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Diablo 2 Fun

Early April Joke - Cube Buffer Dupe (1.11b) by Snarg

The horadric cube is a special item in d2 in that it contains its own item buffer. You right click and a buffer opens up, just like that. Most people know the buffer exists even if you dont have a cube. But a little known fact is even if you dont have a cube, there is a hidden buffer on your character that contains the space for the cube when you pick it up. It is a 2 x 2 slot designed for the cube so that it can be right clicked to open into the larger buffer.

This new dupe uses advanced packet injection to cause the game server to desync the state of your cube, allowing the cube buffer (not the contents of the cube) to be manipulated. Since the game server never expect anything except the cube to be in the cube buffer, it is not subjected to the normal buffer behavior. Most interestingly, it is possible to put a non-cube item into the cube buffer. When you take the item out of the cube buffer however, since the game server does not expect the cube to ever disappear, the item is not removed from the buffer. So you can just keep taking the item over and over again and dropping it to your inventory, into the ground or wherever you like! This dupe has to be the easiest in Diablo history and now it is public in the hope that a new ladder season will begin when this is patched.

To use, all you have to do is run Diablo II in windowed mode (use -w on the command line) then run the included .exe. The .exe will alter the D2 interface to expose the cube buffer as a 2 x 2 item store right on your screen. Then simply pick up the items you want to dupe and drop them onto the cube buffer, then take them out again as many times as you want! Unfortunately only small items can be duped as you are limited by the 2 x 2 item buffer size. Ever wonder why item stores mainly stock runes? Now you know!

Darawk wrote:

Nice Snarg. 

For anyone curious about the technical side of this dupe, the "advanced packet injection" technique allows you to bypass normal spamcheck restrictions. If you can recall way back to the dupeswap dupe, it worked by very rapidly swapping your weapons. Blizzard fixed this with a spamcheck on the weapon swap packet. Simple right? Well, not quite. 

The spamcheck only applies to discrete network packets - not discrete packets within the game protocol. Now, the normal programmer who's just writing code to wrap a pre-written network library probably wouldn't realize that there is actually a distinction between the two. And in some protocol setups, there wouldn't be(specifically, datagram protocols). However, D2 operates over a streaming protocol...which means that packets are sometimes collated into larger packets and broken down by the recipient. What does this mean? This means that you can actually send 2(or more) game layer packets, in one network layer packet...and then the server code will separate the two and handle them individually. The design error that the programmers made was to put the spamcheck's in place before the network layer packet is broken down. This means that we can potentially send multiple copies of the same packet that appear to the spamchecking code to be only 1, by collating them all into a single network layer packet. 

What this means for us is that, with the proper timing and calculations, we can bypass the spamcheck filters to some degree, and cause buffer de-synch's by exploiting the same underlying threading issues that allowed exploits like dupeswap, which by the way...should also be exploitable using this new packet injection technique.

cube buffer dupe - read below:

Snarg wrote:
Oh, hey, I made the whole thing up.

Early April Fools.

It just makes a small window and does nothing :)

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| [1] | 2 |
29 Nov 2006, 10:14
You noobs are f**king retards!
25 Nov 2006, 08:55
Only a nerd would think this is funny. Only a noob would fall for it.
25 Nov 2006, 07:07
did he really ask how to play with no sound?
1. press escape
2. options
4. now go back to runescape.
23 Nov 2006, 01:50
Omg newbs read red letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was JOKE!!! Early April Fools.
10 Nov 2006, 10:59
how the f**k do i personalize an item?? It is a runword that does this\??????????
help me plzzzzzzzzzz
09 Nov 2006, 04:14
wow i just lawl'd in my pants... goddamn noobs... lmfao this is hilarious
04 Nov 2006, 23:44
its a f**kin joke or wut?

damm fag box doesnt do nothing
28 Oct 2006, 02:43
24 Oct 2006, 22:22
21 Oct 2006, 03:28
18 Oct 2006, 20:36
HEEEELP!!!! WHAT MUST I DO TO PLAY IN WINFOW MODE ID DOESN'T WORK THE "-w" THING. PLZZ HELP ME I'M A NOOOOB :D....also can u tell me how to play D2 without sound??

Thx a lot guys :D
30 Sep 2006, 07:44
All you noobs realize that your IP is being recorded right? Rofl... like you even know what an IP is.
18 Sep 2006, 11:51
man u guys r fuking idiots!!

Snarg wrote:
Oh, hey, I made the whole thing up.

Early April Fools.

cant u see the whole april fools thing!!

i mean come on even noobs can read right?
13 Sep 2006, 22:26
i am clicking download, and my cube is no dupe no :(
pls help snarg pls i dupe cube :(
PvM Master
17 Aug 2006, 23:17
WOw Noobs come on. Snarg even
wrote in BIG RED LETTERS. "IT'S A JOKE. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the saddest thing ive seen in my life. Even if your not good at english, cough...bob.. Its not hard to understand. Want me to say in chinese, asaizn fool. IT DOESNT WORK


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