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Diablo 2 RedVex

Quote (FooSoft):
RedVex is a Diablo II proxy with plugin support. It supports plugins for all three types of Diablo II servers (chat, realm, game). To add a plugin simply add it to the "Plugins" folder and it will be automatically loaded at application start. I have included all of the source code to RedVex and the plugins in the hope that they will be useful to other developers.

To install a plugin, just download the archive and put the DLL file that it contains in the Plugins directory under RedVex. It will be loaded next time you start RedVex.

Updates for core version 3:
-Splited the core in a .dll (Proxy) and a .exe (Controls/Interface)
- New user interface
- A toolbar extension system
- Loading/Unloading of plugins while proxy is running (Don't load plugins while already connected to!)
- You can now change server ports (So you can use it with RedVex 2.5 on the same machine)
- RedVex can't run unless it's renamed and patched
-Added a wizard to configure RedVex

12 June 2007 - Changed the default ports
26 May 2007 - Fixed a game server/client mixup

Updates for core version 2.6 (Beta):
New in beta 3
-Fixed GetPeer()
-Added menu items will not be hidden.

New in version 2.6
-New plugins structure. Old plugins will NOT work!
-Support for other compilers than Visual C++
-Added a "Patch" program to kill checksum checks. Please drop RedVex.exe on it!

Updates for core version 2.5:
-RedVex now minimizes to system tray
-Added -plugins, -settings, -nosettings, -start (see readme)
-Optional FreeGameModule()/FreeChatModule()/FreeGameModule() plugin exports for custom module instance release (otherwise they get deleted as in previous versions)
-IProxy::GetPeer() allows access to the peer proxy (chat/game and chat/realm matching)
-Added links to official homepage and IRC channel in help menu
-Bumped SDK version to 2
-Misc fixes

Updates for core version 2.1:
-Implemented window class name randomization and removed mutex object check (for increased protection)
-Much more detailed status output
-Support for color customization in main window
-Fixed annoying bug with plugin directory search
-Various minor tweaks and bugfixes

Redvex 3.0.1 11-28-07
RedVex v3 Core (June 12 2007)
RedVex v3 Source (June 12 2007)
RedVex v3 Core (May 26 2007)
RedVex v3 Source (May 26 2007)
RedVex v2.6 Beta 3 (Update to 2.6 by Zoxc)
RedVex 2.5
RedVex 2.1
RedVex 2.0

Download Plugins:
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Quote (FooSoft) - Thu Mar 01, 2007:
Due to several issues that have been brought to my attention, I will no longer be working on or updating either the core RedVex application or plugins. Not to displair though! You may still find it (and all the released plugins) at the forums Zoxc has generously provided (including the full source, in case anyone wants to take over the project).


Official Site:

Follow these simple instructions to connect to via RedVex:

1) Select "Edit | Options" and pick the realm you wish to play on.

2) Select "Edit | Realms" then add a new realm, I called mine RedVex (doesn't matter though). Make sure it redirects to localhost. Pick the same value for offset as the realm you wish to play on.

3) Select "Proxy | Start"

4) Start Diablo II and pick the realm you added as the realm you wish to play on.

5) You should now be able to connect and play using RedVex.

After you install the plugins you can verify that they are being loaded by selecting "Help | About" from the menu, and looking at the about box:

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14 May 2008, 21:53
is this download detectable

and is it a baal bot? so it will run my own baal games?

10 Apr 2008, 01:01
omg i make new folder called patches cuz mine didnt come with one. i put the dll in it and put in magnet and lost sands. When i open redvex it says i have no plugins "(0 plugins, must have SDK version 3 or lower) but i downloaded redvex 3 core
02 Apr 2008, 19:14
redvex movie
26 Mar 2008, 20:57
check this
25 Mar 2008, 15:15
Why must there be an extra server?
Would be nice if someone could explain it, or at least someone gives a LINK to the forum or smth. this download-area-chat is quite inactive.

Is there a server to scam ur password/acc?
i realy cant use it, because it looks so easy to get my acc datas.
joe bluff
23 Mar 2008, 19:16

1. Have a folder called "redvex" with redvex.exe redvex.ini and a folder alled Plugins inside. if there is no Plugins folder, make one in the same directory that recvex.exe is in(just make a folder called Plugins and put the .dll in it)..

2.When you DL a plugin ( i suggest using plugins built for the version you have ) if it has a .ini file ( configuration file ) put the .ini file inside the redvex folder, and the .dll inside the plugins folder.

3. Load RedVex and if the plugin was built for the version you use, it will sow up inside the black box, listed numerically ( e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc. etc. )

4. If you want to change what realm you can play redvex on you go "edit" ( inside the redvex.exe program ) then "realm" then it should appear with 3 empty areas with "name", "address" and "offset" noew for the name you put whatever you want, doesnt matter, and for address you put "localhost" without the "" , now for the offset, put any one ofthe follow numbers into the offset box:

USWest= "8"
USEast= "6"
Asia= "-9"
Europe= "-1"

and then hit the add button, now turn off then on redvex, load diablo 2, go to the realm change menu and you newly made realm should appear, change to the new realm put the name and pass for the actual realm it is ( like, if you put the offset to 8 ( USWEST ) put in a USWest account and pass, and there ya go, a working redvex.

For plugin commands, you type ".help" this way redvex can filter the text you say so you dont look suspicious, and it will show a list of plugins and commands with examples.

Hope this helps as the readme that comes with is BAD.



Oh and For DJ,

Be carefull how excessively you use redvex, because for instance with the god.dll for controlling npc's if you use a movement more than once per 5-10 seconds the "warden" gets suspicious.

Oh and just a tale of my uses with this, after about 1 and a half hours of moving larzuk in act 5 , i got larzuk in the fridget highlands ( sorry if i spelt wrong ) so whenever i got some new gear i could sell straight away.

Hope this helps summore

04 Mar 2008, 21:28
Hey it work my redvex but i dunno wat to do with my plugins so some1 trach me plz
29 Feb 2008, 14:42
i get to Connected to
then nothin happends???
help me
29 Feb 2008, 00:38
what plugin is the one that runs baal for u
24 Feb 2008, 02:26
Redvex applocation errors, Visual runtime errors ne answers?!
Uhmm Help
24 Feb 2008, 02:23
Redvex applocation errors, Visual runtime errors ne answers?
23 Feb 2008, 19:09
Dont work... the only hack I trust now on d2 Closed is multiclient from
20 Feb 2008, 02:37
THIS has a keylogger. use c++ to find it. actuly friend did but still. all be aware how u think sites run with all thos items perm. little asian kids pick it up? no ppl like this site keylog ur diablo 2 account.
10 Feb 2008, 23:46
i installed it and i get a c/i after a while when i play
29 Jan 2008, 15:41
can get patch.exe to work. plz help me

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