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Rune Dupe

Credit goes to everyone :) (specifically void and SSajin)

This method requires 2 people.

First person = PLAYER A
Second person = PLAYER B

PLAYER A should have the runes you want to dupe

PLAYER B kills PLAYER A exactly 15 times (count as you kill, it NEEDS to be 15)

PLAYER A drops the runes

PLAYER B picks up the runes

PLAYER A fills inventory with potions (to the brink)

PLAYER A picks up a dagger outside of town and holds it on their cursor (it's best to have this dagger ready)


PLAYER B exits the game (player a does NOT click esc to continue)

PLAYER A connection interrupted



The runes are not immediately perminant, you need to upgrade them to the next best rune to perm

3 Thul Runes + 1 Chipped Topaz = Amn Rune
3 Amn Runes + 1 Chipped Amethyst = Sol Rune
3 Sol Runes + 1 Chipped Sapphire = Shael Rune
3 Shael Runes + 1 Chipped Ruby = Dol Rune
3 Dol Runes + 1 Chipped Emerald = Hel Rune
3 Hel Runes + 1 Chipped Diamond = Io Rune
3 Io Runes + 1 Flawed Topaz = Lum Rune
3 Lum Runes + 1 Flawed Amethyst = Ko Rune
3 Ko Runes + 1 Flawed Sapphire = Fal Rune
3 Fal Runes + 1 Flawed Ruby = Lem Rune
3 Lem Runes + 1 Flawed Emerald = Pul Rune
2 Pul Runes + 1 Flawed Diamond = Um Rune
2 Um Runes + 1 Topaz = Mal Rune
2 Mal Runes + 1 Amethyst = Ist Rune
2 Ist Runes + 1 Sapphire = Gul Rune
2 Gul Runes + 1 Ruby = Vex Rune
2 Vex Runes + 1 Emerald = Ohm Rune
2 Ohm Runes + 1 Diamond = Lo Rune
2 Lo Runes + 1 Flawless Topaz = Sur Rune
2 Sur Runes + 1 Flawless Amethyst = Ber Rune
2 Ber Runes + 1 Flawless Sapphire = Jah Rune
2 Jah Runes + 1 Flawless Ruby = Cham Rune
2 Cham Runes + 1 Flawless Emerald = Zod Rune


- You will be tagged for 5-10 minutes after the c/i. Be patient.

- Don't pick up your bodies as you're dying

- Sometimes it doesn't c/i, but you freeze on the esc screen (if you're there more then 2 minutes without a c/i, press esc, if nothing happens, alt-f4 out of the game). It is STILL working when this happens.

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| [1] | 2 |
15 Sep 2008, 09:11
what means:

PLAYER A fills inventory with potions (to the brink)

08 Aug 2008, 14:11
Somebody knows if it still works? Or how?
Fake Detector
24 Apr 2008, 08:41
But don't public it ^_^
Fake Detector
24 Apr 2008, 08:08
ahhhh, kids. Think about it... Only d2 offers you 16x bodies. They patch it but you can use it in other way. For ex: They patched aura bug, but did they rly patched bug? no, only method and there is another works in the same way... There is very simple method but can you find it? If you're lucky or if you've brain.
TIP: You can dupe only runes.
12 Mar 2008, 14:03
this is a crap trick
1: if it would really work then not only rune could be duped..
2: drophack ~~ its nothing but a simple drophack.. and i think 1 player can have 16 bodies, not 15
02 Oct 2007, 12:16
FAKE DETECTOR said "works"
FDSFS said "doesnt work"



03 Sep 2007, 05:07
Can any1 confirm this still works?
22 Aug 2007, 15:41
i tried this 20 times it never worked once, its like if im telling u get a bow in ur hand and then write * im a noob * and u will disconnect

what will happen?

nothing will happen....

that method have been posted by someone who wanted to steal his friend that it
29 Jun 2007, 11:33
doesn't work
Fake Detector
23 Jun 2007, 21:10
Works. They will maybe patch it - 1.12
you're a retard
29 Jan 2007, 02:14
I love you say its always them and their friend that get this to work never you and some random person.

I don't know where you people get this crap from, I read all the steps very very carefully and player A which was my friend never got a connection interrupted we tried this 15 times and every single time nothing happened. So if this works then I will tell you what you need to come in the game and show me yourself.

29 Dec 2006, 19:16
Can sumone pls send me sum good trics, preferably video or pictures.

Ill send wut i know back if the tricks is good. i know alot of em=)
25 Dec 2006, 18:23
does it work really or not ?
19 Dec 2006, 17:11
dose it have to be a dagger?... or can it be any item like a sword??????
29 Nov 2006, 05:50
hey man can u plz send me a video clip of how to do this method properley thx mate
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