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Teh Dupe 1.11b

Quote (Scaretactic):
Hi Mates!
Me and my friend make it now public,because we will stop Diablo II with the new Ladder.
The Method is working since 1.9 and also known as a lag dupe,like the Merc glitch Dupe Method.
Ok here it is:
1)Get 1Java+1Boner
2)Go in Throne of Destruction and let Baal spawn the first wave
3)When the wave is spawned,take all the Monsters to the biggining to throne of destruction,the boarder
4)When all monsters are down the Boarder,baal will spawn the next
5)Do this with all 5 Waves
6)When Baal went into the Worldstone Chamber,get all monsters back in the Mainarea of the Throne and make Bonewalls around em,till no monster cant move anymore.
7)Now kill the first Wave,with the Java,the 2nd wave will come again oO
8)Do this with all Waves,and when the 5th wave will come again,game will MEGALAG and no exist

I think its because the server cant register,that baal went 2 times in the worldstone chamber

9)When game is mega lag,it will "no exist" and u can follow the steps of the merc glitch bug dupe~

It need about 10 mins i think~
The best is~> u can do it in norm

Goodluck and Have fun with it ~

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22 Jul 2006, 23:22
i know how not to work not this dupey glitch thing... all you know how work glitchy dupe explain tis glitchy dupe NOW!!!
22 Jul 2006, 23:09
f**king noobs , it work , try again
22 Jul 2006, 14:28
no, u are just noob ;)
22 Jul 2006, 05:41
baal cant spawn another wave of each monster if hes not in the throne room... i dont think this works at all... its all crap... the bugged merc dupe worked but now its patched... o well at least i got free dupes at of it...
22 Jul 2006, 05:35
ok can some1 who made it work explain this... after u get all these monsters to the front...
ok soo when u kill the monsters wid the java zon.. what java zon skill do u use and uh do u juss kill them all at the same time cus u cant kill like the first wave of monsters cus all 5 waves are all together... soooo some1 who made this work plz explain it??

22 Jul 2006, 05:28
use a taunt barb to get all the monsters to the front...
22 Jul 2006, 04:43
Eh... it's so hard to get that first unique monster: Clenzo the Annihilator to come out... any1 have tips on him?
22 Jul 2006, 01:20
lmao, impossible to kill just the first wave. I killed all 5 sets at once... and guess wut.. NOTHING HAPPEN'd
21 Jul 2006, 22:18
Don't Work it..
i'm 20Time's test
But, All Faild...

This Methods Not Work

This Method is Lie...
21 Jul 2006, 21:12
testing now... will reply within the next 3 hours
if works phrase the lord eh ?^^
21 Jul 2006, 15:05
After 2 times of trying, I finally got it to work!!!
Now with help of my friends,
i have duped 20ish sojs!
and of course HRs!
Just wanna spread the good news people!
Don't give up!
20 Jul 2006, 19:40
im lying its a scam to lose ur items
20 Jul 2006, 06:53
tell me how you do it on 10-15 min plz , i always need 30-40 min for dupe wtf?
20 Jul 2006, 05:42
and one more thing.. how do you resyche the game if it does work?? saying that somehow you pull it off and this does work.. the game would be to screwed to drop anything and xfer it . what you gotta do to settle lag..kill baal?
20 Jul 2006, 03:01
java and boner .. they cant do this alone. and even so i cant get the guys out. and how do you acuratly kill each group when 5 waves are trying to [email protected]#$ you?.. isnt there a less troublesome method? and why do ppl keep involving a sorc with telekenises someonw plz answer my questions

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