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Tppk Plugin

Tppk is a hack which allows the player to take advantage of a flaw in Diablo II's player hostility system, allowing them to kill hardcore players with ease. Basically, the PKer shoots a series of projectiles (ice blasts, tornadoes, bone spirits, etc) at a friendly player, opens a town portal, goes to town, and hostiles their target before the projectiles pass them. If this is done right, the projectiles will hit and kill the now hostiled player. This module allows all of these steps to take place in less than a second, maximizing the chance for success. However, this hack can be used without the hostility functionality as well for simply an ultra-fast town portal that can be used to escape dangerous situations.

Upon running Tppk for the first time a file called "Tppk.ini" will be created in the RedVex directory. It will contain the following default settings which
can be modified by you:

This is the skill that will be the trigger to cause the tppk plugin to activate. When this skill is selected (you don't need to use it, just select it via hotkey), you will cast a TP, go through it, and if necesssary, hostile all of the players in the current game. This will happen extremely fast. This value defaults to 3, which is the unsummon skill.

This setting determines whether or not all of the players in the game should be hostiled when the player enters town through the fast TP. By default this is on (after all, this is a tppk hack), but you can optionally choose to disable it by setting it to 0, if you just want to use this module as a fast TP hack.

It is pretty easy to use this Tppk module - just make sure that you have a town portal tome in your inventory, and that you have the "Unsummon" skill hotkeyed (or whatever you set the "TriggerSkill" option to). When you are outside of town, press the hotkey associated with this trigger skill, you will instantly go to town and hostile everyone. Your projectiles can now hit and kill other players if they were aimed before you town portaled.

Tppk v1.3
Tppk v1.2 Beta (Updated to RedVex v2.6 by Zoxc)
Tppk v1.6

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14 Apr 2007, 09:53
In the log. (d2messages.log) appears this:

"I am evil! I just tried to pk you with my tppk module."

This can ban me :(
07 Mar 2007, 02:47
Is there a way to change the trigger? It interfears with the use of my RA.

01 Mar 2007, 20:05
Why dont u create yur own daibloii while are at it.. then u can play game 'PK' allnight by yurself! Be damn sure i report yur accounts to blizzard when i see it in action. Yur faces wont be smiling when u read that yur account is closed [8] , lol!!
18 Feb 2007, 21:59
how do i change the trigger skill to lightning on my sorc its set to 3 but what do i set it to so its not unsummon?
13 Feb 2007, 17:44
how can i get that damn ini file ?
05 Feb 2007, 11:13
Yeah i didnt get the .ini either...could it be because im using a shortcut?
05 Feb 2007, 00:33
redeem yourselves
play dII hc and die from my hands
Muhahahahahah :P :) :D (';')
04 Feb 2007, 08:49
Wow, what the fack. Honestly, people. Pathetic. You all suck ass because apparently you can't get a legitimite pk.

Congratulations, faggots.
19 Jan 2007, 03:26
i want ppk hack
yeah yeah
16 Jan 2007, 20:41
I agree with u death
14 Jan 2007, 23:01
TPPK is a very nice tool, why we don't have old WPPK :( <- This was really nice hack.

Finally working tppk! thx

14 Jan 2007, 08:17
ok you f**king pieces of shit who use this thing...

I spent 3 weeks getting two chars absolutely f**king perfect...and you punk ass bitch boner necro f**ked them both up at the same time with this tppk shit.

I hope you seriously get f**king raped up the ass by your parents or something.

You have no god damn life...and in all should probably just jump off a building or something...would definitely make the world nicer.

if you want to go PVP...fine...but be straight about it...this SURPRISE PK shit is cowardly.

If I knew you in real life as this kind of backstabbing person I'd break your f**king legs.

go f**k yourselves.
13 Jan 2007, 23:36
suck my dick blizzard, with ban ip ;)
13 Jan 2007, 17:57
I never got the Tppk.ini file
13 Jan 2007, 00:18
Its still undetectible on bn :)


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