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1.11B PVP/PVM Poison Necromancer by GAD

Table of Contents:
5)Break Points
7)Strategies PVM
8)Strategies PVP


I've seen enough of these guides that dont work. I quit D2 a few months ago but my poison necromancer could clear public games easy so long as it wasnt 3-4 barbs all after me. This guide will feature 4 parts for gear: Mass Damage + Fast + Godly FHR, Fast + High Life/Mana, Mass Damage and Low. Recommended Break points/Strategies will vary depending on what choice of gear you have.


FCR: Faster Cast Rate
FHR: Faster Hit Recovery
FRW: Faster Run/Walk
FBR: Faster Block Rate
TELE: Teleport
PSN: Poison
PNB: Poison and Bone
LR: Lower Resistances
BP: Break Point
ZON: Amazon
NECRO: Necromancer
SORC: Sorceress
BARB: Barbarian
ASN: Assassin
PALLY: Paladin
FOH: Fist of the Heavens
BOS: Burst of Speed
WW: Whirlwind
RES: Resistance
SC: Small Charm
SOJ: The Stone of Jordan Unique Ring
BK: Bul Kathos' Wedding Band Unique Ring
DR: Damage Reduction
08 VALK: The Valkerie Winged Helm from Diablo 2 v1.08
SHAKO: Harlequin Crest Unique Shako
CTA: Call to Arms Rune Word
GSPURS: Grim Spurs Chain Boots (Mass duped boots on US East)
WIZPIKE: Wizardspike Bone Knife
HOTO: Heart of the Oak Rune Word
TORCH: Hellfire Torch Unique Large Charm
ANNI: Annilius Unique Small Charm
PVP: Player vs Player
PVM: Player vs Monster


Strength: Just Enough to wear all of your gear. Will be 156 for both pvp builds.

Dex: Just Enough to use Wizpike if you plan on using it.

Life: Everything else minus Engergy Stats

Energy: This is important to think about. Poison Necromancer duels can sometimes get very long (obviously because they've stacked you) and it can be quite troublesome if you run out of mana and you have no pots. Test this part out in Single Player. You should be able to drop atleast 10 poison novas and still be able to tele 20-30 times.


20 Poison Dagger

20 Poison Explosion

20 Poison Nova (Your primary Attack in PVP)

1 Point on all Curse Skills except Attract, Confuse and Dim Vision (7 total)

1 Point in all Summon Skills (10 total)

1 Point into all Bone Skills except Bone Spirit (6 total)

The rest into Bone Spirit (Your secondary Attack in PVP)

5)Break Points:

For this part I'm going to display break points like so:

Frames : % Bonus to reach that level

(Frames are how many animation frames your character shows when trying to, lets just say, recover from being hit [FHR]. Obviously if you character has a lower number of frames they will recover quicker.)


13 : 0%
12 : 5%
11 : 10%
10 : 16%
9 : 26%
8 : 39%
7 : 56%
6 : 86%
5 : 152%
4 : 377%


15 : 0%
14 : 9%
13 : 18%
12 : 30%
11 : 48%
10 : 75%
9 : 125%


This part of the guide will be split into 4 different parts based on what you can afford. On US East NL, 'Mass Damage + Fast + Godly FHR', 'Mass damage' builds are more expensive. 'Fast + High Life/Mana' is what I used most of the time. 'Low' is for people who can't afford higher end gear, but want a poison necro. All 'Main Attributes' are the stats of the item not including what they may be socketed with.

