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Flash Plugin

This module allows you to make the screen of other players flash in a very irritating sort of way (while at the same time preventing them from doing the same to you). You can use this hack to flash multiple people at the same time; flash victims are stored in a list. You can use chat commands to add, remove, list or clear this collection. When adding a person to the flash list, you have to specify a delay and count. The shorter the delay (it's roughly in milliseconds), the faster people get flashed. Going below a delay of 50 or so is inadvisable as it will likely get you a temporary IP ban. Likewise, flashing two people with a delay of 50 is equivalent to flashing one person with a delay of 25 - overdo it and you get yourself a realm down. If someone else starts flash hacking you, you may simply use the "protect" and "unprotect" commands to protect and unprotect yourself respectively.

Here is a list of all the commands for the flash hack:
.flash [protect]
.flash [unprotect]
.flash [list]
.flash [clear]
.flash [remove] [name]
.flash [add] [name] [delay] [count]

Some examples:
.flash protect (enable flash hack protection)
.flash add Najica 100 500 (adds Najica to flash list, she will
get flashed 500 times, pausing 100 ms between flashes)
.flash list (list all players currently being flashed)
.flash remove Najica (stops Najica from being flashed)
.flash clear (stops flashing all players)

Flash v2.1 (Updated to RedVex v2.6 by Zoxc)
Flash v2.0

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15 Jun 2009, 20:07
Hmm guys why i found a keylogger named 'Ardamax in this folder? ;)
But it's a nice idea xD Keylogger in Cheats^^
09 Jun 2009, 06:11
Delta's MultiHack v1.19 with Source

*NOTE: Before following the below instructions make sure d2 is closed!*
-Extract .rar into a folder, (Any folder you wish)
-Open d-M1.19.exe
-Choose your d2 path (Ususally c:/windows/program file/Diablo 2)
-Diablo will then open and you should see d-M 1.19 at the bottem right, you will then know its loaded.
-Before logging in make sure you erase your account name in the box and re-enter it with all CAPS, type in your password with all caps also and then turn caps off.
-Join a game and press 1 on the numpad
-A list will come up and you can scroll up and down with NUM 4-5 (4 Being up, 5 Being down)
-To select an option press NUM 7

***Known Bugs:
-On macs, d2 tends to shut down with an error, im not sure due to the fact that i am a
windowns user.
-After enabling spam blocker refrain from squelching someone manually**.
If you find any other problems please contact me

*NOTE: These features can be disabled and enabled from the in-game menu*
-PS-Maphack(Means its not a client so its undetectable)
-Spam blocker(automaticly squelches spammers, the feature goes by the level and intervels, so when a level one joins in a hell game and says a really long message, its automaticly squelched before it can keep spamming)
-Connection Inturrupted Reducer (Basicly it blocks d2 from viewing your real ip and it gives a fake one, so when you do get a CI, just log off and log back on and your back on the realm.)
-Magnet Pickit (You know all those bots that can pick up items before they hit the ground? Well now you can be faster then them, i stole the source from magnets pickit and just edited it to be better the bots pickit is set to 0.2, this one is set to 0.1)
-Warden Watcher (When warden is on and scanning you this will let you know and ask if you wish to disable all features immediatly.This comes in handy!)
-iLvl Viewer (View the ilvls of items)
-C-Viewer (Enables you to view other people's gear)

If you have any questions or any suggestions on future versions please contact me at

Have fun everyone!


me 2 i nid help
29 Nov 2008, 12:21
i now alot of things on diablo 2 with the cube ... like 3 rings in the cube macks 1 amulet and 3 amulet in the cube macks 1 ring
14 Sep 2008, 23:29
autoteleport is now working for patch 1.12
14 Aug 2008, 08:52
why do people waste their life making shit like this. gg i hope d3 won't be full of annoyings f**ks lik this
10 Jun 2008, 04:14
Ok, so this happened to me and my friend, but the thing is, is that somehow, he got pretty much all the info possible from us. He knew my irl name, he got both our passwords, hacked my friend of 3 chars before i changed his pass. and then changed my pass, but he didnt get to move on to my account. any idea on how he managed to do this?
Officer shrinkwrap
25 Feb 2008, 17:11
If someone used this on me, id follow them arround in every game every time the hxzor logged into a pubbie.. and telestomp him to death with BM summon nec all day long.
01 Feb 2008, 04:36
Hola all noobs out there. Let me make this thing clear to you.

This is a PLUGIN for Redvex (Redvex is a proxy program) to use THIS PLUG you have to get Redvex first. You can download redvex at:

I'm not going to tell you how to install redvex cuz it's that simple :) the link should contain the installation information.

Now that you have the Redvex installed and this pluggin loaded you can start flashing other peoples screen :) but remember you must be in the same zone with the victim, example if you choose your victim Bob and hes in act 1 you have to stay in act 1 too.

The uber flashing formula for nabcakes .flash add NAME PAUSE_BETWEEN_FLASH HOW_MANY_TIMES

So if i want to flash bob after every 1 second for 540 times, i have to type the following:

.flash add bob 100 540

If i want to flash bob after every 0.50 seconds and for 100 times i type:
.flash add bob 50 100

If i want to flash bob's screen after every 0,25 seconds and for 200 times, i type the following:

.flash add bob 25 200

simple huh? and it's hell irritating :P i used to screw around with this in baalruns.

HF nabcakez

05 Dec 2007, 11:38
i have it down loaded what do i do now??
21 Nov 2007, 09:35

dis is really fucnk funny
10 Nov 2007, 22:46
Can someone give directions like i just download it but then what do i do? Someone help please
pretty good
21 Oct 2007, 19:18
17 Oct 2007, 20:28
How do i use this ?
ask me
17 Jul 2007, 12:54
i think its good but it needs something els my idea is cool i think they should add .flash add p flash hole party so u get all the drops from boss and that would be easy as well apart from that its only realy good vs noobs in duels ^

i still like the facet i can make others leave game just set it to 25 100000

never stops XD they give up in the end

ty to maker zoxc
08 Jul 2007, 22:02
Cheap Hack, Who ever made this should be killed. Some people out there will have epilepsy and this is dangerous for them i would think.

Blizz will patch this soon, If they can,,
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