your + skills do the rest of the work. You will have extra points when you are almost done with this necromancer. Its suggested that you put extra points into mages at this time.

Stats Allocation:
Strength - Simple just use as much as u need to equip your items
Dexterity - Well none-enough for max block. It�s your choice if you want to have max block. Its not really necessary if u have teleport. (If you choose to have max block ill provide a formula below)
Life - As much as possible
Energy - None-(10-30) If you have CTA you wont need any points in mana. If you don�t have CTA it could be helpful. But then again there are always manapots if you don�t want to waste points. Keep it at base until high levels. If you feel you need more mana than put a few points in it.

(2*clvl*75/Shield Block)+15

Skill Allocation:
Poison and Bone Tree
Poison Nova 20 skill pts
Skeleton Warriors 20 skill pts
Skeleton Mastery 20 skill pts
Poison Dagger 1-20 skill pts
Poison Explosion 1-20 skill pts

If you plan to be pvp versus all then:
Bone Armor 1(helps with melee fights)
Bone Wall 1(synergy to armor)
NO POINTS INTO BONE PRISON or else you wont be able to take advantage of marrow walk bug

Summon Tree
Clay Golem 0-1
Iron Golem 0-1
Fire Golem 0-1
Golem mastery 0-1
Summon Resist 1(1 pt in this no more than that your +skills will do the job)
Revive 1(I explained why only 1 pt should go here)

Well for your golems, if you choose to use one, you have to pick one of the three types.
If you go with Clay -
You have 2 extra skill pts to use in another skill
Clay can slow down melee attackers
Clay has respectably more life than other golems
The slow ability may be considered unfair in some duels

If you go with Iron - (my suggestion- don�t use it)
You have 1 extra skill pts to use in another skill
Thorns aura
It is a serious pain always remaking it after it dies
Thrones aura only works with him your other summons wont have it (test)

If you go with Fire -
This golem will save your life/ and or cause ties in duels
(The holy fire damage + your godly poison bringing your oponent's down to 1
life which equal his/her death)
Decent amount of Life
Nifty Fire resistance for dueling against fire based characters
This golem cant slow opponent but it makes up for that ^^
Also it costs 100 mana to summon him, but you will have enough mana
So, no really bad disadvantages for this golem
Personally I would choose this one, but its your choice to make

Curse Tree
Amplify damage 0-1(pre/PvM to help summons)
Iron Maiden 0-1(pre/use against melee)
Life Tap 0-1(pre/PvM help summons)
Weaken 0-1(pre)
Lower Resist 0-1(dueling/PvM)
Decrep 0-1(dueling)

Total Skills Points that should be used:
Well you use:
Extra 6 if you use your curses
Extra 3 if you use golems
Extra 2 if you use Bone Armor and Bone Wall
So you only need to use 81 skill points if you don�t use any of the extra skills
And if you plan to use all the extra skills - you will need 92 skills. (getting 92 skills is no prob)
Level 82 = 81 Skill points without using any of the skill bonuses from the skill quests
If you complete all of the skill quests you will have enough points to use all your planned skills
Most people only level up to 85 so, you will have 4 skill points to place in wherever you want here)
I suggest you use these points into your skeletal mages/your revives/ or your golems.
This wraps up all your skills



Shako (+2skills/life/mana. What�s not to love?)(Perfect Poison Facet)
Crown of Ages (2 os/ 1 to all skills/ resists. Another great helm.)(2x Perfect Poison Facet)(mote psn damage here but i don't suggest u use this because of the insanely high str req
Rare circlet with +skills/res/other decent mods
Peasants Crown (Nice helm for leveling up)

Enigma (help u get around, awesome mods)
+45% Faster Run/Walk
+1 To Teleport
+750-775 Defense (varies)
+ (0.75 Per Character Level) +0-74 To Strength (Based On Character Level)
Increase Maximum Life 5%
Damage Reduced By 8%
+14 Life After Each Kill
15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
+ (1 Per Character Level) +1-99% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)

Bramble (will improve your poison damage A LOT, but u lose teleport skill of enigma)
Willing to give up teleport ability? It�s your choice. I would use enigma against casters and bramble with meleers)
+50% Faster Hit Recovery
+25-50% To Poison Skill Damage (varies)
+300 Defense
Increase Maximum Mana 5%
Regenerate Mana 15%
+5% To Maximum Cold Resist
Fire Resist +30%
Poison Resist +100%
+13 Life After Each Kill
Level 13 Spirit of Barbs (33 Charges)

Both of these are equally wonderful armors
Each has a better use at a time situation depending.
Use which on you like best or both

Up�ed/ normal Viper of the Magi
(Decent body armor, decent 800+ def after it is up�ed/ good res/1 + skill/other nice mods) Use if you can�t afford anything else
This armor isn�t hard to get at all, some people give normal version of it free.
Also its only level req 29 so it�s a good leveling up item.