Mass Damage + Fast + Godly FHR:

FCR BP for PVP: 125%
FHR BP for PVP: 152%

Weapon: 2/2/50 Death's Web /w 5/5 Death Poison Facet
Main Attributes:
+2 all Skills
+2 all PNB Skills
-50% Enemy Resistances
(Note that the poison facet must be death so that you launch one if you die)

Shield: 35% FCR Spirit Monarch
Main Attributes:
+2 all Skills
+35% FCR
+55% FHR

Helm: 08 Valk /w Shael Rune in it
Main Attributes:
+30% FCR
+30% FHR
+30% FRW

Armor: Dusk Shroud Enigma
Main Attributes:
+1 Teleport
+Mass Strength
+8% DR

Boots: G Spurs (or similar duped boots with similar Main Attributes)
Main Attributes:
+19 Strength
+20% FHR
+Mass Res

Rings: SOJs
Main Attributes:
+1 to all SKills
+25% Max Mana

Amulet: Storm Circlet Ammy (Mass duped US East Amulet)
Main Attributes:
+2 Necro Skills
+20% FCR
+18 Strength
+55 Life
+59 Mana
+23% cold/Lit/Fire res

(If you can only get an amulet with 10% FCR/+2 Necro Skills, change on of your rings to something like:

+10% FCR
+10-20 Str
+10-15 all Res
+50-100 Mana

If you can't get a decent amulet with atleast 10% FCR, change both of your rings to this and wear Mara's Kalidoscope)

Belt: Arachnid's Mesh
Main Attributes:
+1 All Skills
+20% FCR
+5% Max Mana

Gloves: Trang Oul's Set Gloves
Main Attributes:
+20% FCR
+2 all Curses
+25% Psn Damage

Charms: 20/20 Necro Torch, 20/20 Anni, 9x PNB GC /w Str or Life, 6x 5% FHR SC's, 3x 20 life SC's (all SC's should have +5 all Res)

Weapon Switch: CTA and Spirit Shield

This build is crazy expensive and can often only be afford by self proclaim 'gods'. You will meet 125% FCR Break Point, 152% FHR Break Point and still be able to use Death's Web. You will be very tought to pk.

Mass damage:

This build is going for pure damage. I don't recommend it at all for PVP, but it is an uber chaos runner.

Weapon: 2/2/50 Death's Web /w 5/5 Death Poison Facet
Main Attributes:
+2 all Skills
+2 all PNB Skills
-50% Enemy Resistances
+Mana/Life after every kill

Shield: Magic Necro head /w 2x 5/5 Psn Facet in it
Main Attributes:
+3 PNB Skills
+3 Psn Nova

Helm: 3/2/20 PNB Circlet /w 2x 5/5 Psn Facet in it
Main Attributes:
+3 PNB Skills
+20% FCR

Armor: 50/21 Bramble Armor
Main Attributes:
+50% Psn Damage
+Level 21 Thorns
+Mana after every kill
+5% Max Mana

Boots: Marrowwalk Boneweave Boots
Main Attributes:
+17 Str
+17 Dex
+2 Skele Mastery

Rings: SOJs
Main Attributes:
+1 to all SKills
+25% Max Mana

Amulet: +3 PNB Ammy
Main Attributes:
+3 PNB Skills
+Another mod if possible

Belt: Arachnid's Mesh
Main Attributes:
+1 All Skills
+20% FCR
+5% Max Mana

Gloves: Trang Oul's Set Gloves
Main Attributes:
+20% FCR
+2 all Curses
+25% Psn Damage

Charms: Necro Torch, Anni, 9x PNB GC /w Str or Life and whatever else you wish.

Weapon Switch: CTA and Lidless

A character with this gear will trot through monsters like they weren't there.

Fast + High Life/Mana:
(The most reasonable build)

FCR BP for PVP: 125%
FHR BP for PVP: 86%

Weapon: Wizardspike /w 15 all res jewel
Main Attributes:
+50% FCR
+75 All Res
+Over 150 Mana
+Regenerate Mana 15%
+15% Max Mana

Shield: 35% FCR Spirit Monarch
Main Attributes:
+2 all Skills
+35% FCR
+55% FHR

Helm: Shako /w 5/5 Psn Facet or Shael Rune
Main Attributes:
+2 All Skills
+Over 100 Life/Mana
+2 all Stats
+10% DR

Armor: Dusk Shroud Enigma
Main Attributes:
+1 Teleport
+Mass Strength
+8% DR

Boots Choice #1: G Spurs (or similar duped boots with similar Main Attributes)
Main Attributes:
+19 Strength
+20% FHR
+Mass Res

