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The Standard Of Hereos Written by Glimjaur

That it is just a souvenir.

Lots of people are arguing that the Standard of Heroes is just a souvenir, something you can show your friends to prove that you have been able to kill the Uber-Bosses. This is almost verified to be the official use of the thing by a Blizzard moderator in a thread on the Battle.net forums (someone please link me to this thread). But in the same thread, he gave a clue that it "isnt the only thing that the Standard of Hereos" does.

That you can use the Standard of Hereos with a cube receipe.

Some people are spreading a rumor(?) that it is possible to cube the thing, this is a possibilty, but these recipeis are verified NOT working;
-To cube it with 3,6,9 or 12 Standard of Hereos.
-To cube it with Wirt's Leg.
-To cube it with Scroll or Tome of town portal.
-To cube it together with either body parts or the keys.
-To cube it together with the Hellfire torch.

Some people say that you can have it in the cube when making a runeword, that way making an "Hero" runeword. This seems like a rumor, but hasnt been verified false.

That you get any bonuses when having the Standard of Hereos in inventory.

It has been verified that you dont get any bonuses to any stats that can be looked up at this stage, it may be true that it adds to Magic Find or Gold find. But this doesnt seem especially truly.

That it can be used to open new areas.

One member on the Battle.net forums, clan_iraq, said in this thread that you can via "a special way" use 40 Standard of Hereos to open a new area where you can fight the Evil-Tyrael wich dropps an super elite small charm. This has been verified fake, since the screenshots is quite badly photoshopped. But that does not stop the rumors of going around.

That it has something to do with the mysetious Gem.

There are several versions of this theory, but nothing has been confirmed.

That it can be socketed in items.

This has been verified false, this cant be done.

That it can be sold to an NPC (ie Malah, Jamella, Cain etc.)

This has been verified false, this cant be done.

That it can be personalised.

This has also been verified false, this can not be done.

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