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Glitch Rush Guide
for both Rushers and Rushees
by Keitsune

A few notes to begin with:
- Rushees are those who are being rushed.
- When a Rusher says, 'Stay here', he means it. Don't go off and get yourself killed. It's a pain.
- Be sure to provide your Rushers with information like 'The symbol for Tal Rasha's Tomb is [xxxx]' or 'Yes, I did get the Trav quest.'
-If your going for a rush, don't beg your Rusher for exp. Because you're going to do nothing but slow him/her down.
- Write down your rusher/rushee's username. Just incase someone drops out or leaves, you can track them down.
- If you die, stay dead! If you are dead, and you don't press 'ESC' to ressurect yourself, you get the quest. As long as you are not a great distance from where the quest is being completed.

Alright, now that we have that cleared up, let's start with Act 1.

Act 1
Now, this is the most simple of the Acts. The rusher must get to Catacombs Level 4 and then TP at the stairs.

The Rushee comes through and must stay in that room.

The Rusher now goes and kills Andariel.

This is only suggested because there is a larger chance to die by following your rusher, than there is by staying put.

I suggest you go into the Northern corner and wait for either your rusher to say, 'Done' or the Automatic TP to show up beside you.

The Rushee now goes in the TP, talk to Warriv and goes to Act 2.

Act 2
This is the more annoying act of the bunch.

The Rusher must go to the Halls of the Dead and TP at the chest on the lowest level.

The Rushee then goes in the TP, retrieves the Horadric Cube and leaves through the TP.

The Rushee then goes and talks to Cain while the Rusher goes to Far Oasis, then to the Maggot Lair. Down to Maggot Lair Level 3 and kills the giant 'Maggot'. He then TPs and the Rushee retrieves the Staff.

The Rushee goes and talks to Cain again.

The Rusher then goes to Lost City and finds the Valley of Snakes. He then enters the Viper Temple and goes to level 2.

While he is doing this, the Rushee must go to talk to Drognan when the daylight goes dark.

Now, instead of killing everything in the room, all he has to do is get onto the altar and TP.

No monsters can get onto the altar except for the odd Skeleton that glitches up there when it ressurected by its Master.

The Rushee enters the TP, smashes the alter and retrieves the Amulet.

He then returns and talks to Cain again and then talk to Drognan.

The Rusher then goes to the Arcane Sanctuary and takes the path that goes to the Summoner.

When he gets to the Summoner, he must make a TP.

Now, if the Rusher can tank the hits from the Summoner, he can make the TP directly on the Platform.

If he can't, he must make the TP before he gets close to the platform.

The Rushee then enters and stays behind the Rusher, making sure not to get hit.

After the Summoner is dead, the Rushee clicks on the Tome on the platform and then enters the Red Portal.

He must then tell the Rusher what the symbol is for Tal Rasha's Tomb.

While the Rusher goes off to find the tomb, the Rushee goes back to Lut Gohlein, put the staff and amulet into the cube, and combine them. He must then talk to Cain, and then enter the TP the Rusher makes inside Tal Rasha's Tomb.

The Rushee then puts the Staff into the Orifice and presses the check mark.

Once the long animation has gone by, the Rusher enters first and either tanks a few hits from Duriel, or begins to attack if he is weaker.

The Rushee then enters and either hides in a corner or runs in a circle, away from Duriel.

Once Duriel is dead, the Rushee goes to talk to Tyrael and take the TP out of there.

He then goes to the Palace to talk to Jehryn.

If he did not talk to Drognan or can not get into the Palace, he must inform the Rusher and get him to either go into the Palace from the waypoint, or go to the Arcane Sanctuary and take the Portal to the direct north into the Palace.

He must then TP from the level just below the top level and allow the Rushee to enter, go up one level, talk to Jehryn, go back through the TP and talk to Mashif to Act 3.

Act 3
This is the second easiest act.

The Rushee starts this off by going to the Travincial and going past the Council to the ledge behind their Temple.

