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Instant TPPK with Sting's Hackmap
by v1c.

AutoIt script which auto send tp+host.
You must have
Sting Hackmap loaded (the plugin injected)

HotKey - "e" - Host
HotKey - "u" -Party

Instant TPPK

Compile this AutoIT script here or download above...

;Instant TPPK with Sting's Hackmap
;Made by v1c.
;GL & HF !
;BMPK/WtfPK sux!

HotKeySet("e", "Host")
HotKeySet("u", "PartyPlease")
Opt("MouseCoordMode", 2)
Opt("PixelCoordMode", 2)
Dim $var
Dim $p

Func Host ()
send("p") ;Opens Party
MouseMove(105,150,0) ;Hostiles
MouseClick("left") ;>>Hostiles
EndFunc ;Ends function

Func PartyPlease ()

While 1

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| 1 | [2] |
13 Feb 2007, 08:28
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww trojan keylogger on this shit
well i lost a 99/96/97/95
6 mule accounts
my bot account
my dupe account
my 99 mainly
my 95 chaoser
my 96 new sorc
my 97 zon x.x
so yea download this shit and ull get owned too :P
btw why im not mad its cuz its funny how idiots take this game seriously
i lost alot
but heh its ONLY a game
11 Feb 2007, 05:34
give me hack all diablo
10 Feb 2007, 04:32
Wow, thats the noobiest and lamest attempt to make a script ive ever seen. With a script like that, how can you talk smack on wtfpk and bmpk. As usual V1c thinks hes a badass; but doesnt have the skill to backup his ego.

If you kids want a good tppk, go to
08 Feb 2007, 06:05
You fags are gay for wanting this shit. I'm really f**king tired of TPPKs. You people should be crucified and then burned in 100,000 degree flames after being crucified so you can cry and suffer in your endless torment. Then you should be strapped up while scary ass looking aliens probe you while you're awake. Then you should be smited with a huge fist from the sky, sending you through the earth and out of the other side and through outer space going at a speed of 1000 light years, making your eyes and brain want to explode. And then hitting your head on a planet on the other side of the universe with creatures on it even more fierce that Diablo himself. You spend the rest of eternity on that planet trying to outrun from the creatures that live on it. Then when you get captured, they torment you until you're completely helpless. But they don't care, and you don't die. You get no sleep, no food, no water. You starve, thirst, fatigue. You can't die. But you'll forever live in pain. BECAUSE I HATE TPPKS!
27 Dec 2006, 23:50
im sick of getting tppk by people so im gonna try it to see the kick that other people get out of it
27 Sep 2006, 08:25
lol. nubs.
20 Sep 2006, 03:07
its open source you newb, it can't be a trojan, compile it yourself
12 Aug 2006, 02:54
LoooooL... Dont download it!!! v1c is NuB hes stealing accounts by trojans and keyloggers!!! Remove this Shit!!!
10 Aug 2006, 22:32
Wow I cant believe how desperate you people are to get a tppk program. And hell no I wont download a free tppk like jctppk lol. All the free tppk programs have trojans. Even netter's $30.00 tppk got people banned 7-13-06. Why do all this when you can get d2tppk for $5 from lorm at his site. Why dont you just type tppk in google and find it yourself? Or maybe you cant afford $5 and want to get a trojan/virus download instead with jctppk noobs...
09 Aug 2006, 04:59
it looks more like a 'hostile' script than a 'tppk' script theres no code to shoot/tp??
26 Jul 2006, 01:11
hahahah i love how no one can figure out the simple reason why this wont work for just anyone.... well good luck figuring it out, took me about five minutes to figure it out and fix it ..... i hope the creator leaves it like this so we dont haev every kid on d2 tppking.... that will surely destroy the game for public players : D
IM Rickjamses bitch
13 Jul 2006, 21:02
this works but this tppk sucks you'll be much better off joining JCtppk and geting JCS free tppk hack and if this dus not work it meens your a retard and you need stings new v pluged in
09 Jul 2006, 13:06
it doesnt work coz it doesnt make a tp or attack, it only hostiles fast. in the readme it says other tppks suck. mayB they work coz this 1 sux the most of all tppks ever made.
08 Jul 2006, 23:22
ny 1 can tell me why its doesn t work
08 Jul 2006, 13:33
wud be nice if it actually made a tp to go thru ^^ sh1tehaxzor :P roflmao
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