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New trist lvl method
by Ben Hecksher

Since gmerc is patched, this method does not work (obvieously). For the new uber trist method for lvling, you will need at least 2 hammerdins. First, kill diablo+baal (their spawns dont give exp, and have alot more life) and get mephisto trapped inside a house so he cant come and attack you or the hdins. Once he is trapped, get the leechers in a safe spot (away from where mephisto spawns, but close enough to get exp) so they dont die. Now, move in the two hammerdins about 1 screen away from mephisto and he should start spawning skeletons like crazy, have the 2 hdins hold shift and click to spam hammers, and it should instantly kill all skeletons. Go to act 1 when it begins to get laggy for about 5-10 mins and the lag will go away. When the lag is gone, bring in the leechers, then bring in the hammerdins and make them spawn again. Keep doing this untill ur the lvl u want to be.

Q: the leechers are far away from mephisto but he still spawns on the leech, instead of the hdins, what did i do wrong? how can i fix this?
A: the problem here is that the hammerdin entered the game before the leecher did making him the target (The "target" is the person mephisto makes the skeletons on). an easy way to fix this is to make ALL characters in the game go to act 1, and stay in the rogue encampment for 15-20 minutes. After that amount of time has passed, make both of the hammerdins rejoin the game,
this should fix it and make them the target.

Q: I cant trap mephisto in a house without dying! Is there an easier way?
A: there isnt really an easy way to lure mephisto into a house. the easiest way for me is to use my last wish for fade (That 1.11 assassin armor also gives it) then when im faded, i try to trick him by tele'ing around the entrances of (big) houses. I sometimes die, but it gets easier with practice.

Q: Which house is best? why do u choose big houses?
A: The majority of the houses are small, I prefer the bigger houses because it makes it ALOT harder for him to escape, and its a bit easier to trap him. The house i tend to always use is the one left of where wirts body is (the huge one near the lower-left secton).

*Lost[ipk] @ useast (aka Ben)

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02 Jun 2008, 02:20
well just to let u know u dont need at least 2 hammerdins.. u can perform uber trist with one if he is built right.. i know my hammerdin can solo guber with 8 ppl in game. but yes 2 is always better. :)
20 May 2008, 15:11
Just enter hamerdiners as last of joiners, if some join after just place a bonewall as usual in UT and give him party then, spawn will be still on hamers... [party in UT after bw]
02 Apr 2008, 21:49
25 Mar 2007, 15:28
It is not a bunch of lag -,- it's frameset geting pwnt, need to refresh map -,-
20 Dec 2006, 09:38
ty 4 the way to resolve the megalag
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