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Imbue Dupe

Made an item fall by using imbue in trade. When an item that was not white was imbued in trade, the item fell to the ground. Canceling trade rolled the item back to wherever it was before trade and a copy of it was on the ground.

Requires: 2 People, D2Hackit + Modules(Snuff/Sniffer, Oneside). Oneside is optional.
Can Dupe: Everything except white items.
Packets To Sniff: 13,19

1. Two players join a game.
2. Player 1 sniffs the 13 packet and the 19 packet.
3. Walk to charsi, find her id(13 01 00 00 00 XX XX XX XX), then pick up the item you want duped to find its id(19 ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ). Put the item in your inventory.
4. Player 1 loads oneside, player 2 clicks player 1 to go into trade. If not using oneside, just go into trade near charsi.
5. Player 1 walks near charsi, puts the item to dupe on their cursor, and sends this packet:
38[00 00 00 00][XX XX XX XX][ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ]

XX = Charsi ID
ZZ = Item ID

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28 Feb 2009, 22:10
These are all OLD methods for versions 1.08 and shit, they won't work now :D
noobes belive in this shit
14 Mar 2007, 18:07
hehe,there is! even after new era now in feb. I think d2 have become to rediculous,with noobs played for 2 weeks have gg items.So i quit. leaving gg info. add to your msn. seems like the dude there has sum skills in d2 and runescape. he lays out pk lists, clan lists, metods, item sale,item trades, conects people and so on. most off best d2 players i know is there.
07 Jan 2007, 00:14
Ok, let me understand something:

Player 1 stands near Charsi, and Player 2 clicks on Player 1 to go into trade.

While in trade, Player 1 puts the item to be duped on their cursor, THEN sends the packet that will imbue? I tried it this way exactly, and I kept getting "connection interrupted".

Can you maybe be a little more clear on the steps, and the order in which to perform them?
19 Jun 2006, 02:28
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