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PvP Orb Sorc

Orb sorcs were the most popular sorc duelers in 1.09, in 1.10 they are back, thought to be not good enough with all the synergie whores, but owning as hell.

2. Stats

Strength: The highest strength item is probably Lidless wall, 58 str(this is if u use my excact setup).
58-20(anni)-2(shako)-5(maras)-10(base str u start with)= 21, so u only need 21 point in str
Dexterity: I keep this at base, since the hardest enemies are casters, u won't need block
Vita: All the rest
Energy: Keep this at around 100 with items, or at base, personal choice

3. Skills

Cold Tree:
Max Ice bolt (synergie for orb)
1 Frozen armor(pre-req)
1 Ice Blast(Pre-req, left click skill)
1 Frost Nova(Pre-req)
1 Shiver Armor(Best defense armor)
1 Glacial spike(Pre-req)
1 Blizzard(pre-req, pretty nice locking skill)
Max Frozen Orb(Main attacking skill)

Lightning Tree:
1 Charged Bolt(Pre-req)
1 Lightning(Pre-req)
17+ Telekinesis(I like to max it, since u got lots off skills left, Synergie for Energy Shield)
1 Chain Lightning(Pre-req)
1 Teleport(Pre-req/Godly skill, need more?)
1 Energy Shield(Godly skill, absorbs very much dmg)

Fire Tree:
1+ Warmth(Great mana regenerate, put all leftovers here)

Hotkeys(This is just how I like it, and u probably will change them to ur liking)
Left skill:
Ice Blast, good skill, nice to kill incoming charge palas, or to jump on chars etc.

Right skill:
F1: Frozen Orb(main skill)
F2: Blizzard(does around 2k dmg, nice to lock people with)
F3: Teleport(most used skill ever?)
F4: Shiver armor(nice defense boost, also deals good cold dmg)
F5: Energy Shield(Absorbs a hell of a lot dmg)
F6: Battle Command(From cta, +1 all skills ^-^)
F7: Battle Orders(From cta, +% life, +% mana)

4. Gear

Helm: Shako(My personal Choice)/ Nightwings Veil(u loose alot of mana/life/dr, But gain good dmg)
Armor: Vipermagi(Personal Choice)/Coh(if u want to use this, u need atleast a +15% fcr ammy)/Ormus' Robes(+3 energy Shield, saves alot of pre-reqs)
Belt: Arachnids, No other choice imo, maybe nice crafted fhr belt
Ammy: Maras, crafted/ rare +2, fcr, life/mana/str ammy
Rings: Stone of Jordan(+1 skill, great mana boost)/ Bulkhato's Ring(+1 skill, 50 life)/10 fcr + good stats ring
Weapon: Deaths Fathom(Great dmg)/ Wizardspike(50!! Fcr, +%mana, 75% all resist)/Heart of the Oak(+3 skill, 40 all resist, 40% fcr, +% mana)
Shield: Lidless Wall(Fcr, mana, +skill)/Whitsan's Guard(only if u want max block)/ Sanctuary(if u need high resists)
Weapon Switch: Cta, low reqs/ +3 energy shield memory staff
Shield Switch: Lidless wall(+1 skill, low str req)
Gloves: Magefist(fcr, +1 warmth, regenerate mana)/Frostburns(+40% mana, no fcr though)
Boots: Waterwalks(+65 life, 15 dex, +5% max fire resist )


Socked helm or armor with shael, or some godly fhr jewels, socked rest with facets, um rune/jah rune/ber rune/cham rune etc(personal choice ofcourse)

9x Cold skiller with life(plain is also ok if u can't afford godly skillers, like me )
1x Cold skiller with 12 fhr
1x anni, try to get as much stats as possible
2x 5 fhr with mana/all resist
7x 20 life charm with +mana, all resist, or nothing will do also

Get atleast the 60 fhr bp, ALWAYS have 105% fcr, get 60+ resist vs casters

My Choices:
Helm: Shako(Shael)
Armor: Vipermagi(5/5 facet)
Ammy: Maras
Rings: 2x soj
Weapon: Deaths Fathom(5/5 facet)
Shield: Lidless wall(Um)
Weapon Switch: Cta crystal sword/flail
Shield Switch: Lidless wall
Belt: Arachnids
Gloves: Magefists

1x anni(20/20)
9x Cold skiller with +45 life
1x Cold skiller with fhr
2x fhr sc, 5 all resist
7x 20 life/17 mana sc

