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Character Guides - Druid

Elemental Druide Guide by ^^Brian^^
Fury Werewolf Guide PvP by JustDieFool
Guide For Pvp Wind Druid by JustinPeters
Pvp Fire Claw Druid by Victor/120767
Pvp Wind Druid by AzN_EleMentZ
Comprehensive Elemental Druid Build by Spechul

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29 Dec 2008, 16:31
I like more wolf feral rage poison :P
02 Nov 2008, 17:18
A Druid is kick arse near the end but a shit start i like being the druid but never ever try the.............................SORESSERS she sucks and cant fight if you try to level by just hand to hand until a sertan level be druid\Assasin\ Barbarian they are good oh and necromancer
16 Oct 2008, 02:43
say hello
26 Mar 2008, 20:38
Elemential druids rape, dont duel them
10 Nov 2007, 09:51
i want the player making software shadow master
ur mom
26 Oct 2007, 21:03
ii looove elemantal druids
05 May 2007, 08:36
hi hd
i need a warewolf guid
06 Apr 2007, 23:35
can u please make a supper godly ware wolf char i need it for pvp
keke u giv soj ~~
09 Feb 2007, 11:41
06 Feb 2007, 05:19
how to get corruption charm
23 Dec 2006, 18:08
who is shape shifting skills i will have shape shifting skills

12 Dec 2006, 04:59
This is a kick ass elemental build:
This is a build to make an Armageddon Druid which focuses on Armageddon while casting other fire spells.


Strength- Strength should be up to 156 so that you can equip Heart of the Oaks/Stormshield for the second slot and Earth Shifter for the main slot.
Dexterity- Up to 35 so you want to use Heart of the Oaks flail.
Vitality- All the points into this after you get strength to 156.
Energy- Base. You really don?t need much mana since Armageddon lasts about a minute.

Firestorm- (20 points) Synergy skill for Armageddon. Also good for damage around normal games. It spreads out in a V shape.
Molten Boulder- (20 points) Another synergy skill for Armageddon. Another good skill for damage.
Fissure- (20 points) Very important synergy. Max this out first if you can. It will make Armageddon last much longer.
Volcano- (20 points) This will probably be your main casting spell when Armageddon is going off. This does a lot of damage when you max it out.
Cyclone Armor- (1+ points) This will probably help in hell with all the elemental attacks. I put the rest of the skill points left over in Cyclone Armor.Another substitution for Cyclone armor can be Oak Sage.
Character Equipment

I put an Um rune for extra 15% resist.

When you are looking for Mara's try getting All Resistance 25+.

Any Enigma is fine. But don't go for Enigma that requires more than 156 strength.

Instead of Earth Shifter, you can also do a combo of Heart of the Oaks and Stormshield. Also, the ED doesn't really matter.

SoJs are definitely needed because the druid has a base mana.

Arachnid is the only belt that offers faster cast rate while giving 1+ all skills. Best belt for casters.

Either try getting Silkweave boots or Tearhaunch. I prefer Tearhaunch because of the resists.

Druid Stats with Items

Fire druid are pretty easy to play with. All that you are required to do is cast Armageddon and run around avoiding damage while your mercenary becomes a meat shield.
Keke uGiv SoJJ??!!!11
24 Oct 2006, 13:58
Tell me ppleaseeee??
Keke uGiv Sojj !!!!!!1
19 Oct 2006, 18:32
How do i place a guide here??
28 Sep 2006, 21:52
HeY YA Sucka"S ;))
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