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[Mod] Uber Duriel Waypoint Mod

Figured I would release this in MPQ form instead of a program.

What It Does: Allows You to Access Uber Duriel(Forgotten Sands).
The Frigid Highlands Waypoint is replaced with Forgotten Sands.
You MUST have both the Frigid Highlands Waypoint in Act 5
and the Canyon of the Magi Waypoint in act 2 for this to work.

This works in all difficulties. Only Hell drops a Baal's Eye.

Replace The Patch_d2.mpq In your Diablo II Folder with the one provided.
I suggest renaming your original so you can easily revert.

Hurry Up and stock up on Baal's Eyes before this gets patched. Clearing this in a Hell
game with 8 people also gives much more experience than a full baal run. Its quick too.

Have Fun.

Uber Duriel Mod
Arreat Plateau Wp Instead of Frigid: Arreat Version Duriel

Buy Diablo 2 Cd Keys, FRESH from BOX!

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01 May 2009, 12:03
This will work if you downgrade your diablo 2 into 1.11b and use the version hack to play 1.11b on bnet.
worked on 1.11b
31 Mar 2009, 18:05
This did work, i tried it by my self, but it doesnt work anymore..
14 Dec 2008, 04:49
i got everything working and all but duriel isnt showing up
if you can help with thtat let me know please
09 Nov 2008, 15:53
were download this patch ?
19 Jul 2008, 17:52
i need map-hack

14 Jul 2008, 00:11
This shows up on my waypoint but I have heard that it has been patched, is there anyone that could send me a email with a new uber hack that is not patched?? Thanks my email is
25 Jun 2008, 14:09
it dosent work...
15 Jun 2008, 01:25
hi, i see the forgatten stand wp bu wheni clik on it the game drop why??????????
18 May 2008, 06:17
idk how to work this
16 May 2008, 12:57
soooo is this legit? has anyone been hacked after using this yet?

31 Mar 2008, 12:10
Yo everybody! if you still want to use this uber duriel mod ive cracked his version to a never one that works with 1.11b, ive also added uber mephisto on this mod if you want, im working on a uber baal too so we dont have to use those f**king keys, keys of hate, destroyer etc etc.

email me for further information and assistance:

"d2jsp is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment or Vivendi Universal." ownage.
13 Mar 2008, 20:33
23 Feb 2008, 19:16
PATCHED!... the only hack I trust now on d2 Closed is multiclient from
12 Feb 2008, 05:00
dude this crap dosent work the only this its doing is talking stac on my pc
11 Feb 2008, 12:15
Ok So here I am once again to write in my PROPER and true opinon about a few things that I see(unfortunately). This Mod actually *DID* work before Blizzard patched it. I know because I myself had dowloaded it a long time ago and I stacked up on over 20 baal's eyes before it was patched and no longer worked. For those of you that think that it NEVER worked, then allow me to say this: you are just so wrong! I am sick and tired of reading other people's comments who simply don't PAY ATTENTION to what the others say. Not to mention of course that most of these people don't even know how to type properly lol! And for crying out loud, keep those little 9-year-old(or wjhatever ages that are far too low) from the net! Omg!
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