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10 Feb 2008, 22:09
can someone help me? i wanna open diablo in window mode, plz help me!
25 Jan 2008, 19:46
I suggest this build for anyone that want to own in pvm and pvp.... the find potion barbarian. This skill is very underrated and needs to be used and maxed out on every barbarian. You need:

20 find potion
20 find item
20 grim ward
10 increase stamina
10 increased speed
20 war cry
i in all prerequisites

Stat points:
+50 str (enough for armor)
+0 dex (worthless)
+10 vit
+ All Energy (to find all the potions you need and to scare away all them monsters with grim ward)

Just basic items from monster drops on act 1 normal.

This flawless barb will never need potions EVER again. You are set for life. And you dont need to fight either.

please email me at to comment me on this awesome build.
22 Jan 2008, 00:42
hi is it possible for you to make a perf monarc phenix and perf grief colossos blade? I need them badly
07 Jan 2008, 17:42
Good story, but why are you showin' your story here and using trevor's name??
07 Jan 2008, 17:38
05 Jan 2008, 09:53
30 Dec 2007, 09:40
The story trevor. Trevor is a lonely boy, a homo in fact. His best friend is trent his cousin. Trent likes to look at Porn in grandmas basement while trevor guides the stairs. Trevor wears his guimp suit and watchs silently wahile trent "does the deed" and screams his franitc scream when grandma is comming. but one day gay trevor was lonely and decided he wanted to do the deed with TRENT! ewwwwww groosss but ne way he attacked him after freestyle sleading to the bottom of a hilll and kickin out trents knee caps. trevor then proceded to rape trent ewww gay trent ewwwww and thats how gay trever became gay trevor!
30 Dec 2007, 09:30
Trevor luvs to hump dogs in the butt?
27 Dec 2007, 23:10
27 Dec 2007, 17:47
ja pierdole
25 Dec 2007, 10:12
Where can i find Diablo 2 Map Hack for single player !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plsssssssssssssssss HELP !
21 Dec 2007, 12:49
Cara este site tem os itens corretos para quem curte testar itens no modo single antes de entrar no Arena Brasil...
21 Dec 2007, 12:47
Man this site have the correct itens to someone who wants to test itens uin Single player before entering Arena Brasil...
15 Dec 2007, 19:35
07 Dec 2007, 12:50
hi people give me goood hachs for D2
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