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Bow Assassin Guide

I've been in games dueling, people have loved my Bow sin. I have been recomended to write a guide on it so, now I am doing so.

Basically poison Kills, the more + skill the better.

Basic Gear.

Best to get high ed For More physical damage. The bow it'self doesnt do a whole lot of damage thus more + guided won't do much here.
Socketed With -5%/+x Facet.

2 Choices

5/5 Faceted. This because of the +2 Skills, Life, Mana, Stats, 10% Dr.
2 Socketed coa.
Dual 5/5 Faceted. Reasons being, More - resists, Damage Reduction, Skill, resists, **faster hit recovery**

2 Choices.
Depeding on your life/mana Preference.

Verdungos. Damage Reduction, Vitality.

Bramble. +% Poison Damage +5% Max Cold res 100% Psn Res 30% Fire Res.

Trangs Gloves. 25% Poison Damage 20% (I believe so) Cold Resist.

Shadow Dancers. +2 Shadow Disciplines (more poison Damage) + 20-25 Dexterity (Damage) Faster hit Recovery
9-10 Shadow Gcs (you may want 1 slot for extra Arrows)
Annihilus (high res is a must it is hard to get res on this build.)
9x Resist (single or all)/ Life Or FHr Scs (I'll post breakpoints later on)

Precast Claws
+3 Shadow Claws 2 os with dual +5 Facets
If you can find em +3 Shadow with +3 Venom/ 3 lightning sentry 1 or 2 socketed with +5 facets.

If you really want.... switch off those claws with cta/lidless.

Be able to reach 167 Strength with Entire equip on (Shadow Dancers)
Be able to reach 149 Dexterity with Entire equip on (Widow Maker)
Everything from their on out into Vitality.

Skills to Max
Venom... Main Damage Skill.
Mind Blast... Usually will get the kill. Firing arrows repeatedly and mind blasting them when their life drains to 1 from poinson, Mind blast gets the kill.
Shadow Master... Ever wanted to pk someone standing right on the edge of town? Shadow Master has the ability to attack in town. (when someone you are hostiled with is close to the edge) It also has the ability to tank, do extra damage and be an over all decoy.

10 skill poits into Burst of Speed... Face the facts, this build won't allow you to teleport. You Get IAS from burst Increased Run Walk From burst, What else to ask for?

With 70 skill points being all you need to run this build properly, you have some choices.

Integrate Traps. Who isn't scared of traps? They will run at you, see 5 traps sitting in place for them, And run away. giving you more advantage on them to get more arrows and mind blasts on them.

Get blade shield, useless but looks cool.

Completely wast the rest of your skill points which you will have max'd all of your pvp skill by level 70.

Good luck with this build, and let me know if you like it.

I've not had any problems with any character class except for elemental druids. Poison is NOT absorbable, but they still carry massive resists.

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