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Cube Dupe

This is a double post but um here is a way also,

Welcome to the D2D Dupe tutorial page. This is the totaly lagitiment way to dupe items, dupe hacks don't work anymore because b-net cracked down on it, but this method is still legal and there is no way for b-net to stop it!
D2D Dupe Tutorial
Necromancer Duplicating Item Method

To clone the item, you will have to do some trial and error, it's best that you
get at least a friend to stay connected in your Private Game. Blizzard is
intelligent enough to destroy a GAME ROOM immediately, if you leave... Tried that
dozen of times already.
1)You must set your frame rate in Diablo2 command line to above 45...
2)Able to summon at least 10 Revives....
3)Pandemonium is the best place for this trick to work....
4)Drop an item first, not the one that you want to dupe, works as a decoy...
Summon thy minions.... Lots of them
5)You will need to powerdown your modem or have a Firewall program to

You don't actually need to do the Black wall lag trick but just your minions to
get stuck at different places (Between rooms, between Outer Steepes and
Pandemonium Fortress).

6)Keep clicking on NPCs in town, if they don't talk to you or if you see black
wall, drop the ITEM that you WANT to CLONE/DUPLICATE and then picked up the
decoy... Tell your friend to respond and pick up your duplicate item and
disconnect yourself and rejoin the game...

If trick is done correctly, you will see that you still have the DUPLICATE ITEM
on the floor or in your inventory. Should have another copy in your friend's


Diablo 2 Battle Net Dupe Trick!

Duping on realms, how it's currently being done.

Ok, you probably get some BS things sent to ya, but this is a current way to dupe
on realms, and has been turned into Blizzard. So, use the info whilest ya can.

Ok, everyone is aware that backup copies of your realm characters are stored on
your PC. The reasoning is due to redundancy and corruption issues with battlenet.
a few friends and I discovered that Bnet WILL read that info in the case of a
corrupted character file, and will implement it into their servers if a few rules
are met when reading the info. Here they are.. if you want to see how it works in
a realtime basis, let me know...

1.) Files on the local PC, can't be much older or younger than the ones on the
BNET servers. 8 mins in either direction seem to be the cap to allow for it to be
read from your machine.

2.) Anytime the servers crash, or your connection is severed strangely, the BNET
servers read the info, compare it to what is stored as a backup system on the
BNET servers, and decide how to handle the problem. (to either restore the
character from ITS backup, or to grab it from the local machine)

3.) Closing out d2 via f4, pulling your ISP connection, or simply CTRL-ALT-DEL
will not close the connection strangely enough to pass rule #2.

4.) Trading, leveling up, changing acts, and going thru waypoints all trigger
autosaves to the server. As well as randomized saves too.

5.) Every few saves to the server, will result in a saved version of your
character to your HD, if the save cannot complete on your HD for some reason, you
will get disconnected from Bnet. When the save goes thru, a response is sent to
Bnet (mixed into the keepalive routine, that lets the server know that you are
still there)

6.) there are a few bugs in the keep alive routine, we discovered these during
the closed beta, and up to today, still seem to exist. (which tells ya why from
time to time, you may lose connection, and still be able to type to people in
Bnet chat).

7.) Newer info that is stored on your local machine (eg: newer than the version
stored on the BNET servers) automatically gets ignored.

Now then, it is possible to do a variation of the dupe trick that was originally
used b4 the trainers came out, on the realms. The only thing you have to be sure
of, is that the file is older than the last save known to bnet, and your
connection was strangely terminated ;)
(heh, powering off your machine seems to work, due to the fact that you can get a
ping response from the net still, and many ISP's will keep a connection alive
even if you are disconnected, keeps lag down)

This has been tried, and works on a 80-90% success rate. I will be glad to share
any info we have collected in our tests and hack attempts. (we've hit a brick
wall, and are losing our minds)

Buy Diablo 2 Cd Keys, FRESH from BOX!

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21 Aug 2009, 02:23
omg!!! it working i duped your moms fuking them all day all nlght............
i�m here
05 Nov 2008, 20:38
It works on 1.12b version of closed bnet?
08 Sep 2008, 22:52
02 Dec 2007, 09:10
you are a true faggot
29 Sep 2007, 23:34
If you couldnt dupe anymore there would be no more hrs meaning the prices of hrs would rise and f**k up the game. So u must just be retarded to think that u cannot dupe :)
a true player
10 Jun 2007, 10:25
Everyone listen to me, Dupes Do Not Work Any More. stop trying and just play the game ya goddam nubs
Ndi Harvey
03 Feb 2007, 13:06
I can't get the mission of quest 3 of act 1. Who is to give me that mission? i have finish with the berial ground and had my reward from... but i can't continue because i don't know what to do next. Who gives the next mission for me to continue. Waiting to read back from you as soon as possible. Thanks.. my
10 Dec 2006, 03:39
20 Sep 2006, 16:02
isn't it possible to use editors to chage file creation//modification times? if so, would you be able to put in file saves of when ur char was filled with items? backups, copies, etc? n then unlock em and change times, then relock and crash and have bliz uncorrupt the char and wewrite it with file data from your computer?
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