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PvP Melee Sorc


Helm   : Harlequin Crest [Um / Ber / 5/-5 Fire Die Facet]
Armor  : Chains of Honor Archon Plate
Belt   : Arachnid Mesh
Weapon : Beast Berserker Axe / Call to Arms
Shield : Stormshield [Hel] / Lidless Wall
Gloves : Frostburn
Boots  : Sandstorm Trek
Ring 1 : Stone of Jordan
Ring 2 : Raven Frost
Amulet : Mara's Kaleidoscope


Enchant         : 20
Fire Mastery    : 20
Warmth          : 20
Energy Shield   : 20
Telekinesis     : 10
Frozen Armor    : 1
Pre Reqs        : 1
Total           : 97
Avilable on lvl : 86


Strenght     : 140 with gear
Explaination : 138 Str is needed for Beast Berserker Axe. Put enough points in Str to have 140 with gear.
Dexterity    : 195 with gear
Explaination : 195 Dex is needed for maxed blocking on lvl 88. Put enough points in Dex to have 195 with gear.
Vitality     : Rest along with Energy (1:1)
Explaination : More life is always better.
Energy       : Rest along witg Vitality (1:1)
Explaination : Mana is mostly needed for Energy Shield.


+1 to Fire Skills / 12% FHR GC : x6
+1 to Fire Skills / **         : x3
20 Life / * SC                 : x9
Annihilus                      : x1

* -> 5% FHR or 17 Mana or 5 Resist all
** -> 30+ Life or 7% FRW
Guide by Bones.

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18 Mar 2009, 09:48
you still are not making right but hey that is me. i made one doing 80k melee damage so learn how to make a true melee sorceress.
07 Jan 2008, 09:08
Why Hel'ed Ss?
u got +str from BeastZ
10 Nov 2007, 20:49
Melee Sorcs are commonly mismade. Here's a sturdy pvp build which still needs adjusting.

Dream Dream for lightning dmg (25%+ fhr preferred for max fhr framerate) (mine were 24 and 29)
Enigma for str and skills (mageplate works good with 55 str req)
Beast for bearform Only!!!
6os Phase Blade:1 Shael 5x +15%ias+15res jewels (you need 95% ias on pb for sorcs)
Arachs (slows and +skill)
Angelics (you want to hit people)
***5xLight GCs: 2x with FHR 3x with life or str
Bloodfists (fhr very valuable 142% is possible with build which is highest fhr frame rate for sorc)
eTreks -->(20% fhr + 30% bloodfist + 24%<--2x12%lightgcs + 15% <--3x scs w/ fhr) + 25% (dream average) +27% (other dream averaged) all somehow must equal 142+ fhr mine was 144))

Lightning Mastery 20
Enchant 20
Telekinesis 15-20 (me: 20)
one in fire mast
one in warmth
1-20 into shiver armor (me:15)
1-20 in Energy Shield (me: 10)
I chose to use an energy shield staff Warpspear on switch with +6 es, you have to build-up ur ES with items, i switch all gears, slapping on maras, andys, sojs, es ormus, and by buffing it to great ES with only a few skills invested, u get good es %. This is a must. +9 es memory staves are GOD.
The build is here and urs to augment.

5x light gcs (2x12%fhr 2x+6str, 1x 44 life),
10x light dmg scs (1-22 1-26 1-32, just a few of these add 1-2k dmg)
life/fhr/res scs: res is good, but u need 3x 5%fhr/mod or more for 142% fhr or higher.
You might need some str in ur base str stats, but a good anni/torch/skiller gc/str line-up will ensure ur ok with no str. (19/17/10 anni and 19/19 storch)
You should use enough dex to have (with frozen armor on) maximum blocking of 75%
This could take a lot of dex!
All into Vita that u can
No energy, if u feel daring, get some bmana charmz

I've seen this build do 52k E Z.
U use beast to turn bear after buffing es and enchant, etc, then after ur buffed, and bearform, u switch to the phase blade with those godly 15%ias 15%resall jewels and one shael, (or 5 shael one eth if ur poor) and ur bear sorc will slap people as fast as zeal and do at least 36k+++52k+++
Takes a lot of practice, a lot of gear switching, and took me three remakes to know what i was doing.

Yours to ridicule.
05 Apr 2007, 11:40
Well if i got a occu as second wep it is fun to switch end kill someone by meele :P
12 Oct 2006, 23:59
Who the f**k wants a melee sorc, gez, noobasshole
08 Oct 2006, 08:43
24 Sep 2006, 18:12
this guide neeeds helpp
Msorc god
06 Sep 2006, 09:12
melee sorc = aura sorc hoj,dragon,dream,dream,sojs,maras,5 lite gcs, 4 fire, storch, anni, life scs, magefist, spider, etreks or imps.

dmg 4k-58k
aura dmg in all 600-7k

GG learn the ways of the melee sorc
27 Aug 2006, 15:37
01 Aug 2006, 13:17
Use an angelic set, no attack rating with this equipment...
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