5. Tables


FHR Frames
0% 15
5% 14
9% 13
14% 12
20% 11
30% 10
42% 9
60% 8
86% 7
142% 6
280% 5
1480% 4


FCR Frames
0% 13
9% 12
20% 11
37% 10
63% 9
105% 8
200% 7


FBR Frames
0% 9
7% 8
15% 7
27% 6
48% 5
86% 4
200% 3
4680% 2

[SIZE=7]6. PvP Strategies[/SIZE]

Melee chars(Zealots/Conc Barbs/ Melee druids) Easy:
Just orb them and tele away when they get close, teleport in circles so u can always keep hitting him

Ww TeleBarbs Medium:
Tele around them and hit an orb every now and then, never give them enough time to tele and ww on you, they got lots of life so be patient and never get of guard

Bowamas Medium/Hard:
Keep a distance and keep moving in a big circle so u are very hard to hit, when they start walking, teleport on top of them, cast 1 orb and then ice blast the shit out of them to keep them locked, then orb again etc, shouldn't take more then 2 orbs though

Javazons Easy:
They have no guided attacks so just keep on their screen, keep teleporting and cast orb, never let them jab u, cause ur finished then.

Bonenecros Easy/Medium:
Keep little out of range(just outside the screen) when u got the chance, tele on top of them and orb once, they should be dead in 1 full orb hit, if not, get ur ass outta their screen and repeat.
Orb sorcs Medium:
Depends how good they are and if they use energy shield or not, let them come after u, never chase them down, teleport away, and cast orb in their direction, when they are low in health, tele on top and orb them death, blizzard locking is also pretty effective here.

Blizz sorcs Medium:
Chase them down, keep a little distance, just outside the blizz range, and try hitting them with orb from a distance, don't tele on top of them, unless u see that they don't have blizzard on them, when u tele, watch out for their 6k ice blast though.

Fireball Sorcs Medium/Hard:
If they chase u, its rather easy, use the same tactics as versus orb sorc, never let them hit u, ull run out of mana and get stunned alot, don't tend to chase them, cuz u'll just tele in their fireball wave.

Lightningsorcs ]Easy:
Pretty easy, their attack aint very fast, so u can circle around them and orb them, done in a few hits.

Ww Sins Medium:
Just like vs Ww barbs, cast orb when they aren't near u, and tele away when they df u, takes some time, but they will die in the end.

Trap sins Hard:
This is the hardest opponent for a orb sorc IMO, keep out of trap range, and try to get to the back of him and hope u can hit him, when u get stunned by a trap, run a little before u tele, this is much safer and ull get hit less.

Eledruids Hard:
This is a hard match, but u can win it, keep casting orbs in random directions, they will tele on top of u, so direction doesn't mean much, tele away before hurricane can hit u, because ur probably toast then.

Charge Pallies Medium:
Try standing between rocks, or other things that slow down his charge, don't tele away at the last moment, because u will probably be hit and locked already, try using houses as an obstacle to, it slows them majorly.

FohPalas Medium:
Keep a disctance, untill they will be teleporting, or use vigor, so they don't have conviction, tele on top of them, hit 1 orb and go back to a greater distance, repeat this, never let conviction hit u.

Hammerdins Medium:
Use the same tactics as vs ele druid, but this is easier, because they don'' have Cyclone Armor, so it takes alot less hits

Guide by Triple_Han

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03 Jan 2009, 00:26
hey i always wondered if you can reset your skills?
Hell Vamp McMan
26 Oct 2008, 17:36
come on people it ant that bad of a template and ya if ya going orb ya gona want to mace out ice bolt
24 Oct 2008, 21:39
This guide suck....DUde? shako? are you serious? NW with P cold facet

Lidless?!?!?!--->Spirit;) suck
04 Jan 2008, 03:32
Was an OK guide.

Somebody has to punch Rushhingpoop in the face...
Either he is blind, dumb, or on drugs... Ice-bolt is maxed in guide... open your eyes.
04 Dec 2007, 03:59
this guide sucks!
09 Aug 2007, 00:26
OMG i saw this one alot with diff names (author) theres the same 1 twice on this website MAKE NEW 1S PPL!!!!!
09 Apr 2007, 00:26
this is bull crap if u make orb sorc u need to max ice bolt or cold orb wont do **** cause in increases damage by 2% per lvl so if u max it orb would increase by 40% damage so u would kill alot faster
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