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Charms are special magic items that grant magical enhancements without needing to be equipped to do so. Charms provide their abilities simply by being in the "Backpack" section of your character's Inventory. They do not function if placed inside your character's Stash or inside a Horadric Cube (even if that Horadric Cube is located in your hero's Backpack). Charms come in three sizes: Small, Medium, Large.

Charms can only be Magic or Unique. There are no Rare, Set, or Crafted Charms.

Smaller is actually better as far as Charms are concerned, however, some Magic Prefixes and Suffixes are only available on the larger Charms.

When using Charms you can really dig yourself into a hole where you cannot pick up any more items. It's best to pick only the best Charms to keep and throw the rest away. As you find better Charms, get rid of older ones. Try to keep some space to pick up one or two large items. If you want to totally fill your inventory with Charms you certainly can. It's up to you. Just don't be surprised when other party members pick up good equipment dropped by monsters because you don't have enough room in your Backpack to pick them up!

Store Life or Resistance Charms in your Stash and equip them before facing a tough boss.

The artwork for Charms is not tied to their stats. You will receive a Charm that will look like one of these:

Small Charms [Magic Prefixes and Suffixes]

Medium Charms (Large Charms) [Magic Prefixes and Suffixes]

Large Charms (Grand Charms) [Magic Prefixes and Suffixes]

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07 Oct 2009, 21:20
hey can someone telll me how to make some good charms iim in look for it. email me plz

[email protected]
16 May 2009, 06:47
Hi...will someone e-mail me and tell me how to make dexterity charms on DIablo 2 for pc...my e-mail is [email protected]
12 Dec 2008, 07:11
I have a charm of +1 shadow skill, I would be willing to trade a character equiped with the charm if someone would trade a +1 warcrie skill charm.
20 Sep 2008, 22:18
e-mail me i have everything now everything and am everywere.

sometimes i do help
07 Sep 2008, 02:28
gheeds fortune:unique grand, have to magic find

hellfire torch: unique large, only found in Über Tristram

annihilus: unique small, only found when a large amount of Soj's are sold (thanks dupers) and you kill Pandemonium Diablo

hope that helped
26 Apr 2008, 21:23
lvl 33 or 99
23 Jan 2008, 16:01
22 Nov 2007, 15:30
i come from poland
18 Nov 2007, 11:23
hi how are you
11 May 2007, 16:02
if any one trades email me if u want to trade a ik set thing
09 May 2007, 12:21
hey im a npc trader on act 3 to find me im oppersite alkor hut at battle net and soon tcp/ip im moving to act 2 in sie the palace i trade set and unique items also rare and personilsed items my party members of the bone will get disconts thats onlt for members
if u want be a member or bu just look for me on different severs and younever kow what item u will get
01 May 2007, 02:44
i am the best
04 Apr 2007, 04:45
eight perfect anni on 8 diff lvl 99's
30 Dec 2006, 09:29
i got perf anni and perf p torch
15 Nov 2006, 06:46
need stuff
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