Boots Choice #2: Sandstorm Treks
Main Attributes:
+10-15 Str
+10-15 Vit
+20% FHR
+Mass psn res
+1 durability every 20 seconds
+Look cool if they're etheral

Rings: SOJs
Main Attributes:
+1 to all SKills
+25% Max Mana

Amulet: Mara's Kalidoscope Ammy
Main Attributes:
+2 all Skills
+5 all Stats
+20-30% all res

Belt: Arachnid's Mesh
Main Attributes:
+1 All Skills
+20% FCR
+5% Max Mana

Gloves: Trang Oul's Set Gloves
Main Attributes:
+20% FCR
+2 all Curses
+25% Psn Damage

Charms: Necro Torch, Anni, 9x PNB GC /w Str or Life, Enough FHR SC's to reach 86% BP and whatever else you want.

Weapon Switch: CTA and Spirit Monarch

The plus to this character is that it can tele around for a very long time without having to use any mana pots and still does a very respectable 9k Psn Nova.


This part of the build is not going to be structured like the others, but it will have recommendations on what gear you should be using. This part of the guide is for lower end players. I wouldn't recommend trying to play this character in a pvp game unless it's a level 9 duel game and you're just being a bastard.

Trang Oul's Set: It's cheap, has some nice bonus's and it makes you look pretty cool. You can probably get this whole set for an Um rune (Non-Ladder). This is a a definite must for someone who wants to do decent damage but can't afford godly gear.

Note: You should probably use full Trang Oul's if you have it. However, if you have a combo of atleast 3 items in the following list, you should forget about Trang's:

Homunculus, Peasant Crown,Vipermagi, Boneflame, Bone Rune Word.

Remember also that Trang's gloves are the best gloves for any poison necro so if you have them, use them.

Homunculus Necro Shield: +2 All Nec Skills, +40 all resists, +30% FBR, +40% Increased Chance of Blocking, +5 Mana after each kill. This is the kind of shield that noobs shit their pants over when they get it. If you get one of these and you're planning on just being PVM, unless you have the uber shield I recommended for the Mass Damage build, use this. Don't bother with Spirit.

White Rune Word: Dol + Io in a necro wand. +3 PNB Skills, +2 Bone Armor, +20% FCR. If you find a wand with +3 Psn Nova also, for pvm purposes, I would recommend that over something like Wizpike or even Hoto.

Bone Rune Word: Basicly just +2 to all necro skills armor. If you have nothing better, might as well use it.

BK Rings: A little more expensive. I just don't want anyone to count this out if you can't get a SOJ. BK rings also give +1 to all skills. Use these if you don't have SOJs.

Manald Rings: +20% Mana Regenerate, +20 Life, Replenish Life +5-8. A solid ring for lower players.

Dwarf Star Rings: +40 Life, Fire Absorb 15%, Magic Damage Reduced. Another solid ring for lower players.

Ravenfrost: One thing, CANNOT BE FROZEN. You don't want to be stuck frozen, especially if there are fst running monsters after you. You very well might need this if you don't have enigma.

Plain +3 PNB Ammy: Believe it or not, you could probably get one of these for 50k gold on Non-Ladder. They're worth nothing, but for someone with lower end gear, this provides a great bonus.

Waterwalk Boots: +50-65 Life, +30% FRW, +15 Dex. These boots are another pretty cheap item with pretty solid stats.

Magefist Gloves: Probably the most expensive caster gloves. If you do get a hold of these I recommend trading them for Trang Oul's gloves ASAP.

Frostburn Gloves: +40% Max Mana.

Ume's Lament Wand: +2 Necro Skills, +20% FCR, +2 Decrep. Again another extremely cheap item but solid bonuses.

Suicide Branch: +1 All Skills, +50% FCR, +40 Life, +10 All Res. If you want your character to cast faster and can't afford wizpike, get this.

