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| botNET | beta v0.5.0.x | botNET Bots | botNET MultiKilla |
| botNET Utilities | botNET Libraries | botNET Applications |

botNET Bots

MultiKilla RC 0.1.7
[356 Kb]

Very nice core version.
MultiKilla RC 0.1.6
[355 Kb]

MultiKilla RC 0.1.6 is out, some minor fixes, runs a tad smoother.
MultiKilla RC 0.1.5
[350 Kb]

Getting better. Not using botNET.Common anymore so hopefully that'll be better. Small issues still exist. Still need a real stasher and I'll have a MultiKilla loader ready soon. There are no known core crashes if you're running 4.2.12.
AgMephBot 0.2.0
[368 Kb]

Getting better. Not using botNET.Common anymore so hopefully that'll be better. Small issues still exist. Still need a real stasher and I'll have a MultiKilla loader ready soon. There are no known core crashes if you're running 4.2.12.
[268 Kb]

This bot actually LeechUP the experience frm baal runs.
You need :

Pathing 1.4.0
botNET (Dohh)
Screens 7.7.* (lastest)
MultiKilla RC 0.1.4
[347 Kb]

New, crashes with 4.2.11, hopefully a new core soon. Use 4.2.8 for now.
MultiKilla RC 0.1.3
[342 Kb]

Finally, a stable MultiKilla release candidate. This will work quite well.
[3 396 Kb]

On behalf of IProto, here is his source. THANKS IPROTO.
[614 Kb]


This bot is designed mainly for the intent of performing countess runs. There is also a secnodary option to run to Andariel instead. As it was not designed for Andariel I do not offer much support for that feature at this time.


- Diablo II LOD running in windowed mode and maximized
- D2Loader with an empty plugin directory or using -noplugin option
- .NET Framework
- botNET 0.4.0
- botNET.Screens 0.7.1 (included)
- botNET.Common 0.6.3 (included)
- botVector (included)
- botNET.Pathing 1.3.1 (included)
- INITest.dll (included)
- D2INI.dll (included)


Extract all of the files in the zip into your botNET folder making sure to keep the same folder structure as in the zip file. As simple as that to install.


Once installed, modify the following files:


Both files should be very self explainitory. If you would like to have this auto load when you start up botNET then add the following line to your botNET\botNET.Assemblies.Load.cfg file:



- Will continue to just stand in town while tring to drink potions from inventory.

- Will continue to just stand in town with an overhead of "In town heal" over the character. This is a botNET.Common bug which I will bug kasb to fix.

- Sometimes will go back to the character selection screen after a run.
IPFinder 1.3
[357 Kb]

IPFinder is a little bot, handy in finding games on desired ip address.
Bot uses advanced botting engine called botNET, it just runs within it.
Main functionality is:

- works minimized
- restores d2 window upon finding desired ip and when DC walks
- full multi window botting capabilities
- can handle bnet errors and RDs
- able to look for multiple ips
- little customizability on anti-idle messages
- many random delays and more protection systems


- d2loader (needed to specify D2 window title and botNET needs it i guess)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 runtime (required by botNET)
- botNET 0.4.2

1. Install d2loader. I wont add any links to it here.
2. First of all we need Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 runtime, if we dont have it then it's time to install otherwise skip to next.

.NET Frameword is virtual machine (common to Java), within which executes botNET along with IPFinder.

3. Install botNET 0.4.2 (wont work with earlier versions!!!). Again if you already have it skip to next.

botNET is a botting engine, required by IPFinder. Package installs itself within Daiblo game directory in a botNET folder, for example: C:\Program Files\Diablo II\botNET.

4. Install IPFinder 1.3 from the msi file.

5. If you want IPFinder to load automatically when you attach botNET to D2 process then add following line to [Diablo]\botNET\botNET.Assemblies.Load.cfg file.

6. We have to make sure that Diablo process, we want to use with botNET, does not have any other hacks loaded in it, like maphack or zoid pickit. If we use d2loader in order to start our game then probably we got "extensions" in plugin folder. The easiest way to temporary get rid of them is to add: -noplugin to our game shortcut.

Since IPFinder 1.1 there is included configuration utility. It will auto escape any non valid XML chars so now you can put " or < or > i your pass and it will work.

Please *DONT* edit your config file manually!!! It can stop IPFConfig from working properly.

.load ipfinder - loads IPFinder, usefull if you dont use autoload or if you unloaded IPFinder before;
.unload ipfinder - unloads IPFinder; .ipfinder reload - reloads ipfinder's configuration without restarting;

After configuring bot, running it is peace of cake.

1. Run Diablo using our "clean" shortcut. It is possible to run more then one d2 windows (of course you have to have multiple cd-keys) and then attach botNET to all of them (of course you have to make apropriate settings in config file).

2. Run [Diablo]\botNET\botNETLoader.exe to start botNET.
FollowNET - by ookabooka
[11 Kb]

This bot is(will be) a basic followbot, but with many more features. The goal of this project is to make a Mercenary out of a player.

