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Diablo 2 Auradin Glitch
QUOTE Snarg: This was originally posted by OoOoO however his post appeared to be in Klingon and would make your eyes hurt trying to read it. Below is the method, but it is now much easier to read. This stacks the aura each time the trade fails (due to re-equipping the items). After a few trades you have several stacks of, say, level 15 Holy Shock. Enjoy!

You need two characters:
A - Main character, with Dream shield + Dream helmet + item to "trade" in inventory. For example, a healing potion.
B - Mule character, with full inventory.

Character A opens trade with character B.
Character A puts healing potion in trade window, hits "ok".
Character B hits "ok".
Character A is now bugged. You may repeat as often as you like.

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27 Jan 2010, 23:44
Lol auradins are mad fun if u wanna pk people and watch them cry and gg combo for them is not only to get stacked but to use some sorb gear with high charge dmg and AR scs with max block rate my friend had a foher/aura he was so godly it was ridiculous yall shud try :)
08 Dec 2009, 09:35
is this glitch working on 1.11b ?
25 Aug 2009, 12:04
Does It only work with Dream for the glitch or it work with HOJ and Dragon?
02 May 2009, 23:42
r9 v1.0 Ladder Slasher Bot

Ladder slasher - D2jsp

This is finally one that wont get you caught, ive made multiple delayed reaction
times within lines, so now it just looks like a regular person clicking around, if you
really wanna be extremely safe you can add even more intervels in the config.

-Program can be running while also play D2 or Other Games, Only thing you CANNOT do is run
a baal bot, meph bot, etc while having R9 bot running in ladder slasher, this will be soon
fixed in the next version.
-You Can set the life of when you want your character to run away and heal.
-Bot will wait and make sure health is regenerated full untill next fight.
-Every 3 hours it will refresh the page for pauls Anti-cheat purposes.
-Pickit is also available while running the bot or just playing manually in groups so more items!
-Muling is available, After a set number of fights is set your main character will transfer picked up items to your mule.
-More Features to come

Download link:
15 Apr 2009, 21:07
does stacking only work on the auras for items or also on the person?
The Big Penzor
29 Mar 2009, 09:24
Well, if you know how stacking works, you would know why it only works w/ damaging auras... It doesn;t give you One lvl 2xxx aura.. it gives u many small auras.. For example, you stack 2 dreams.. that means you have x lvl 30 dream auras, where x is the number of stacks.. The enemy is being hit w/ many auras at once.. For auras like thorns, ur pretty much giving ur merc many thorn auras, but the return damage is the same
bitch fists
09 Feb 2009, 02:43
i have 2 auradinsthat stack drop games in hell most bosses in 1 hit ez as for the stackin trieds to make thorns cleric the same way bramble+lawbring but noticed that even when stack 50+ time thorns return dmg stays the smae when attacked by pvp or pvm also the dmg and knock back caused by lawbringers sanct aura does the same as unstacked so my question is can u oly stack holy fire freeze and light?
10 Jan 2009, 04:44
wats a ist rune going for on us east ladder
08 Nov 2008, 06:07
thul and sols need a chipped gem or somthing
05 Nov 2008, 17:04
When u join a new game the stacked aura is gone, can u do so the bugged aura is always on?
07 Aug 2008, 03:11
y cant i fuse three thul runes? or three sol runes?
plz write back :P ty
05 Jul 2008, 04:08
wow you guys, like little dogs barking at each other. cheer up d3 is coming out!

04 Jul 2008, 08:40
Weird, my friend can stack without trading with another player. How did he do that? He wouldnt tell me how =/
25 Jun 2008, 01:31
first off auradins blow ass and second tek ur a fagit, and third eat my bean bag u f*****g homos lol
19 Jun 2008, 07:23
omg legacy force trade.... It's a virus you weetard
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