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Level 1-80 in 2 hours
by neverender

Ok this is probably my favorite glitch :]

What you need
1 level 1 char GRushed to a5
1 GMerc
1 Pally with conviction
1 necromancer with lower resist

Have the pally kill baal/diablo NOT mephisto.
Heard mephisto to a house have him put on conviction/sorb/dol runes to heal. He is the tank(don't use him) also it is best for him to have a phoenix.
Have the level 1 char away from mephisto but close enough to get experience.
Have the necromancer with gmerc/lower res(glitch him for roughly 15-20 minutes)

Then the gmerc with lr+convction will 1 hit kill all the skeletons, and he will keep respawning them and the exp will keep going up.

You can do this for about 25-30 minutes and thent he game will lag like FUCK, so what you HAVE to do is:
Have phoenix for redemption
and go to town about every 45 minutes.

You can do this from level 1-80 in about 2-3 hours then 80-90 in under 4 more hours

Have fun guys!!!!
Also for the people that already know it, if I missed out a step could you tell me what I missed LoL

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05 May 2007, 10:35
.....your all f**king retards
arguin on a forum liek what the f**k are all you little bitchs f**king 3
or something

fighting over the inter nets liek teh specal olympics ...... it dosent matter who wins or lose's

in the end


its diablo f**k if u wanna try em shure check it out let us kno if it owrks if u dont condone teh use who gives teh f**k cuz liek really if ur arguing about people useing glithcs u spend to much time on your f**king computer i bet most of all u f**ks never ben lade b4

as far as im cuncerned as long as ur not useing an exturnal program its not cheating or hacking

everyone of u f**ks should get out maybe see teh sun get lade smoke a joint or drop dead eather or i bet ur all vergins and prolly skruany little nerddy kids with freckils adn glass's living in ur moms basement at 33
get a life
04 May 2007, 02:50
ok you guys who are cryin about this shit being hacking...why are you at this website. seriously this is a hacking...glitching website..

02 May 2007, 20:31
Would blizzard kick you out of a game for doing this? Email me with the answer so i can find out
30 Apr 2007, 15:11
dude its called glitched ubering and its easier than that...get him in the building and bwall between fire and wall....
25 Apr 2007, 03:28
Oh wow, you guys are so right, he's "such a nerd for cheating at d2"

you guys are the ones on a f**king d2 hacking forum...
23 Apr 2007, 08:59
you f****k noobs stop cheat on!!!!! go to open cause peoples like you's its not fun to play i have duel'd witch alotm of people and they are was hackers is not fun! what happend!!!!!! itys not fun!!!!
17 Apr 2007, 00:45
WoW it is a waste dude
Dark Slayer
16 Apr 2007, 16:58
my assassin stopped moving in the middle of a fight! what do I have to do to make him move again?
16 Apr 2007, 07:44
nerd + virtual power = not good, need to get life outside computer, need to live in the real world harhar
30 Mar 2007, 00:38
Agreed William, Just Like Little Kids And Anal Humor ... =x
dam noobs
14 Mar 2007, 18:12
this si called bugg rush yes,anny know to hack rush? start with wut ever lvl u want in normal

hehe,there is! even after new era now in feb. I think d2 have become to rediculous,with noobs played for 2 weeks have gg items.So i quit. leaving gg info. add to your msn. seems like the dude there has sum skills in d2 and runescape. he lays out pk lists, clan lists, metods, item sale,item trades, conects people and so on. most off best d2 players i know is there.

12 Mar 2007, 03:56
That's two minutes of my life I'll never get back...
23 Feb 2007, 17:27
The person that enters the game last is the "Target" and the monsters will spawn on him, so make sure you have a hamdin to tank it.
Gmerc doesn't work anymore so if you want to do uber lvling, as this is called now, just get 2-3 hamdins spamming the spawn area for the skellies and put a bonewall near the fire inside the building and whammo, you'll level like mad.
22 Feb 2007, 21:41
dude i need to know where to get free diabloII character gen downloads

21 Feb 2007, 05:20
Fuck lol
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