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[Exploit/Program] Forgotten Sands Exploit

We had raports that xExploit is keylogged, howewer we don't have a proof and author Sheppard is known d2 programmer. If you can prove it send us an email.

Quote (Sheppard):

What the Exploit does:
It allows you to go to Forgotten sands, you would need an Key Set for it, but you can use the WP instead of throwing a keyset away.

Make sure you got the Canyon WP in Act Two!
The Dirty Little Helper will send the TakeWP Packet for you and leads you automaticly in the forgotten sands! This exploit will help you to farm Organ sets etc.

~~ xExploit ~~
Discovered: By someone else, not me!

How it works:
1. Make sure you got the last wp in Act Two!
2. Stay in act 5 next to the wp
3. Double Click on xExploit.exe, it will send the TakeWP Packet, and brings you to Forgotten Sands


Download xExploit.exe

   Log("Make sure you are in the 5th Act!");
   Log("Looking for the WP!");
   DWORD WPUnit =FindUnitByClass(429);
   if(!WPUnit) {
      Log("Couldn't find the WP!");
      return 0;
   UnitInfos pWP;
   Log("Exploit Sent!");

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| [1] | 2 | 3 |
10 May 2007, 03:55
Since it runs then turns off.... I doubt anyone will EVERY get banned for this. Only thing that can happen is it gets patched and it wont work anymore.
uduyry mod creator
09 May 2007, 21:31
I created the mod, put it on you tube..i uno y i could have been more rich..anywayz i dotn use oacket sending u can get banned.... peace out..
05 May 2007, 00:11
You idiots, Battlenet have never banned anyone from battlenet, they don't, they only patch them, i know cause i've used the detected hacks on battlenet to test, and i only got a warning, and i continued and i never got banned, so don't make that up, and also, D2 Event is the only source i can trust for diablo 2 hacks, so don't believe shit like that, i used to check for spyware when i downloaded, but now i know there's no point, cause everything is safe.
02 May 2007, 11:02
ich will saufen und cheaten
maxime hebert
01 May 2007, 04:16
i need this exploit
01 May 2007, 03:09
ive used newd2event for along time and it works -_-

29 Apr 2007, 15:05
not bannable u dumb random...
this is bannd abel
28 Apr 2007, 03:16
3 of my friends got band for useing this use at you own risk kk not trying to rune any fun but nay ways every one has this hack and is going 2 git band but the eyes arnt worth much sins this came out so yah dont use this or the wp hack for it cuz the wp hack also edits d2_patch file and can git you band
23 Apr 2007, 21:41
jus click on the waypoint, that the window opens then start the exploit
20 Apr 2007, 17:59
ich will cheaten
20 Apr 2007, 04:22
has this been patched? Or do we need anything other then the program? I have Canyon wp and started the program standing right next to the waypoint in act 5 and nothing happens :(.
17 Apr 2007, 19:16
This hack is a great exp boost for lvl 98 players, but again it's a hack so use at own risk.

In a FULL game at lvl 98:
Uber duriel gives 50k exp
Top 2 baal gives 55k

YOU do the math, that's levelling to 99 twice as fast, without the risks of lag in chaos and the lower 35-40k for diablo.

Other guys of note at lvl 98:
Minions: 10-11k (sad, yes, but true)
Nilathak: 8k
17 Apr 2007, 16:45
good job idiots who made this, think before you ruin the game some more..
17 Apr 2007, 03:00
we'll this hack is cool in many ways but if bnet did do a mass banning we would all be f**ked cause pretty much everyone would get kicked off.
16 Apr 2007, 17:01
Hey .. I have a Char of Eyes .. but Eyes are now nothing worth . xD

Is there a method for doing the same to Uber Andy or Izual ?? plz


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