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The lag dupe method:

This is the description from Skull's site because I was too lazy to rewrite it 8)

This method has real crappy chances to work. Don't complain if you don't get it to work and DONT POST ABOUT IT. If you are annoyed about the small chances on success, then don't use this method and don't spam the forums with it. No one cares.

Oh... And don't start any threads asking for assistants. There is already a topic about that. All other topics about it will be locked.

Part I: The Setup

A preferred character setup is this:
1)A necro with high level bone wall and poison nova.
2)2-4 Javazons with decent psn javelin and at least one with good slow missile(6 is excessive and makes splitting hard).
3)A mule with 2 sets of cd-keys and D2 loader so they can run 2 D2s at once. (2 computers should also work)

Also, the mule should have a game waiting for him with a trusted friend where he can drop duped items.

Part II: The Procedure

1)Everyone enters a normal difficulty game (duh!) and make sure to have your fps and ping showing (do this by typing fps into the chat window in the game)
2)Everyone but the java with slow missile join one big party.
3)The mule goes and stands out in the blood moor about 10-15 yards out.
4)The javazon with slow missiles (not in the party) hostiles the entire party.
5) Everyone go out in to the moor about 5 yards.
6)Javazon with slow missile casts slow missile a few times while the necro surrounds the mule with an ass load of bonewalls. Once everyone is slow missiled invite the hostile zon into the party (just incase) and get everyone in the party.
7)Once everyone is slow missiled and the mule is surrounded in bonewalls, have the javazons start firing their poison javs. Try to stand far enough away that they leave a trail but close enough so you hit the bonewalls. Also try to get all the javazons hitting the same place as this makes the poison stack.
8)The necro should also start unleashing poison novas now if he has them.
9)Since this is normal the bone walls will fall pretty fast so have the necro keep remaking them as fit.
10)Your ping should climb into the thousands easily (I have hit about 4500 while doing this) Once you have build enough lag (Try around 2000 or so) have the mule log into his account with his other D2 and start trying to enter the game you are lagging to hell. He should get failed to join repeatedly. After a while, he should get game does not exist. When this happens join the game with your friend waiting. Drop the items in THIS GAME, not the lagging game.
11)You have now duped the entire inventory of the mule. When he disconnects the character should roll back and get his full inventory back while the duped items are still waiting in the game with his friend.
12)Dispense items among yourselves.

Part III: Notes

While this is possible with 1 java, 1 necro, and 1 mule. It is probably easier with at least one more java if not 2-3.

This still has a chance of failing even if you do it perfectly. We got out ping to over 4000 one time and the dupe failed. If at first you don't succeed (and your probably wont) try try again.

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01 May 2009, 14:42
is this patched for 1.12a?

if so, how did they patch it?
30 Oct 2006, 02:50
It sux like f**k, u cant even get 8 players to work vr u r self
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