This is an awesome Weapon
+3 to all skills/res/fcr/incredible
You give up some + skills that are in blackbogs but u get nice res and extra needed fcr
If you can afford it, get one

Blackbogs (Perfect Poison Facet)
Your ideal weapon that gives awesome + skills to your poison skills
A must I would say
It�s cheap and u can use at a low level, plain useful

Call to Arms
Well you know,
The battle orders skills

Death�s web
Very nice wand in general
40-50% To Enemy Poison Resistance
+2 To All Skills
+1-2 To Poison And Bone Skills (Necromancer Only)

White Rune word
Some of these can be really nice

Blackhand key
Skills and some life

This can be another option as a last resort
It lacks +skills
However it has good castrate and awesome res

Nice +skills (check)

The +skill helps out you BO/shout

+Skills/good res

Storm Shield
Good +30 str/good res
faster block rate

Blade Barrier
Why? It has decent damage reduction +2 os(could insert p diamonds)
It could be helpful for hard melee fighters
Not necessary but its cheap if you can afford anything else

This is THE ideal ammy for this nec

Rare ammy
With +2skills/res

Magical Ammy
With +3 to your poison tree
For the poor man

Soj / rare ring with res and fcr
Soj / Raven (if don�t want to be frozen)/ rare ring with res and fcr
Note: Doesnt matter if u are frozen i can teleport

Arach mesh
Is the ideal belt
Great belt with a lot of useful fcr
The +skill is a nice addition

Trang belt
Life + mana
Cannot be frozen (u can keep duel soj if u use this)
Note: cannot be frozen doesn�t matter if u have enigma

Marrow walks
Well this is pretty much your only choice
The marrow walks bug helps your bone armor a lot

Water walks
Mana Regan
+% to mana
boots for the poor man

Trang gloves
THE ideal gloves
With 25% poison skill dmg
It�s godly and essential to your poison damage
Most people should be able to afford this

Mage fists
If somehow you cant afford trang gloves.
Go with these
Fcr and mana regain

About 8x PnB skiller with 30+ life or mix and match them with life and fhr ones.
Small charms- life/mana | life/fhr | res
And of course an anni

Faster Cast Rate Chart
(10-11 frames is nice here)
FCR | Frames
0| 15
9| 14
18| 13
30| 12
48| 11
75| 10
125| 9

Faster Hit Recovery Chart
(Try to reach 7 frames but don't sacrifice too much +skill and fcr gear)
FHR | Frames
0| 13
5| 12
10| 11
16| 10
26| 9
39| 8
56| 7
86| 6
152| 5
377| 4

NOTE: Armor Selection: You will most likely use Enigma for most duels and only switch to bramble with opponents that u generally don�t need to keep distance from. [IE: Zeal din]
NOTE: You have a couple of curses that can help you. Use lower resists on all casters. Switch between Lower res/Iron Maiden/Decrep for other characters.


Fury Zon - Just have an item with light absorb. (T-gods will do fine) With some absorb you will be able to survive her atks. Teleport around in circles as you cast novas. Enjoy watching your minion hoard running after her and finaly take the last blow and obliterate her.

Bowazon - This zon will try to use her guided arrows. Thankfully your minions can help you out and distract them. If she gets your name locked, you will most likely get hit, but your bone armor will help you survive. Another option the zon has is to use multishot in order to take out your summons. Too bad that by the time she takes out a couple, she�ll be dead.


Bonemancer - This necromancer will be able to take out your minions faster than some other classes with his bone spear. Only tactic to use here is to attack full on and attack as fast as possible. If you do, then your victory is assured.

Pure Novamancer - Well there are a couple things to consider. He has more damage while u have a decent hoard of summons. It all comes down to this: Can u make some assumption of where he will moveto/tele next? Who attacks first? Who has more life/resist? Who makes a mistake and teleports in a wrong place? Who has better equipment? All of these lead to the cause of your victory or death. If you are can make smart and quick moves it will be easy to win. Of course having godly equipment will help as well! You could also just stand there and spam Nova with bramble on.

Other NovaSummoners - Pretty much the same as above. Just depends on who is more experienced in duels and who has better gear and can take advantage of certain gear. For example: you could have some decent rare items/or magical that have -25% poison length could be helpful.


Traps Assassins - Not that much of a challenge. Slap on the t-gods and do your work. You might be presented with a little bit of problem if she gets to name lock you, mind blast you, then place some trap right on you. But, name locking you will be a difficult thing to do when your teleporting everywhere hehe.

