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Diablo II Quests
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Diablo 2 Quest Rewards
Diablo II Quest Rewards

Here is some more information on some of the more popular quest rewards.

Act I: Quest 5: Imbue
Imbue creates a new rare item out of the base item you want to Imbue. The stats of the base item do not matter as it is only used to determine what type of rare item will result from using Imbue. Also, the quality of the item used (Superior, Normal, Damaged, etc.) does not affect the new item. So don't waste your time looking for a Superior Item or for specific Defense because it doesn't matter. Any properties of the old item are lost when the new rare item is created. Your character level determines what magical properties your new rare item can have, so characters with higher levels have more, but not always better, options available. Consult the Magic Prefix and Suffix pages for a listing of Magical Bonuses and levels. Since the magical properties on the item created is random, you might not always receive a 'good item' from Imbue.

It's often best to save your Imbue and use it on an Exceptional or Elite Item.

Act V: Quest 1: Add Sockets
You cannot use the Add Socket Quest reward on Socketed Items.

You can only add Sockets to items that allow Sockets.

Normal items add the max number of Sockets depending on the item's level (this is determined by the level of the monster that dropped it) and the inherent maximum number of Sockets for the item's base type. So you may not always receive the "max" number of Sockets.

Magic Items will receive 1 or 2 Sockets with probability of either assuming that they are possible given the rules for normal. So you'll either get 1 Socket or 2.

Set Items, Rare Items, Unique Items, and Crafted Items add 1 Socket (1 Socket Max).

You cannot continue to add more Sockets with multiple "Add Sockets" rewards.

Act V: Quest 4: Personalize
Personalize adds your character name to an item, such as "Stormchaser's Frostburn Gauntlets". Keep in mind that items might lose trade value with a name on it if you decide to trade them. Some people don't want to look at other people's names on their items, especially if their name is "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii".

Act V: Quest 5: The Ancients (Experience Boost)
You cannot get credit for this quest unless your Character Level is greater than or equal to 20 * difficulty level. Where the difficulty level is one for normal, two for nightmare and three for hell mode.

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19 Aug 2009, 20:35
styy's a loser...
06 Nov 2008, 21:27
So? i'd rather it'd be copied and correct than BS-ed and wrong... thats when i'd be upset... so do us a favor... STFU YOU SAD NOOB!
26 Jul 2008, 04:15
pathetic, you just copied everything WORD FOR WORD as it is on arreat summit... for fvcks sake be original with your content you slimebag
11 Jan 2008, 22:01
24 Nov 2006, 21:34
thats mine above
24 Nov 2006, 21:32
All of the quests really don't have uch prizes to the just the fact that u can get a new skill. I think that when u beat a quest in a good mode like hell u should get better prizes like ELITE or UNQIUE aror or rings. That would make me do every quest.
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