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Holywaters God Mode Method

Quote (Holywaters):
Its made for, Edge of Nowhere,

Ok lets start
Here it is:
1)Get a WW Barb and ur Char
2)Do PP with the Barb
3)The Barb do WW in ur Char
4)Ur Char still hold Shift down
5)Now ur Char can stop holding Shift

Now you are God
Nothing can Happen too you!

GodMode for noobs movie
GodMode movie


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23 Mar 2007, 21:33
omfg what is pp and ww
23 Mar 2007, 09:36
Its YOU not u. Retards.
23 Mar 2007, 02:06
ok just for all the noobs here this gltich only works for magic ie blizz orb bone spirit hammer etc if u get melee attack ur f**ked and if u move off that spot ur f**ked :)
21 Mar 2007, 06:01
try using some f**king enlish next time shitface
Crisu Ioan Flavius
10 Feb 2007, 13:22
Salut smecherule.
04 Feb 2007, 15:00
can some1 tell me where 2 get dupe hack for closed 1.11....if u can thx =)
31 Jan 2007, 15:46
That f**king sux it dont even work. besides why use that bullshit when you can just use a UCE.
and the 'Video' + 'Video for noobs' Both f**king suck. want easy godmode download a UCE.
29 Dec 2006, 10:42
25 Dec 2006, 03:07
what a lammers pk in normal is really noobs struff lol,dont need ww barb to be god in norm diff u stupid poster........hope u die and eat shit pin head
08 Dec 2006, 01:19
ever wonder why ther are now so many dupes around? or why some ppl are paying gg for fcr gear.. heres why:

Before i get into the nittygritty of this, it DOES work, ive done it about 20 times (including this week) altho can sometimes be time consuming.
its basically laging a game out with bone wall necs, so u can join a 2nd game with same nec at the same time and mule gear off.

ok so
heres how it works
have 3 necs (u can do it with 2 but takes a whille) with fcr gear on or break point mod, good mana, and an insight. each nec gets all his summons, 20 skels 20 mages, and stand out on blood moor.
3 necs with all summons standin ontop of eachother, and all start casting bonewall madly for a loong time.
after about 15-25 min itl get really laggy, and around ther u can start trying to join the mule game with 2nd window on the same necro that is casting in the lag game.
ul get ftj a fair bit, but wen he gets into the mule game its quite a rush cuz gues wut uve just duped u drop ur items and leave the mule game asap, put items on mule
then u leave the lag game soon after , and items resave
1:3 necs casting in lag game (one of whom has the items u want to dupe, il call him bob)
2:joining mule game with the necro called bob, drop the items
3ut items on mule
4:leave lag game and items resave
05 Dec 2006, 03:47
What is Diablo??
04 Dec 2006, 07:39
Diablo2 download editor v1.42
28 Nov 2006, 08:19
i tried it out and it only works against elemental dmg ... (trappers, sorcs, etc) but if you move, its over.
28 Nov 2006, 01:57
All of you are gay, go die fagmeisters.
I hate Ohters
26 Nov 2006, 20:51
Holy Crap, there is idiots posting here... dont you have anything better to do? i really dont think so...
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