Splendor Rune Word: +1 All Skills, 10% FCR, +20% Faster Block Rate. Only if you really can't afford shit.

The Ward: +30-50 all res, add a perfect diamond and it's 69. *Yarrrr* Now it's sexy and has good resistances.

Bloodfist: This is what all of my melee characters used. It has 30% FHR and 40 Life so I guess if you can't get a hold of Frost Burns or Mage Fists, use these.

Peasant Crown: Anything with +1 to all skills is probably better than a piece of crap rare helm right? Well this helm has that, 20 Energy, 20 Vitality, and 15% FRW. Realisticly if you don't have Trang Oul's full set or Shako, you should be using this or Rockstopper.

Rockstopper: Decent res, 30% FHR, 10% DR. This is one of the most underrated helms in the game in my opinion.

Vipermagi: This is the armor to use if you don't have Enigma or Bramble. +1 all skills, 30% FCR, 25-35 all res. Shit.

Duriel's Shell: Probably not as good as Vipermagi for you. Still, it's good to use if you don't have the full Trang Oul's..

Que-Hegan's Wisdom: A shittier version of Vipermagi. Still wearable though.

Lidless: +1 all skills, 20% FCR. I would only use this shield if nothing else is available.

Gloom's Trap: +15 Vit, Increase Maximum Mana 15%. Good for those lonely nights without mana pots.

In Your Stash:

This is gear that should be in your stash if you plan on dueling. I'm just going to list them off with a explanation on when they should be used. I'm assuming anyone who is PVP will know what absorbing, tanking and stacking mean. I'm also going to assume that you know what these items are.

Wisp Protector Rings: Lightning Absorbing

4x Saphire Shield: Tanking Blizz Sorcs

Raven Frosts: Tanking Blizz Sorcs

Snow Clash Belt: Tanking Blizz Sorcs

T-Gods: Lightning Sorb

4x Topaz Shield: Tanking FOH Pallys

Dwarf Star Rings: Fire Absorbing

Nokozan Relic: Fire Stacking

Hot Spurs: Fire Stacking

Kiras Guardian: Stacking in General

Venom Ward: vs other Psn Necros

Doom Rune Word: Cheap mother fucker? Explained in Strategy Section

Death's Web: Only if you're using the Fast + Life/Mana Build. This is for barbs who have very high res.

Treachery Rune Word: More general stack

7)Strategies PVM:

There really isn't much to the Psn necro and killing monsters.

- Make sure you have a lot of Revives (BO Them if you can)
- Use LR constantly
- Only spam novas when monsters aren't green. The poison will not stack, it will only reset the 2 seconds of poison.
- If something is immune to poison, decrepify it and spam with bone spirits.

8)Strategies PVP:

Your main attack will be Poison Nova
Your secondary attack will be Bone Spirit
Your main curse will be Lower Resistances
Your main summon will be Fire Golem

For all duels you should LR them first before trying to fight.

Fire Golem Trick: Remember that the Fire Golem is an important skill for you. If anyone (minus a wind druid with cyclone armor) has 1 life left from your novas, make sure they're LR'd and tele around them with your Fire Golem. The golem's aura will pk them. I'm not going to mention this anymore in the strategies. All I'm going to say is 'Golem Them'.

Some of these strategies will feature a bit on the end called "The Asshole Approach." This is obviously for someone who wants to hardcore BM or just can't seem to beat someone with standard gear.

Torando Druids:
Easy PK. They have to get close to you to win. Even though you have to get close to use psn nova, you don't have to be close to use bone spirit. 2 possible things will happen:

1. They come after you, if they do this they're stupid and if you're any good they'll die easy. Just hold down the right mouse button and tele/switch skill to psn nova/wait for nova to start/switch to tele/repeat. Sometimes if you're lucky you can make yourself nova and teleport at the same time. Just keep running and let them kill themselves.

2. They wait for you. This is a bit tough, make sure you have over a screen of distance away and spam bone spirits, if they run away, get within the same distance and do it again. Eventually they'll see that they have to make a move, when they do, cast psn nova and run away.

