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Dupe Method for 1.11b by Dark_Mage-

Please note that it is possible for Blizzard to take actions against your account for using this method.

This method is like the old lag methods. You'll need to join the same character in 2 games at the same time. It'll probably take 3 people to do this properly. To be able to join the same character in 2 games at the same time, you'll need to create a lot of lag. 

Blizzard denies that Hellfire creates lag but don't let them decieve you. They deny it because they don't want you trying this dupe method. It's true that Warden creates some lag but not nearly as much as Hellfire. If you haven't noticed, the realms have been getting worse and worse lately and I guarantee it is purely due to more people using this method privately. I'm at the point now where I can't even play the game. I have contacted Blizzard about the method and they obviously have not taken me seriously. Now, I'm posting the method to the public since it's apparent that Blizzard is only going to fix the problem when the realms are unplayable for everybody, and for an obvious reason they can't deny. I suggest you use it before they fix it. The great thing about this method is that you don't need a packet sender or any 3rd party programs. There's nothing for Warden to detect. 

Here's what you'll need: 
1. Amazon with Strafe 
2. Access to the Secret Cow Level 
3. Hellfire Large Charm 

Now, it's up to you on what else you will need beyond this. If your Amazon is uber, you might not need anything. If it's not, you might need a holy freeze merc escort or paladin, etc. 

1. Load up your Amazon with all the items you want to dupe. 

2. Make a game (Game A). Take your Amazon to the Secret Cow Level, round up some cows and start Strafing away. You'll notice hellfire going off all over the place.. that is until your game gets nailed by the huge amount of lag this generates. You need to maintain this strafe for probably a few minutes. It's better to maintain a slow, steady lag than huge bursts. The goal is to disconnect the game server from the realm server without completely dropping your game. You might want to use /fps to keep track of your ping and figure out where you need to maintain it to keep the game disconnected without dropping. Obviously, you don't want to kill your cow buddies since you need to keep hitting them to set off hellfire so a weaker bow with knockback might be best. 

3. From outside the game, have someone keep trying to join the game with the wrong password. If the game is still connected, you'll get the bad password message. If the game desynched, you'll get the game does not exist message. This is what you need. If you can get the "game does not exist" and you are clearly still in that game, you've successfully desynched the game from the realm server without dropping it. Now you're ready to dupe. It's important to maintain that desynch though so don't let up on the strafing just yet. If you stop, the game will resynch back up. 

4. Once Game A (the game you are strafing cows with to make lag) is desynched, on another instance of Diablo, log onto your Amazon and repeatedly attempt to join another game (Game B) with her. If you're successful, you'll still be strafing cows in Game A and you'll also be in Game B at the same time with the same character. You're almost home free. 

5. In Game B, dump all the items off your Amazon and have a mule character pick them up and hold on to them. As soon as you've dumped her inventory, Save & Exit her out of Game B. You've just saved your Amazon with an empty inventory but don't worry.. that will soon change. 

6. After you're out of Game B, in Game A slowly let off the strafe. Watch your ping go down and the game resynch back up with the realm server. You'll know it's back up when you try to join it from the outside with a bad password and you get the bad password message again instead of game does not exist. Once this has happened, you need to do something to cause a save on your Amazon. Have another character join and leave Game A to save you. Then, leave Game A with the Amazon. You've just saved over your empty Amazon with the full one. 

7. Create another game to check your Amazon's inventory and your mule's inventory from Game B. Both characters should have complete copies of the Amazon's inventory. Congratulations. You've just duped and you didn't use any hacks or anything so you should be completely invisible to Blizzard.

Anyway, to stop YOUR duplicated items from poofing, use the current temp-perm method. 

The Temp Perm Method will only allow you to keep your dupes for THAT game ONLY. You MUST repeat the Temp Perm Method for EVERY game in order for your dupes to never disappear. Also, Runewords that are made out of duplicate runes will not have to be permed. 

1. Open trade with someone. 
2. Quickly Save and Exit after trade window opens. 

Note that you must have your item on your body/inventory when you do this. YOU MUST DO THIS EVERYTIME YOU LEAVE A GAME OR THE DELETION FLAGS ON YOUR DUPED ITEMS WILL NOT BE REMOVED!

by Dark_Mage- from realmgx

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21 Oct 2008, 18:20
19 Aug 2008, 11:38
11 Jul 2008, 19:37
Guys plz, can any1 plz link me to a proper dupe hack that doesnt need 3ppl and can be easily done by one guy and withput andy keyloggers plz! I would really apreciate it!
26 Dec 2007, 20:20
You dont need two cd keys you need three people.... two people can login to the same account at the same time from two diffrent computers.. his goal is just to properly log one person twice into two diffrent games at the same time.
05 Dec 2007, 12:08
this sounds tight but i dont have 2 cdkeys -.- thats wats gay about this there a method where i can easily dupe by myself with 1 d2 window???
doood ??
28 Nov 2007, 12:26
how would u drop ur items and get them on a mule without someone staying in the game so the game doesnt drop out
13 Nov 2007, 02:56
ALL dupe methods that use lag have been patched since February.

There are no dupe methods at this time.
06 Nov 2007, 23:02
Hey all how do i boost my ping some 1 plz tell me?
28 Oct 2007, 04:21
is torch unid or no?
17 Aug 2007, 16:59
17 Aug 2007, 16:56
25 Apr 2007, 05:07
Hahaha some of your guys' comments are pretty funny!
09 Mar 2007, 02:20
This got patched with the meteor sorc/necro dupe method. G_G Blizzard
05 Jan 2007, 12:16
What Items become the duped 1s and which are the legit
05 Dec 2006, 02:59
yea how u make two windows of same game? two compus?
someone answer back....
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