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Character Guides - Assassin

PvP Hybrid by Allexander Witt
Martial Arts: Claw/claw Pvp Assassin by HellBoundMidget
Complete Pvp Ww Assassin Guide with dueling strategies by xu-godx
Trapper / Ww Hybrid Sin Guide by xu-godx
Trapsing Guide by ^^Brian^^
Guide For Pvp Trap Assassin by Gauss�
Pvp Kicker! by JustDieFool
Pvp Trapper Guide by makaveli7
The Ghost-ww Assassin Varient by Kodachi_Ysaane
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17 Apr 2010, 14:38
assasin character

11 Dec 2009, 12:44
need help to how i make a good kick assassin
20 Oct 2009, 00:02
lol my assassin i will guarantee can beat any other assassin provided it isnt hacked, i havent hacked mine, i just have all the right gear.
19 Oct 2009, 21:46
hey i cant find any info about uber assa-.- help me pls
05 Jun 2009, 20:28
Lol Liquidator is so playing single player >.>

30 Mar 2009, 01:56
i have an assasin lvl 76. very strong.
18 to shadow master, 18 to death sentry etc bout 18 to all skills except blocking and passive blade mastery which is like 31 or something like it. i have full Iratha set, and sigon armor and boots. 2 manard rings, and 2 claws which have 300 poison dam over 3 seconds, 150-170 fire damage, 200-250 cold damage and 100-200 normal damage. one of my small charms gives me a bonus 500 damage on both max and min, and 1150 poison damage over 10 seconds. LOL. if anyone wishes to have a look at her contact me i will take some screenshots for u to show you.
22 Dec 2008, 04:18
Trap Sin Guide

After years of gameplay, I find my trap sin to be the most fun & rewarding character out there.

The following is a trapper build that I have rigurously tested, and never looked back on! Please take into acount that I use this sin mostly as an mfer, but also owns in duels when the ocasion arises.

1 - Burst of speed
1 - Fade
1 - Mind Blast
1 - Shadow Master
20 - Shoking Web (prereq)
20 - Charged Bolt Sentry (prereq)
20 - Lighting Sentry
20 - Death Sentry
rest - Dragon Talon (or Fire Blast)

BoS and Fade are something you wont be able to live withought once you get used to them. Shadow Master is a great decoy, and Mind Blast is a must for duels!

Dragon Talon is great for dealing with Light creates those few corpses needed for your Death Sentry to take action. Alternativly you can invest the rest of your points into Fire Blast, which damage wise would be more effective, however I find Dragon Talon more practical. (personal gameplay preference)

Shako (Socket-pTopaz = 74%mf)
Enigma (I use Dusk Shroud)
Hoto (Best resis you can get)
Spirit Monarch (fc dosnt matter)
War Trav (mf+Good Kick damage)
Chance Gaurds (mfer rememeber)
SoJ + magic 40% mf ring
Sin Torch
8 Trap Gc's (Only use 2 when mfin)

Like most caster builds...As much STR you need to uses Enigma (remember Torch+Anni). And the rest to VIT.

It will take some practice to master a trapper, and I wont be going into detail on how to Duel in this guide, but main tactic vs monsters is 4 Lighting Sentries and 1 Death Sentry...Great crowd control.

NOTE: Your trap laying speed is determined by you attack speed NOT faster casting rate...You will notice this when you use Burst of Speed.

An Act2 merc with Defiance goes a long way.

Merc Gear:
- Infinity, its an extention of your sin. I cant even begin to expalin how it effects your ability to kill monsts. A must!!!
- Fort Armr, this will insure he tanks almost aything (with defiance), also lets him deal great damage.
- Vamp Gaze. this is personal preference, I only gave him this for the life leech...its optional.

In conclusion, this build is capable of great mfing and still challanging the best of em out there.

Hope this Helps
25 Sep 2008, 03:52
well for me my assassin built is the best than the rest hehehe because i built it with my heart like assassin they have a heart...... isnt it?
22 Jul 2008, 00:57
dont understand a shit of this, so ill post a quick build in here:


-tiger strike 20
-venom 20
-bos 14
-blade shield 1
-prereq 1

-passion (divine scepter)*
(rune sword or knout will do too)
-trang gloves
-angelic amu+ring
-string of ears
-duress (dusk shroud)
-sanctuary (dragon shield)
(tiamat's rebuke is nice too)
-vampire gaze

*i don't think the +zeal scpeters will work, because it says pala only, but the weapon has the best dmg for fastest weapon

please discuss your opinion here
i didn't build this char yet, so, i'm not sure of this thing works:p
feel free to experiment
22 Jul 2008, 00:45
this morning i had the crazy idea to make a zealer sin...
build out a quick build for lvl49 pvper...
want to have ppl that look at the sin and go 'aww? lvl49 with no claw? must be a f**ked up trapper' and than boom;) there dead
anyway, put suggestions at the build... ill try to post it now:)

21 Jul 2008, 14:42
21 Jul 2008, 14:39
download diablo
27 Jun 2008, 05:13
I don't care of all 'cause i only take good stuff like to get these things:

-Full Hit points
-100-150% FHR
-100% FCR (For casters exept sorcs)
-no strenght (anni & torch will have enough)
-skill gives godly synergies
-A lot of AR (for melee)

Try to have like 70% FCR on a barb and Full FHR on a concentration one.
Don't forget to have a lot of hit points! My Barb got 9k and 250% FHR on him. Igot Killed 2 times only.

I called my classes: Personnal characters.
19 Dec 2007, 19:53
this build sucks. I bet i can beat it with my build sin...
24 Nov 2007, 22:42
One thing I notice out of all these guides is that no one is really focused on FCR. FCR is one of the most important things to a fire trapper. BOS gives trap laying speed so why would I want to overkill myself in IAS?

sin circ with fcr
2/20/20, if you can find perm one...

weapon: HOTO or spirit sword (35% fcr only)

sheild: spirit (no brainer) 35 fcr a must

belt: spider mesh (20fcr) +1 to skills

armor: enigma (no brainer)

gloves: magefist (20 fcr +1 to fire skills)

boots: treks or wartravelers

2X fcr rings

1 fcr ammy

now after you max all your fire traps...LOAD UP MINDBLAST

with your fcr will not only keep people away from you, but if you circle them in traps and mb the hell outta them, THEY ARE SCREWED!

MIND BLAST IS AWESOME (good to for nking noobs)


Your traps will still do about 1.5k-1.8k which is plenty to kill people and really pissem off!
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