Requires (latest versions):

Quick howto: Download the dll, place directly in your botNET\Assemblies folder, this would probably be c:\Program Files\Diablo II\botNET\Assemblies
Add FollowNET to your botNET.Assemblies.Load.cfg file if you want it to automatically load when you attatch botnet, otherwise, type ".load FollowNET" ingame
Get into a game with the character you want to follow someone, the char running the bot. Type ".FollowNET setfollowee ". Be careful, the name of your character is case sensitive.
Join game with your main char, hopefully everything will work well.

List of commands, available by typing in ".FollowNET help"
Comands caps INsensitive, (all names except skills ARE caps sensitive) are:
AddPrecast THIS IS A TYPO, you can just use the actual name of the skill so .FollowNET addprecast Enchant would add enchant to your precasts, the only one that works
StayInParty <0 or 1, bot will stay in party after precasts, if empty, default 1>

0.1a-Initial alpha release, if it blows up and stains the livingroom carpet somehow, i am not responsible. ONLY USE ENCHANT AS PRECAST, it will currently handle all skills like they are Enchant, obviously this will change.
Will follow your character through warps (den of evil, underground passage, etc) and waypoints. MAKE SURE FOLLOWER HAS WP YOU GO TO.
Will execute commands given by followee when they type "f command " so pressing enter, typing "f gototown", then pressing enter will send your follower to town. On the botting machine, you can press enter, type ".FollowNET gototown", and press enter.
Will attempt to path to followee if they get too far ahead or somehow get separated.
Will chicken to town if something goes wrong. . .mostly

And many many more miscellaneous features

Health/Mana checking
Fix precasting routines
Have bot send to bnet or character as well as onscreen
Clean up dumps of errors and debug messaging (yes, when you take a warp/tp, the bot will spit out plenty of errors, that is normal)
Improve method of detecting friendlies to cast precasts on
Add out of game capabilities
Switch to botNETThread architecture

Go ahead and test it out, lemme know what you think, plz notify me of bugs or bizarre behavior, as well as reqested features.

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Diablo 2 Newsletter
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Be informed whenever something new comes up
(or any important problems are fixed.).
You can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time.
14 Apr 2010, 21:28
Hi. Can anyone help me to use the countess bot pls? mail me at . Thanks a lot.
01 Apr 2010, 06:55
Hey Can Some1 Plss help me i want a Bot that can follow Others Bot like we see in games (a bot that is Undectable plss)
05 Mar 2010, 15:00
im new to botting just tryin to figure it out. Im tryin to use the countess bot, im not sure exactly how to open it up i did configure but am i suposed to open d2 or the botnet icon help me plz tryin to learn
14 Feb 2010, 05:11
Email me to help me set up my bot pls
19 Jan 2009, 19:26
Erm i could really use some help setting this thing up, something seems wrong anyway my email is

some help would be greatly appriciated.
09 Aug 2008, 21:35
I need help to set up countess bot with botnet....please email me at

03 Aug 2008, 19:39
hey id like to know a little about bots i think i might get a bot if they will work on (closed) and there undetectabule if so email me at

id like to know the biacs id be very grateful! i hope theres some one who know what they are doing that can help me out!

25 Mar 2008, 16:16
Work this bots on closed b net because i had bannned by a other bot :D

pls help me
20 Feb 2008, 00:58
i would be really be greatful if someone could help me out:

I'm trying to mod Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction and it works fine until i run it.
Every time i get into the main menu all i do is clik on start and it shuts down and I get an error message that says:


can any one help me please
13 Jan 2008, 02:42
THIS BOT DOES NOT WORK FOR ME! i've been working on it for 3 days now. I get these messages:

Popup: can not find file specified
Log: Starting botnet

there is 1 step in the readme that i am unable to do. where it says i need to put Agmeph bot in the botnet.assemblies.load.cfg

can anyone help me!

ps. bot net site doesn't work!
17 Aug 2007, 06:43
I cant get this countess bot to work... If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I dont understand this part "- D2Loader with an empty plugin directory or using -noplugin option." What does the empty plugin directory mean.

I got everything installed (I think) but i cant get the bot to load..

Another thing, i cant figure out how to add the line "Bots\Countess\Countess" to file "botNET\botNET.Assemblies.Load.cfg"
16 Jul 2007, 17:04

Trivia bot isn't a game play bot, that would be a channel bot.

Could be a mod / plug in for stealth bot.

Also check the spam / channel bots they might be able to run trivia.

Also someone answer my f**king question..

This "follow" bot work and were can we get support for it?

Tried setting up this net bot shit no luck running anything.

Help please..
answer this
16 Jul 2007, 01:12
hey i hope this gets read...where can i find a TRIVIA bot ???
02 Jul 2007, 10:10
Hey I was looking for a follow bot have some questions, does this follow bot fully work?

JUST to follow me go in tps etc don't really need them to support me or really do anything but avoid getting in the line of fire.

Also I have never used this "botNET"
is it "safe" or easily detectable? Does it work like MMbot?

All I want is an "easy": no real hassle way to have some characters follow me around.


15 May 2007, 18:07
uhh all these bots undetectable??
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