Fire Trap Asssins- Same as above just aviod their traps and keep teleporting so she can mindblast you then go in for the kill.

Kicking Assassins - You won�t see many of these around yet. But, if you do it shouldn�t be hard to take one down. When she tries to come and uses dragon flight to close in on you, it is most likely she will hit your summon and not you So by the time she can even get close enough to kick you, she will be naked in town If she has enigma, then you she be more careful and try and keep your distance. Still, should be pretty easy to take her down.

WW Assassins - Sigh this can be hard or very easy. If she doesn�t have enigma then they are easily owned. If she does have enigma, be ready to think quick and teleport away to keep distance from her. If she cant hit you your ok. Be quick thou if she has enough leech she can get back a god amount of life from attaking your summons.


WW Barbarian - No enigma on the barb = barbs quick death. If he has enigma use same strategy as with assassins. May take longer to kill because of barbarians having insane life. Also be aware that a good barbarian if uses WW on you may kill you in one WW. But, you should be ok.

Concentration Barbarian - Same deal as previous two. This barb can kill you in one-two hits so be careful. You don�t necessarily have to �fear� a hit from this barb u can run away form him if u have decent run/walk. If you choose that you can run and attack you can use your bramble. You may not have to run. Seeing as bramble can up to 50% your poison damage, you may kill him before he even gets close enough to swing hehe.

War cry Barbarian - Uh well. I have a couple of thing to say here. I dueled one 3 weeks ago and 2 in the past 2 weeks. I was playing on my pure novamanser. The first one I dueled, teleported right on top of me and with some incredible castrate weakened my def with a cry then continually cast war cry. Yes the damage was low, but with my low hit recovery I was only able to cast one nova when my life was very low. I was truly in awe of this barbarian. However, my next 2 encounters with just barbarians was disappointing. I was able to take them out with no trouble at all. Maybe I died because I wasn�t prepared before? IDK because I dueled the other two barbarians with the same equipment. Anyways, this was a once ina lifetime thing. War cry barbarians plain suck unless someone puts all their souls into making one :/ so if u face one, just think quick and you will be ok J


Orb sorc - Very simple here. Just keep some distance and nova her till she�s dead. Another thing, don�t let her trick you by teleporting away form you luring you in. she will have orbs being spammed and when u chase her, you will land on her orbs. Not pretty

Fire sorc - Haha you pretty much laugh at this. Her fireball will only be able to take 1 - a couple of your tanking summons out while you cast nova and other summons move in on the kill. No problem to be had here.

Light sorc - Use T-gods here. She will most likely use chain lightning on one of your minions to try and catch you. You might get hit, u might not get hit. You should be able to survive at least 1 hit and you can take her down before she attacks again or before she even attacks the first time.

Bear Enchantress - Ahh this char can be VERY dangerous. If she gets close enough to atk your you are pretty much gone with at least 15k+ fire dmg. They do pure elemental dmg so your armor wouldn�t help much here. So if u get hit your are pretty much dead, but its possible to survive a hit. Try enigma with this and keep as much distance as possible. It�s a must that this char not hit you if you know what I mean


Zeala/Vengense/Charge/Smite dins - Just use you nova quickly. Keep some distance if they hit really hard. Keep in mind that they can leech off your summons if life tap is cast. Just keep using your nova and you are pretty much assured victory

Hammer dins - One of my favorite characters. They WILL be able to kill of your summons fast. Simple thing to do is avoid that evil hammer and spam nova.

FoH - This is very easy. If they are off screen, FoH will auto target a summon in front of you Only problem would be if you get name locked, you might die. Again sagest using T-gods. That�s all to be said here


Wind druid - You can have some trouble here if the druid uses enigma and gets close to you and spams tornado. You will need some FHR because u might get stuck in his hurricane + tornado hits. Hehe just gotta think and act quick. Nothing else to say here.

Fire claw druid - Watch out if u get hit you are most likely gone unless u are able to block that hit. They can reach 15k fireclaw damage easy. This character is just as dangerous as the fire sorceress. Keep your distanse with this one

Fire claw/Rabies druid - PROBLEM!!! Ok here may be by far the toughest character you have to duel. I seriously am against using enigma for this kind of duel. Why? Well because if he uses rabies on your summon, you will get infected. When u teleport, your summons teleport with you and rabies spread liek a disease. If you teleport you are already doomed. Use bramble and if your summons are infect try avoiding them. (NOTE: rabies is a poison that keeps atking you it kills you even after u hit one life. Also, Its very easy for them to reach 20k poison, good druids have around 30k, so beware! ) Only easy way to kill this guy is if u don�t use your summons he he.

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