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[Exploit] Act5 In classic (Improved wp use instructions!)

Quote (AntiRush?):

There have been reports of characters getting converted to Lod using this exploit. I don't have any more specifics but you have been warned!

- Get a working RedVex with the netstuff plugin
-Join a game with a classic character who has canyon of the magi waypoint

-".watch send add 13"
-click on the waypoint you wish to use (any waypoint works)
-record the last 4 bytes of the packet you send
13 02 00 00 00 E2 84 2F 64 

last four would be E2842F64
-".send 49[last 4 bytes]86000000"

-This will take you to the forgotten sands. Tp and boom! you're in act 5.
At this point you're able to teleport to the frigid highlands and get the socket quest and teleport just about anywhere else. Some quests you cannot complete such as the one where you receive runes, and some such as anya you cannot complete without some extra steps. I'm not sharing that information as there's no reason for classic players to have 30 extra resists.

Updated instructions on using waypoints

Since it seems my instructions weren't verbose enough (I agree they weren't as simple as the rest of this post) here's take two:

-To use a waypoint in act five first activate it (click on it). From that point on you can use that waypoint by sniffing the S13 packet from clicking on a waypoint and then using the same method used to get to the forgotten sands - that is:

.send 49[waypoint id][area id]

Forgotten Sands area id is 86 but since in the packet it's stored as a dword and we're working with little endian numbers we pad it to the left with 00 000 00. You do the same thing with other area ids which are listed below:

0x6D = Harrogath
0x6F = Frigid Highlands
0x70 = Arreat Plateau
0x71 = Crystalline Passage
0x73 = Glacial Trail
0x7B = Halls Of Pain
0x75 = Frozen Tundra
0x76 = The Ancient's Way
0x81 = Worldstone Keep Level 2

For everyone that cannot get it work you're missing a step somewhere.
You must:

-Have lod installed
-Have canyon of the magi waypoint
-Have killed diablo in the difficulty you are attempting
-Use the correct object id for the waypoint you are standing next to.

Don't have RedVex? Read below:
DOWNLOAD Harrogath.dll:
Act 5 On Classic DLL - Hotkeys for All Waypoints

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| [1] | 2 | 3 | 4 |
24 Nov 2009, 12:42
09 May 2009, 10:44
your al bitch niggaz
17 Sep 2008, 15:27
29 Jun 2008, 20:55
only people who cant play porperly use gliches
10 Jun 2008, 19:53
f**k you all
18 Feb 2008, 06:34
ACT 5 is not patched... eastiES go there wid their new chars... so im guessin dey kno the new ip to get there.. ZZzZz
07 Feb 2008, 06:48
moste of the hacks on this page are old nad wont work anymore..
06 Jan 2008, 09:21
When i type the code to get to a5, it says, connection interrupted! What i do wrong ?
28 Nov 2007, 12:19
For the newbs that are complaining about the act5 isnt working. its all normal COSE THEY PA?TCHED HOT IPS . there is at the moment NO POSSIBLE WAY TO GET IN ACT5 . Only way to if you alredy been there and clicked on the harogath/ any wp. so you can go act5.

Ty Lucas~
25 Nov 2007, 04:01
what does
".watch send add 13" mean???
how do u do that
25 Oct 2007, 22:19
so i got all the stuff right
i dont get y it says error : unable to bind on port 6112
09 Oct 2007, 23:45
Hate to say this but I think they fixed the game servers on USEast. The Ip's that were hot no longer work. I have tried over 500 games and have a record of all the ip's iv tried(33-180) and have only found 1/2 of them. If anyone knows if this is just temp or if they have been fixed let mw know.
05 Oct 2007, 04:44
face it some ppl help but most ppl who have it are ass holes and want it all for themselves i want the act5 glitch to work badly....and where do you type this shit in? lol anyone be a lil more sepcific?
30 Sep 2007, 21:31
HAHAHA russ is funny XD. Most pathetic scam ever. One easy thing to know is that there is absolutely no codes or data in d2 for any other acts than 1-5 (any one who has ever modded d2 knows this). In addition you could have atleast made believable names. Blizzard wouldn't add random names like Baak and dragonluss.
29 Sep 2007, 21:02
hehehehe, that was funny. if you still can't figure it out, search around for it on the net, and here's the biggest hint of all, make sure you add the word "hot" to the search criteria. ;)
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