The image I posted at the end of this act will show you.

Once you are there, TP and tell the Rushee to stay put.

Before you go back to the Temple to slaughter the council, check the ledge for various monsters. Just incase they come around looking for blood. Be careful not to allow the Council to cast hydras right beside the ledge because they will probably kill your Rushee.

If all is clear, the Rusher then goes to kill the Council.

While that is going on, the Rushee must check his quest log to see if the quest changes from 'Kill the Council' to 'Ask Cain for Help'. Once it does, the Rushee then tells the Rusher that it is complete and goes back into the TP.

He then talks to Cain and waits for the rusher to get to Durance Level 3.

Once he does, he must go to the small piece of land between the large red portal and Mephisto. It is also shown in an image posted at the end of this act.

He then TPs and tell the Rushee to stay put. Now is when he goes to kill Mephisto. But he must be sure to draw the fire from the Rushee.

Once that is done, the Rushee then enters the portal to Act 4.

Act 4
This one is simple yet sometimes difficult.

The Rusher must get to the Chaos Sanctuary and pop each Seal. Making sure he kills each Unique monster produced from popping the seal.

As soon as each seal is popped and each Unique monster is killed, every other monster is killed, the screen should shake, and a menacing voice should say, 'Not even death can save you from me.'

Now, the Rusher TPs and allows the Rushee to come through.

And the Rushee can either hang back and get the quest.

Or he can go to the center, get killed, stay dead, and get the quest no matter what. He can then retrieve his body once the quest is completed.

Once this is done, the Rushee then returns to Town, talks to Tyrael and takes the red portal to Act 5.

Act 5
This is the part when the real glitching takes place.

And the rusher may not be a part of this. Whether he is being nice enough or not.

They both must exit the game and must find or make a 'Baal For Quest' game.

Once you have entered, you must wait for someone who has completed Ancients to be present.

The Rushee must be partied to the Ancients completer and must stay in town for this to work.

Now, once they have killed all of Baal Minions, they must go to the WorldStone Chamber and someone must TP.

However, the Rushee can't enter this, and must stay in town still.

If all has gone well (someone finished the Ancients and had not completed the Baal Quest, were partied to the Rusher, TPed in the Worldstone Chamber, and someone killed Baal while they were in there) you should have the quest completed.

The Rushee can then exit the game, and repeat all the steps again.

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B U L L S H I T ! ! !
28 Dec 2007, 03:50
this is bull shit you have 2 b lvl 24 to kill ancients
27 Nov 2007, 15:32
hi can anyone tell me where i can find the flayer jungle, i'm stugglin
02 Oct 2007, 20:45
i saw a char on lvl 35535 on open pretty hacked :P
27 Sep 2007, 00:17
hey dose anyone have dialblo 2 level hacks i really need them asap i am a level nine (9) act one (1)
27 Sep 2007, 00:14
whats up peoples ?
22 Sep 2007, 14:39
u dont have to get the cube in norm, just throw out rushers cube, he well get a new in travincal. NOOOBS HAHA
28 Aug 2007, 02:20
im gettin connection interrupted, is there a special place do stay?
"near wp" is kinda generic
16 Aug 2007, 05:02
07 Aug 2007, 04:18
[email protected] lvl 100 guy and also if you dont know how to grush then you shouldnt be playing D2 kthx bye
21 Jul 2007, 00:51
i luv vagins.
07 Jul 2007, 22:19
sokme one that make unumbers to all
03 Jul 2007, 14:38
1-impossible to be more than lvl 100 on closed
2-World of Warcraft suck dicks
3-Damn who made this guide,we dont have to show this bug to noobs or no bady will be doing baal quest at normal and nm and everybody will egt screwed....
4-Dont mind if i did errors in spellings....
02 Jun 2007, 00:42
02 Jun 2007, 00:39
haha noobzor lol ur a penis men ur gay haha
16 May 2007, 19:45
King of d2 haha, lvl 100 haha, No such thing as lvl 100 noob, your a total bullshiter
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