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Diablo II Ultratech's Mod

Want a new experience to Diablo II?
Your looking in the right place!
This mod is designed to change nearly every aspect of the game to improve gameplay, dueling skills, and make Diablo II a lot more fun to play.
I extracted most of the files myself and edited them, and used a few sources to finish it off so it resembles all mods in one plus my extra bit of modding.

This mod does the following:

-Added programs to mod (Text editor can be found in Global>excel, table editor can be found in local>lng>eng)

-Added a few edited dll files to allow multiple D2 windows, games in color, and whisper in color [D2gfx.dll, D2Multi.dll, D2Win.dll]

-Added spamfilter because it's just awesome, and it's highly useful (This can block ANY text you want it to, in and out of game)

-Added failed to join fix dll (Getting failed to join sucks because the game basically locks up for a ridiculous 30 seconds, as if we are mentally retarded and take that long to realize we failed to join/create whatever, this reduces the delay GREATLY) [Plugin>ftjfix.dll]

-Added D2Loader (Not that it was required, but why not add it anyway)

-Super Healing and Super Mana inventory graphic changed into Perfect Ruby and Perfect Sapphire [Global>items]

-Clay Golem graphic changed to look like Izual [Global>monsters>G1]

-Act 2 Mercs are now Diablo (Thanks to for this one) [Global>monsters>GU]

-Added the option to change the lobby music [Global>music]

-Added my own introedit (This song Rox) [Global>music]

-New Town Portal graphic [Global>objects>TP]

-New cursor sounds [Global>sfx>Cursor]

-Changes in some character skill sounds [Global>sfx>Skill]

-Changes in monster voices [Global>sfx>monster, local>sfx]

-Custom character death sounds (If you know who Tourettes Guy is, you will like these) [Global>sfx>Combat>Player]

-Completely changed the user interface [Global>ui, local>ui]

-Changed startup menu text (Gives you a nice welcome) [Local>lng>eng]

-Added my mod tag in game (Just like NightLight) [Local>lng>eng]

-Changed DClone appear message [Local>lng>eng]

-Fixed an item text error (Apparently Blizzard spelled Rainbow Facet wrong in the original file..EIGHT TIMES -.- God this game was assembled so disorganized it's pathetic) [Local>lng>eng]

-Changed the Gem Activated messages (It's now just shows -----Screen Marker Placed----- across your screen, for clearing the screen or marking where you left off) [Local>lng>eng]

-All belts now have 16 slots (Instead of a Sash having only 8, it now has 16) [Armors.txt]

-Added ''Drop Skill'' to all characters (Appears as Inner Sight for most, and Attract for Amazons) [CharStats.txt]

-Removed rain from all levels [Levels.txt]

-Full light radius in all areas [Levels.txt]

-Removed all ''critter monsters'' from all areas [Levels.txt]

-Removed lava animation from River of Flame, Chaos Sanctuary, and Act 5 portals [LevelPrest.txt]

-Removed ear graphic on the ground to prevent hordes of them from covering the floor (It only shows up if you use show items key) [Misc.txt]

-Revamped all skill graphics (Charged bolts appear as quills, Blizzard has only Ice Bolt impacts, smaller fire on Meteor) [Missiles.txt]

-Changed Blessed Hammer to Guided Arrow (Reason should be obvious, easier to spot your own hammers and also has a more visible path) [Missiles.txt]

-Changed Barbarian Shout, Battle Orders/Command nova to Shockwave (You can tell when it's used because it's far easier to notice since it's white, and shockwave sets off as a little less laggy) [Missiles.txt]

-Removed most boss death anims (Andariel's fire, Shenk's rain) {What I didn't remove is shaking in some areas} [Missiles.txt]

-Added all monsters on automap (Alternate Monstats.txt) [Monstats.txt]

-Baal's Clone is now easily findable (He is also renamed to Fake Baal) [Monstats.txt]

-Summons can't be targeted (PvP use) [Monstats.txt]

-Allowed talking to Akara when she is out of town (Anti-Leader) [Monstats2.txt]

-Removed monster death anims, shadows and corpses [Monstats2.txt]
*Note: Just because there is no corpse, doesn't mean you can't summon. You just need to know where a monster died.

-Removed trap debris, necroskele debris, and others [Monstats2.txt]

-Removed useless objects such as those damn jars in act 2, all the torches blocking the way, and all the barrels (There is more) [Objects.txt]

-Made auras run smoother (I personally think some of them look crappy because they barely have animation) [Overlay.txt]

-Added Traps on the automap (So you can see where they are) [PetType.txt]

-Added Trap Icon (Shows you how many traps you have) [PetType.txt]

-All skills on left click (Except auras and kick; Auras don't work and kick blocks some functions on left click) [Skills.txt]

-Kick skill enabled (Used for knockback purposes, doesn't do any damage) [Skills.txt]

-Charged Strike and Lightning Strike can attack ranged (Shift click from anywhere, GREATLY improves power of these skills) {THIS is Farcast} [Skills.txt]

-Added a "follow skill" (Scroll of Identify can target allies like Holy Bolt, select this on right click and use normal attack on left click to follow) [Skills.txt]

-Allowed Bone Prison to target allies (What good is Bone Prison if you can't annoy people with it) [Skills.txt]

-Revives have a new look (This shouldn't lag anyone, it just looks awesome) [States.txt]

Diablo 2 Ultratech's Mod Download

Ultratech's Mod v2

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ask me
20 Nov 2009, 16:22
this mod is very good for players that are bord with diablo II
i would strongly recomend not useing some of the things it can do Online
like color wispering but still very cool to watch and some of it with 100% make you lol :)
18 Nov 2009, 15:41
hey how do i use this
06 Jun 2009, 23:08
What patch does this work for and how do i download it?
18 Sep 2008, 19:45
Chillax guy's. all this does is reduce lag by creating diffrent images for thing's in game. Pretty much all it is, is txt document's. There can no way be trojans,get you banned.
06 Sep 2008, 20:20
is it safe???
like no trojans or keyloggers?
please reply
Ask Me
18 Jul 2008, 02:06
27 Jun 2008, 11:02
Is this working?
Is it detectable?
Has anyone even tried it?

safe for online tested and work's
and rather cool too ;)
29 Jun 2008, 18:17
This is for SINGLE PLAYER.....
27 Jun 2008, 11:02
Is this working?
Is it detectable?
Has anyone even tried it?
28 May 2008, 13:37
15 Apr 2008, 23:36
can some1 lmk if this is detectable or not? thanks
06 Apr 2008, 10:28
Sounds great ;):P
07 Mar 2008, 00:09
has ne 1 tried this? is it detectable?
29 Feb 2008, 11:13
hmmmm sounds good good times goood times
02 Feb 2008, 10:56
Is it undetectable? If so i want to try it out for awhile XD
08 Dec 2007, 12:47
Its undetectable ?
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