If they have a bear it's hard to poison them, especially if they just keep re-summoning. If that's their game, then once the bear dies, go after them when they're trying to re-summon and hope you don't get tornado'd. Remember that Cyclone armor can't absorb poison.

Fire Druids:
Easy PK. If they're a fissure druid, try to psn nova them and tele away. Fissure rarely hits if you aren't walking around so just keep teleporting fast. If they're any other kind of fire druid, just go up, spam nova, tele away. After that, golem them.

(The asshole approach: Put on Dwarf Stars and Hot Spurs, use Treachery)

Melee Druids:
Easy PK. They're slow and must be close to you to pk you. Psn nova until they're in the screen then tele away. Repeat.

(The asshole approach: Bone prison/Decrepify them)

(The major asshole approach: Bone prison/Decrepify/Clay Golem/Doom Zerker them)

Trap Assassin:
Medium PK. This almost totally depends on whether or not the assassin has fast Mind Blast Skills. If they do, you're pretty much screwed, unless you have the 152% FHR BP . Your main strategy for this character is to 'over teleport' them. This mains that you want to tele past them and then spam nova. This will probably give you just enough time to lay 1 and leave. If you can't ever seem to get in close, try to shoot them will bone spirits and as they're running away, chase them and nova. However, if they have Fade on instead of BOS, it will be tough to put much damage on them with nova.

(The asshole approach: 2x Wisp Rings + Tgods. Also go to the Far Oasis and revive some scarabs)

Whirlwind Asn:
Hard PK. Very tough, especially if they have fade. Since they have to be close to pk you, you're going to want to do almost the same thing as with the melee druid. Tele away and nova when they get close. While they're still Whirling, you can also throw in a few spirits.

All Sorceresses:
Easy PK (so long as you don't get high more than once). All sorcs are easy to kill because it's very hard for them to sorb (because of lack of life) and even if they do, 1 nova will get them to 1 life. After that just golem them. For fire sorcs, you can use your fire golem as somewhat of a shield. When you get close to the sorc, just stop teleporting a let the golem make a B-line for the sorc. Since she's trying to shoot you and the golem's in the way, they golem will just absorb them.

(The asshole approach: Throw on the appropriate stackings/absorbs, use Treachery. Find some immunes to revive)

Bone Necros:
Meidum PK. Basicly all you have to do is tele in a circle until there are no spirits/spears coming at you. Once you get a chance to get close, you will want to spam novas and run (sometimes if the necro has low damage, it's ok to stand and tank). Most necro's can just be golem'd after 1 nova.

Poison Necros:
Hard-to-say PK. If someone else uses this guide and you do. I have no clue who is going to win. Unless you're the only one hitting up the asshole approach .

(The asshole approach: Venomward. Massive psn reduction time and psn res. Then again, if someone decides to use venom ward on you, boneprison them. Just run around casting spirit at them after that.)

Summoner Necros:
Easy PK. 1 psn nova will kill almost their whole skeleton posse. The summoner has to get right up in your grill to kill you so just do the standard cast/tele strategy.

Smiter Pallys:
Hard PK. Why is it hard? Because they have pretty high life and can kill you in 1 charge most of the time. If you want to duel them legit, tele like crazy then cast 1 psn nova and keep running. Hope that they don't hit you. If they do, tele away as fast as you can.

(The asshole approach: Bone prison/Decrepify them or find a nice area with a lot of pools to teleport around)

(The major asshole approach: Bone prison/Decrepify/Clay Golem/Doom Zerker them)

Zeal Pallys:
Easy PK. Generally the same strategy as a smiter. Zealers are meant for melee only games though. That means no resistances. 1 nova gives them 1 life, then golem them. Any character who tries to make an all-round zealer is usually a noob who uses vamp gaze anyway. LOLOLOL!

(The asshole approach: Bone prison/Decrepify them or find a nice area with a lot of pools to teleport around)

(The major asshole approach: Bone prison/Decrepify/Clay Golem/Doom Zerker them)

FOH Pally:
Medium PK. As long as you have a golem with you, it will be semi-hard to them to lock you. Since there is a little cool down time for FOH, if they do hit you or your golem (and you don't die) make sure you get a nova or 2 on them. After that you can run away and hope they have 1 life when you try to golem them. If they have a weak FOH (perhaps they're V/T?) then you can constantly come back and nova them until they have 1 life.

(The asshole approach: 2x Wisps, T-Gods, 4x Topaz Shield, use Treachery, get a lot of revives. The foh will pretty much do 50 damage)

Hammer Pallys:
Medium/Hard PK. Hammer pallys will obviously try to get in close to kill you. You have do the same thing that was suggested for tornado druids. I would also suggest using death's web instead of wizpike if you're using wizpike. The only difference is that a smart player will use cleansing against you. This means that not only will they be healing themselves, but the poison nova you try to cast on them does really shitty damage. It's extremely hard to beat a pally if they use cleansing to beat you. Your only option then is to hope that a ton of bone spirits will be enough to beat him.

Aura Pallys:
Medium PK. You need high resistance. Fighting one of these is like fighting a smiter, but you can't prison them (their aura will just knock it down). Use the same strategy as you would vs the smiter.

(The asshole approach: Stack absorbs for Fire and Lightning [depending on what they are], use Treachery)

'Melee' Barbs:
Medium PK. These are the melee barbs that don't do whirlwind. A similar strategy to that of the Melee Druid/Zeaker has to be used. Most barbs that are melee like this, are pure melee. They don't put up resistances. Generally you only see barbs like this 100% melee games.

(The asshole approach: Bone prison/Decrepify them or find a nice area with a lot of pools to teleport around)

(The major asshole approach: Bone prison/Decrepify/Clay Golem/Doom Zerker them)

Whirlwind Barbs:
Hard PK. If they're good, you almost can't win. Most good barbs will use Treachery on you in combination with their already high resists. You can choose to do 1 of 2 things:

1) Put on D-Web if you don't already have it on.

2) Just focus on Bone Spirits for the next 20 minutes >,<

Either way, the strategy is the same as the WW Asn. Attack quick when they get close then run for the hills. Usually if you get hit by a WW Barb, your life is either at 0 or close to that.

(The asshole approach: Get a ton of summons and iron maiden him. Hope he dies)

War Cry Barbs:
Hard PK. They're hard because they have very high life, very high resistances, they're fast. Once they lock you with their 'Song' it's hard to get away. Don't let them lock you, make sure you are at 125% FCR, and just use the tele/nova strategy.

Charged Strike Zons:
Easy PK. Another character that has to be all up in your grill to kill you. All zons will hit 1 life with 1 nova. The piss off is their dodging skills. So just be patient and keep tele/nova them. Once you do finally hit them, just teleport around them until the get golem'd.

(The asshole approach: 2x Wisp, T-Gods is usually enough to spoil their fun)

(The major asshole approach: This is really only needed for other 'assholes' that FarCast you. 2x Wisp, T-gods, 4x Topaz Shield, Wizpike, and BLACKHORNS with a Lo in it if you have it . Their damage from that point on is shit))

Bow Zons:
Medium PK. Really Depends on how many arrows they fire at you before you get up to them. If you're quick enough you can almost get them into a lock where they're dodging nova too much to attack. I recommend just getting up really close and spamming novas until they die. It's weird because if you do it right, them dying is based purely on whether or not they dodge enough. This is really up in the air.

(The asshole approach: Decrepify/Clay Golem/Doom Zerker them. If you get all of these going at once, the zon will take 3-5 seconds just to dodge anything. Obviously it's an easy pk)


Why not use Bone Spear instead of Bone Spirit?
I used spirit because it forces whoever you're attacking to run away. If you fire a few spears, it's a quick dodge and they're back at you. The strategy to fire spirits then chase them when they run from the spirits works well.

Is it even worth it to put up spirit?
The damage isn't as high as it would be for a pure boner obviously. You end up doing about 1/4 the damage as you would with a pure boner. If you really think that it's not going to help (although I assure you it will) then put something like bone armor.

Would a poison necro that isnt able to teleport in duels be any good?
No. You'll get raped by everyone.

In your speed + life/mana build, you don't use hoto. Why not?
You could use hoto and replace one of your rings with an fcr ring. If you do that, however, you lose 2 things:

1) Almost half of your mana. You'll have to pot too much.

2) You'll lose the massive 50 to all res that would get with a 15 all res jewel'd wizpike.

You only end up getting an extra 450-500 damage out of it. It's really not worth since you're already doing 9k.

How many sojs do these builds cost on
I have no clue about ladder, but on non-ladder:

Godly: 150+ sojs
Mass Damage: 25-35 sojs
Reasonable: 20-30 sojs
Low: 1-10 sojs


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21 Dec 2008, 16:32
I use dream on my necro when i duel because when the opponent player has like 1 life then the dream kill him because of the aura.
10 May 2008, 17:51
isnt dream good for poison nec?
Just some things
11 Mar 2008, 17:58
I guess you need more than just 1 point in LR and also when fighting orb sorces, use blackoak...its funny watch people how they feel when they cant even touch you
07 Aug 2007, 22:56
lol , no comments...

nice guide m8 very well writed :)
22 May 2007, 10:39
also, could any of you tell me the EXACT formula for a Storm Circlet ammy? some one told me 3 pskulls and 1 unid amulet...i'd like a second on that, though...thanks for is if anyone knows this formula, hit me up.
22 May 2007, 10:36
my necro probably not as good as y'alls...i use doom ettin axe, sanctuary, a +2 nec skill circ that also has +1 tele built in, maras, ap nig, tgods, dracs, marrowalks, RF ring, and Soj. secondary is white and (eww) a SS mon...don't jude!! lol...i also have perf anni and torch for my guy plus 5 million (so it seems) mf charms.... no pnb gc's that's just rich thinkin there.
15 Feb 2007, 18:26
How much damage can you expect with the top build and 9 gcs?
ezpk joo nub
11 Feb 2007, 04:01
Wow your pretty godly huh Keith.

Thats the same damn thing as using a full rejuv pot.

Keith C
30 Jan 2007, 22:58
You do know that antidote potions exist, right? I plan on having 12 of them on my belt when I pwn you.
09 Jan 2007, 07:32
I have perm 08 Valk.. Storm Circlet..
18 Dec 2006, 20:09
thx fo it
26 Sep 2006, 07:19
Nice Guide. I enjoyed it and agreed with a lot of your choices/advices.

Funny thing is, I made a psn-Nec before reading any guide, and it resembles yours quite a bit.

Since I can't afford 08 Valk + Storm Circlet, I went with D-web, 2-20-1 circlet, 2xFCR rings, Maras, Homuculus, Trang gloves, Arachnid.

Cheap stuff to get... and I'm only at 80%FCR, but I think that's enough honestly.

I have Max Block, but I find myself hurting in Mana (since I dont use sojs, hard to find perm'ed ones anyway.)

18 Jun 2006, 01:47
Actually, if you get Stormshield, dual ravens, Shadow Dancers, and Dex gear for Barbs they are verry easy, as long as you have good blocking.... my psn nova necro had 75% chance to block and totaly pwned every WW barb. Even if they Faded, they still didint stand a singe chance, simply teleport around and cast one psn nova... not 2.... and do this untill dead, just stay unpredicatble with you're psn novas, and surprise him and he wont have time to react and Tele/WW you, most of the time Im already gone by the tiime he starts WWing.

Good guide though... I like it. And I have done the same build and it owns pretty much anything... Most Hammerdins are eaz, unless they know what they are doing and dont Desynch harmer.... Desynch hammer is eaz with a psn nova nec.... but some will Fade and be Able to corner you, those have alot of experience dueling with a hammerdin But you can still pull off the kill, as long as you have ALOT of mana pots with you.
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